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I like this story more than the other female transmigration novels. I like the fact that in the first few chapters she is already so op when compared with everyone else. She doesn't try to hide the fact that she is strong or has amazing skills. She out right kills her enemies in the first confrontation.
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Gourmet of Another World
May 14, 2017
Status: c34
I like this one better than the Gourmet Food Supplier because I like the fact that the MC gets stronger and that there is action. Gourmet Food Supplier is funnier though. One is for more comedy based while the other is for action comedy
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Heavenly Farmer
February 27, 2018
Status: Completed
It was okay in the beginning and middle but it started to go down hill. The author stated in the last chapter author's note that he forced himself to finish this "trashy" (his words not mine) novel for the readers. He lost interest and just rushed it. ... more>>

Basically he becomes famous in the botany field by curing a tree and all of the experts that failed went to learn from him. He starts teaching and spreading the knowledge of soul power communication with plants. He opens a research institute. He opens a restaurant that opens many branches. He cures the deaf girl he likes and helps her brother by using plants that absorbs radiation. He becomes world famous. The Jade emperors command the immortal world to send 40 weak weak cultivators to the human world. There is the human world, immortal cultivation world, and the Heaven where true immortals live (system creators). MC gains 2 girls and 2 guys to become his subordinates. All 40 are super talented in farming and were sent to join him in the heavens later on. One of the 40 reveals the existence of the immortal world to China and joins them to destroy the cultivators that treated him like trash. The MC gains the power to speed up time in the farm, take the farm with him. His subordinates marry and have children. His girlfriend becomes a world famous singer. He ignores China plan to conquer the immortal world for resources. The govt doesn't touch him because of his power and contributions to china. He provides china with fast growing good quality rice flours etc and plants that cures many diseases at a low cost. He is left with a mystery of the death of the previous 3 farmer gods that is never answered. The govt secretly enters the immortal world and conquers it using nukes and the radiation absorbing plant to gather reaources which they use to conquer the human world. MC marries his girl and teaches his family and students cultivation. He takes his wife students and subordinates to heaven while leaving his family in case there is trouble. The end.

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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
October 3, 2017
Status: c8.22-8.23
It is my one of my favorite yaoi novel on this site next to Legendary Masters Wife. I love how the MC have to keep looking for ML. It is interesting how the MC uses strategy over brute strength like most people would do.
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Pirate in Naruto World
October 27, 2018
Status: --
After reading the first few sentences of chapter 1 I immediately stopped. You can tell the translation is done by machine and isn't being edited for readers. If the translator is a Naruto fan then they should know how to proofread and edit it. Ex. Wood Leaf instead of Hidden leaf, Boundary instead of limit, shadow instead of kage and etc.
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