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11thAgent rated it
The Legendary Master’s Wife
April 22, 2016
Status: --
(Edit: I think the name is a bit off, there is no need for "Master, " it should just be "The Legendary Wife, " though I could be wrong)

I do really like this novel, to the point where I’m willing to listen to google reading it to me. HOWEVER, I have a problem with the main pairing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my yaoi and shounen ai, my problem has to do with their interaction with each other.

At chapter 392, their relationship is still so uneven. Everything... more>> has to go Ling Xiao’s way, the only time XiaoMo can do what he wants is when he doesn’t care. XiaoMo has to do or say what Ling Xiao wants him to do or say, otherwise he will get punished. His favorite way of punishing is on the bed. Even when it’s just for pleasure or for training, he doesn’t consider XiaoMo’s physical condition or the fact he is telling him to stop. XiaoMo also has to be careful who he hangs out with or says to other people, because Ling Xiao would get jealous. He is too controlling, and every single time XiaoMo has to go with what Ling Xiao wants, because he is afraid of some punishment. Yes, Ling Xiao pampers and protects him in other ways, but that isn’t a relationship where the two have an equal say or standing. Ling Xiao pampers and protects him because he wants to anyways, so it’s not like he is compromising, something he does not do.

Another thing, when Xiao Mo is with him, I can’t help but feel that the boy gets rather stupid. By himself or with other people, he’s quite smart, but when he is with Ling Xiao he can do/say some stupid things.

I’m not saying the two aren’t cute together, or that I they aren’t the OTP, but it still bugs me that they have such an unbalanced power relationship. If it wasn’t for that, I would have given 4 stars. At first I gave 5, because their uneven power-relathionship made sense in the beginning, but that continued even to chapter 392, so I changed it to 3. Hopefully it will change. <<less
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ABO Cadets
August 14, 2017
Status: --
*deep breath*

Okay, I almost gave up right in the beginning if it wasn't for the fact that I'm in desperate need to read something.

... more>>

Why did no one tell him his actual biological gender???

"Oh I didn't want to destroy his world view"

Bullsh*t! Where is he going? A MILITARY SCHOOL. What does he plan to become? A F***ING SOLDIER!!! He will be faced with death all the time, whether it's a threat to his own life or the possibility of seeing his friends/comrades die. Most likely, he will also have to take a life. He isn't going to become some office worker; he's becoming a freaking soldier. If he can't stand the truth of his gender, how can he ever stand the side effects of being a soldier?

Second, the fact that his school is full of alphas means that if he by any chance forget or loss his meds and then goes into mating season, he'll be faced with the possibility of being raped. Unless he understands the severity, he won't care as much. There's also the fact that he can cause others (alphas) to go crazy, and then go group fight each other to death in order to gain the right to mate with him. This leads us to the third reason why he should be told.

It's very likely he's going to have training outside, training that can last days and in dangerous areas. If he were to go into mating season during a dangerous battle, he can cause the death of himself and of his teammates.

The trope of not telling a character for their own good is an overuse and stupid concept. He has every right to know about his body makeup, and he SHOULD know. The guy isn't truly going to understand why he HAS to take meds everyday unless he understands the possibility of not taking them. This trope only shows the author's weakness in imagination. There are several ways for him to know the truth and still have something happen to his meds.

In the beginning the mother thought, "Despite his guarantee, there still uneasiness that unhinged her."

No f***ing s**t.

I have to take meds everyday, and when I don't, I get really scared, because my parents told me what would happen if I didn't. They told me when I was 7. The guy is 18.

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11thAgent rated it
Legend of Fu Yao
August 15, 2017
Status: Completed
I read this novel quite a few years ago. At first, it starts out slow, but once it gets going, it really runs. I've read many novels, and this one left a permanent mark in my memory and heart. The novel is really worth the read and is much better than many that are out there right now.
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I adore this. This novel has so much heart in every chapter, from the light hearted fluff to a darker, heavier issue. My only complaint is the slow updates both in the original and the english translation. I even went to read a bit of the original, but could only understand about 60% of it. It's not often where I would go out of my way to attempt to read the Japanese version, so it really says something about how this story interests me.
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For future readers... don't get turned off by the 1-star reviews. Most of them gave up in the middle or just after the first world the MC experiences. I don't blame them, I almost gave up too. The fact that the MC started with a hard mission for her first experience after dying in a hospital really made things difficult for her. Because there are so many chapters, I decided to stick on for a couple more worlds before deciding if I wanted to continue the book (I read the... more>> raws). It is totally worth it. This is a story about someone with no experience in life (since she spent most of it in the hospital) struggling and surviving in a cold-hearted universe. She eventually gets pretty good at helping the owners of the bodies she uses. When she is doing a mission, the MC knows the story, how to react, and generally the most powerful person there. It is when she is not during a mission, the MC struggles. Which makes sense. Most of the powerful beings are pretty cold people who thinks of her as nothing more than an ant they can crush (which they can). Due to her missions and the people she meets outside, our MC is very pessimistic, which is sometimes a good thing but is being hinted on as something that can ultimately hurt her.

So new readers or people who plan to give up... Please stick around for a bit longer! There is a reason so many people love this novel and really think the MC is amazing! At least read the story where she transmigrates into a princess who is in love with a general! She starts becoming a badass here! <<less
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This series is dark and heavy. If you came here expecting your typical otome game reincarnation, then be prepared for this rocky journey. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really good novel, but damn does it hit the feels.
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11thAgent rated it
Princess Medical Doctor
September 27, 2017
Status: c900
While some might hate the ML, I personally like how the novel goes about building their relationship. I always found it cheesy and unrealistic when a man from ancient China will so easily fall in love and be so loyal to the MC so quickly. Women's status in those times were low, especially for a man of great political power. It's also weird when a man who is well known for being cold, so easily warms up to a stranger. ML is not bad in anyway, he just fits what... more>> is expected of a man of his position in a time of polygamy. Especially since the MC's host body had a pretty bad reputation and was given to him by the guy who destroyed his life. He also has great responsibility to those who follow him, and he can't afford to have a wife that is one, not loyal, and two, too weak to survive. Don't get me wrong, he has a lot of faults, but those faults are realistic and makes sense. <<less
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