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The Lord’s Empire
June 6, 2019
Status: c965

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https://www. webnovel. com/book/12401523305390805/The-Power-of-Ten%3A-Sama-Rantha


Below is more of a rant than an actual review: Cause this novel can be so bad at times, I often find myself grinding my teeth while reading.

Honestly, if I wasn't a big fan of LITRPG/City/Empire Building types of novels. I would've thrown this novel into the fireplace and burned it by now.


To start with; my biggest complaint with this novel is the completely stupid (and I mean STUPID A.F.) side characters/villains/factions depicted in this novel. Bricks are smarter. At least they know what to F-ing do!

My brain HURTS from the absolutely ridiculous faction/antagonist portrayal in this story.

1: You have the users being conned into attacking the MC. We're not talking about a few hundred or thousands here, we're talking about the ten's of millions at a time!

2: But wait! Humanity seems to get even MORE stupid later on, where you have not one or two of the "legacies/sects/factions" gunning for the MC, but ALL of them! And they're somehow able convince BILLIONS of players/people to attack just one legacy over and over again. I think it happens like 2-3 times by the time chapter 600-700.

Admittedly, there was no negative to dying continuously (cause you can 're-spawn'), other than you lose everything in game when you die. Literally EVERYTHING (like being re-spawned butt naked) !!! But fear not, this doesn't stop their need to murder the MC, especially after MC comes up with ways to KILL YOUR ASS IN REAL LIFE. No somehow, this makes humanity have a even bigger hard on to deal with him.

3. Yup, that's right. There's a 3rd! Bet you thought it couldn't get worse! But it can! Later the MC is able to visit other races around him. Guess what they do? They IMMEDIATELY jump on the "WE MUST MURDER DIS GUY!" train. But lets not forget trusty ol humanity folks! Later in the plot humanity is getting squashed (This is unsurprising really when you think about it, cause everyone other than the MC are F-ing DOORMATS!!) by invaders, who by the way are totally hostile, who pretty much murders/enslaves 4 billion of humanity's finest (actual death this time, no more re-spawns for the squishy meatsacks).

And as all the leaders are debating on how to save their worthless asses, all the while whining about how the MC faction not helping saving them (I CAN ONLY WONDER WHY?!). When suddenly, they get 'le letter' from the enemy (who have just finished MURDERING & ENSLAVING an ENTIRE CONTINENT of people). Which basically says: "Hey guys, look we really hate the MC faction (you know the STRONGEST of your race), so if you guys like totes help us kill him we'll like totally not keep murdering/enslaving you guys and like let you all live happily ever after~ we totes promise~ teehee~"

And 30% of humanity are like: "GEE WIZZ! That sounds like a great idea! We're totally going to take your non-binding verbal/written promise to not like murder us all after we help you to attack the only faction that could stop you guys!".

Like I said above in my long ass rant, the UNBELIEVABLE LEVEL OF STUPID I've seen in this novel is actually ruining my molars. And I've not even mentioned the MC r*pe fetish. Cause honestly, it sickens me and I don't want to really go on and on about this topic, other than to say it's very disturbing that this is even a theme in this novel.


TL;DR version: Don't expect reading this novel to do anything more than make you want to put your fist through your screen. Or maybe your head? Both probably.... <<less
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1stSlug rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
November 28, 2017
Status: c207
EDIT: TL:DR: He should just grow a f-ing backbone and say "Hell no. Nope Nope Nope!"

I've read as far as chapter 207 and here is my view so far:

The MC is awful. No seriously. He's actually a terrible person. Infact, the side characters are the only reason I've managed to read as far as I have.

My reason for thinking as such is because he has no backbone or substance to him, and while there are some 'foreshadowing' happening, all that pretty much makes the MC an apathetic psychopathic ticking timebomb... more>> who complains constantly about how 'troublesome' things are.

He's 'powerful', but he doesn't use it. He has money, but doesn't use it. He also has no goals other than this vauge notion of 'getting back at the goddess', which isn't happening because he doesn't do anything. He has an ENTIRE world that is changing and growing and he could live there happily and let the Goddess's world burn, but he doesn't, he just keeps going back and getting dragged into 'troublesome things' again.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problems with characters who are wary about power, infact, I'm all for it, but I do expect them to grow up and adapt. However, I'm 207 chapters in and his character isn't growing at all. <<less
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1stSlug rated it
Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
December 14, 2017
Status: c400
Pretty much the MC is a magical hate sucking magnet that whenever she arrives at a new location, she pretty much cleans clans/sects/kingdoms of corruption, cause they somehow always end up targetting her. Seriously, she could just be sitting in a room talking to someone and people target her! They don't even know who she is 90% of the time, but they feel compelled to hate her (maybe she just has a punch face?).

However, regardless of my bewilderment at the lack of actual brain cells often dipicted in this novel,... more>> I do enjoy it as it's a very easy read, even if it drives me crazy due to the absolutely pig headedness from the MC enemys, more of that below.



A really good way to tell if someone is going to end up either end up hating/liking the MC, is when they first meet and the author starts off with ethier:

"Shes dressed like some cheap merchant girl" (Hate her), or

"She wears a green robe that gives off a refreshing feel" (Likes her).

Also, I just don't understand the authors need to always have the MC be underestimated whereever she goes. It's like every person in this story is incappable of reason, or even has an inkling of common sense.

An example would be this: MC is sitting and talking to two well known Male characters (4th Prince) and her brother, and some random woman comes along and starts insulting her (she even knows who the 2 men are!). Who in their right mind would have a go at some random woman when cleaely shes able to sit at the same table of two powerful figures. It doesn't take a major leap of logic to conclude that:

1. She's powerful enough that they can't force her way, or

2. They like her and don't chase her away.

3. Or both.

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Advent of the Archmage
December 7, 2018
Status: c430
TLDR: 3.5 Stars: Slighly better than normal novels, but then ruins it by introducing a silly amount of genre to try and spice sh*t up a bit, but it actually waters down what was a really good plotline. RIP.

1-100 Chapters: Great. Loved the characters and loved plot. That is all.

101-200 Chapters: Still going strong, but character development started to become a real flaw and it's making the side characters become soulless extras that make random and weak impressons that are soon forgotten.

201-275 Chapters: Okay, so the plot is slipping now... more>> and theres litterly a plethora of useless extra characters that have actually no purpose other than being there, and the other main side characters have pretty much vanished. RIP.

276-430-ish Chapters: Plot has totally gone off the rails now and not in a good way. I feel like I'm witnessing a train accident, and I know it's going to be horrible, but I can't look away... <<less
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1stSlug rated it
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
March 17, 2019
Status: c352
At first, I found reading Arifureta to be a bit of a slog mainly cause I feel that the plot is so-so.

But as I continued to push myself to finish reading, I found that the real charm of this series is the character interactions/expressions/reactions. Or more to the point. My imagination of them. The way the author describes them is vivid enough that I can almost see them. It's to the point, that it's almost an anime (which I've found out is actually coming out soon!).

Thus, I give this novel... more>> a 4/5 rating (would have gotten 5/5 if the overall plot, that I've read so far, was actually engaging). It's super rare for novels to have this impact on me, as I've read. Countless. And I mean, COUNTLESS amounts of novels and only about 10% (if that), give me that kind of feeling.

EDIT (04-04-19) : Okay, so I've continued reading to latest TL'd chapters and I've got to say that they're a fun read. I've lost count the amount of times I've laughed. If I had to make a complaint, it's the lack of chronological order of the mini-arcs/side story's. The time line is all over the place. I still stick by my 4/5 rating though. <<less
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1stSlug rated it
Castle of Black Iron
January 22, 2019
Status: c1176
TL;DR Ed: A good read, with a dose of Chinese nationalism/supremacy that seem to be in almost 90% of novels released on "webnovels".

Below, in this errrr.... 'review', is actually more of a rant rather than a comprehensive breakdown of pros/cons of the story itself.

So be warned, super spoilers below:

... more>>

(Around chapter 530-40) :

I REALLY hate the Shadow Demon arc. For reasons unknown to me, the author decided to hit the "SPEED UP" button and just rushed ahead and said f*ck it all to the pacing that it's had all the way to this point and before you know it, arc done and time skip...

I also, find it super cringey when the MC is penalised after he merges with the demon genes, I can sorta understand why this happened, as the MC was too OP and all, but the way he went about removing that OP element was too forced and short sighted. The MC is already the usual 'underdog' in every situation he finds himself in, even with OP fruits. But, nope. Author is like "Lets knuckle down and punish the MC more!".

EDIT (Chapter 687) :

Is it just me, or is it stupid to just transport one group of people and leave the rest no hope of survival? It seems stupidly short sighted. 101 on how to make people hate you. Face a massive calamity, but only save your own people. Don't worry though, all those people you've left behind will become meatpuppets to be used to stab you later on, not to mention all the traitors who want to get back at you.

EDIT (Chapter 745) :

This rant is in relation to the previous edit. But clearly, the smarter strategy would be to fight on the Black Human Corridor, than let the demons take it and then have them invade China/Hua land. Who the hell wants to fight a destructive war on their own land? Thats just silly. Fight on someone elses land!

EDIT (Chapter 960) :

It's been a really looooong ass time since I read anything about the early merit/value point system that came with the Tree Space Place. Nor do I see any mention about whats happening in there other than a few mentions of Tree Palace.... It's almost like the Author got sick of the semi-game like mechanic...

EDIT (Chapter 1077) :

It just occured to me, but what happened to all the wild besties? I mean, MC tames a couple of pets, but no mention of any 'super' beastie since the early chapters.... Another aspect dropped by the Author.

EDIT (Chapter 1176) :

Ah, it was finally mentioned again (Upgrade Space menu thingie). I think it's been at least 500-700 chapters since it was last seen.


I might add more to this 'review' later as I continue to read ahead and find more "wtf author" moments. <<less
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