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A name is useless
A name is useless rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c41
My rating and review may change in the future because I heared it will become a good novel in later chapters but for now until chapter 41 it's a crap novel with the worst MC ever, the unluck on MC is freaking annoying, so much hate on MC, nobody like him, he is ugly, selfish, stupid and have a rotten personality, in fact everybody hate him unless his sister who is a hidden brocon.

It's very hard to read to chapter 41 due to the MC who really destroy the novel,... more>> the novel isn't that bad but the MC is and ruin the story by his stupidity. I heared that the MC has a lot of a character grothw in the future in strenght but also in personality but it's not too hard to do this since the MC is really trash until now...

Sorry for my broken english. <<less
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A name is useless
In the top 3 of the worst novels i've ever read, everything is bad in this novel but the worst in this novel is the character "Aya" the MC little sister, introduced in early chapters, around chapter 10, and sadly stick with the MC for the all story, she's the most annoying character ever seen in a novel, it's insane, she's a spoiled child who have 18 years old but act like a 12 years old kid, the MC will listen an follow every orders from her (yes orders because... more>> she don't ask, she order) like "buy me this, buy me that" or "cook me this, cook me that"...

The MC don't have a personality, he's just an idiot who did everything that spoiled annoying reatarded sister tell him to do. The fights are bad written, the world building sucks, the magic system is truly stupidly thinked. Well when you read this novel you will just be bored and annoyed, the plot is missing, every characters are complete idiots with lack of common sense. I don't know why I read 203 chapters of this but I drop this immediately.

This novel can be resumed in 3 words: STUPID, ANNOYING and BORING.

A little advice from me, don't waste your time, DON'T READ THIS sh*t, you will just become an idiot by reading this novel, a novel wrote by 12 years old kid will be better in all than this crappy novel.

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A name is useless
A name is useless rated it
Coiling Dragon
December 14, 2017
Status: Completed
Colling Dragon is one of the first CN novel i've read and it's so far the best. No harem, no clichés, no strong plot armor, no stupid OP item...

The novel bring a lot emotions, sometimes it's sad, funny, or you will feel anger against antagonist, sometimes MC is desesperate but the entire story you will feel MC become stronger and stronger but not in a stupid way like eat some pills or natural treasures like a stupid endless sh*tty novel (MGA), but by the dao comprehension and it will... more>> take millions years.

This novel is totally worth to read, 800 chapters is quite short for a CN novel but it's 800 chapters of the best quality and it's translated by RWX from WuxiaWorld so it's a awesome quality translation.

So I have only 1 word to say: ENJOY. <<less
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A name is useless
Boring novel, nothing happens, the MC is pathetique, coward and without personality.

You can retire some tags who are put in NU for this novel like:

  • Beautiful female lead (she was never descried as beautiful, at best average and even round in some parts of the story)
  • Sister/Brother complex (they are just caring about brother/sister, they are close but that's all)
  • Cute protagonist/story (nothing cute in this story, just a story about a girl, the MC, who try to make friends in a way that is not realistic at all)
A... more>> anoying and boring slice of life story with the worst MC you can have for this kind of story. <<less
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A name is useless
A name is useless rated it
Library of Heaven’s Path
April 29, 2018
Status: --
I just can't understand why a lot of people seems to like this novel... It's just bad, pretty boring, the comedie part is just crap, MC seems to have the same IQ than a cow and I will don't talk of his EQ...

The mystery of how this novel is so high rated is far deeper than the mystery of the univers...
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A name is useless
A name is useless rated it
God Of Soul System
April 9, 2018
Status: c190
A good novel with good ideas, MC with shinigami powers from bleach in One Piece world is interesting and really enjoying to read in my opinion but I'm affraid because I know after the One Piece world he will go in Naruto and Bleach worlds and I think I will lost a lot of pleasure to read since I prefere OP world than the two others, OP world is larger, wilder and more unknow and characters are more funny and charismatic and I don't know why he will leave OP... more>> world since until now there are no reasons at all, if it just for ad more chapters in the novel for a bullsh*t reason I will be really desapointed, but maybe the story will be as good in the two others worlds as OP world.

The romance seems to be Boa Hancock but what will happend to her when MC will leave the world? Will he bring her in other worlds? Will he leave her alone and have a new romance in other worlds? Will he return in OP world after leaving the other worlds or will he return in his origin world and what will happen in the romance (s) in this case? Or I just dreaming and Hancock is not at all the romance and it 's just my own desire towards Hancock who speaking^^? I wonder if he will eat a logia, a paramecia or maybe but I don't think a zoan or if he will eat anything?

I just think this novel deserve a faster translation but since I only read for free I don't have the right to complaint so Mr translator keep going your great work and thanks for translating this novel.

Sorry for my broken english^^. <<less
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