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Reverend Insanity
February 5, 2017
Status: c200
I really like MC's that are cold and cruel and just plain realistic, why would he save random people and cause troubles for himself like many other MC's.

He is not overpowered at least as far as I have read. Many other novels where MC goes back in past they have really big knowledge advantage over everyone else but that is pretty much it.

It is amazing how he has no talent and has to use his knowledge and that is why it is so fun to read. He has to outsmart... more>> his enemies when he can't fight them. <<less
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00petar00 rated it
Monster Factory
March 7, 2017
Status: c89
Really 47 people voted one star on this novel.. I am guessing it is just because of the picture.
It does not deserve to have such a low rating compared to other novels that have 4.0 or higher that aren't any better then this novel.

I think that this novel is quite good, if you like business management novels.

I prefer talking about flaws about the novels I read in general so here it is.

It seems a bit too easy for our MC, that's one of the flaws with this novel that... more>> I currently have.

I'd like more details on his power and to know how the summoned monsters think, as I was quite surprised when one of them was acting arrogant, while there's no explanation about them.
We don't know if they grow stronger/smarter with the level his factory is at or whatever the reason for that behavior. <<less
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00petar00 rated it
Extraordinary Genius
July 26, 2018
Status: c1854
This novel is a complete trash, author is just prolonging it by bringing same 10 people over and over whenever he is planning to buy off some business or exchange shares.

You may think that it is good, as right now its at around 200 chapter mark, but its just going in circles and I bet many readers won't be able to finish it without forcing themselves to read.

Romance/Harem is totally ruined, there's no point for MC to even have one girl if they never show up, read the spoilers if... more>> you want to know why I think its bad, I can't really write without spoilers here as first 200 chapters were good.


He has 3 girls but they are just there for no reason, he doesn't give them any time, once in 50 chapters you see one of them after that one chapter they are gone for next 50 chapters. So you'll see each one of them every 150 chapters.

He is too greedy

Firstly he picked a girl Li Na from his middle school that he had crush on, that's just a childhood crush no need to marry her? Especially considering what a d*ck he is, he picked his wife from his last life and doesn't even marry her until the end at like 2000 chapters or so? The problem here is that he wants to get wife from his last life and also marry his childhood crush. Wife he spend his life with isn't as important as his childhood crush, he is so indecisive in this regard.

Third girl is not even worth mentioning, he is with her just because he couldn't control himself and she keeps coming up for some reason, she's also 14 when he first had s*x with her. So is there a need to say more? He is disgusting.

I don't understand why does he have to discuss and help his country even when they screw him over.

I don't understand with such high taxes why would someone donate a tenth of his wealth? Even when he was not in a situation to have money to donate so much as it slowed down his growth.. It was later specified that he donated over 10 billion.

MC always helps Zhang Ruiqiang as if he was his slave, every 30-40 chapters he keeps showing up from when he is introduced to 2000 chapters. Why? Yes it is good to have people in good political positions that you know but you are not his slave its enough with the money he donated to be his friend.. He keeps doing everything he can and reveals information from the future to them. Yes at the start he used him a bit to advertise his own products and it was a comedy for a while but there really is no point in meeting him so often.

There are many other flaws, no point in wasting time on this novel, I read 1854 chapters and I skipped last 400-500, what I mean by skipping is just scrolling down and reading the chapter if it is interesting. His war with microsoft was fun but problem is he doesn't win even until the end of the novel, it was only mentioned that his company will beat microsoft in 10 years. Don't quote me on this, I am not completely sure as I haven't read the whole novel.

I just hoped it would get better, should've known better.

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00petar00 rated it
The Black Card
May 18, 2018
Status: c318
I don't think that it is as simple as other people have said, he can't just spend money, he needs to be sure how much the item is worth before buying it. What if he spent a big amount of money to buy an overpriced plane? He'd be screwed and he would need to pay from his own pockets or die.

The idea is that he needs to know the values of items he buys and most people try to make profit on whatever they are selling, its not easy for... more>> him as a poor guy to understand how much something would cost that he never even hoped he'd own before.

It gets quite annoying that he spends so much time with other women and their problems, I wouldn't mind it so much if he wasn't getting involved with new women/girls every few chapters. I don't really like harems but I can ignore it if there is substance to the novel outside of it. This is the biggest issue I have with this novel.

It is not perfect but it can be an enjoyable novel to read. <<less
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I read action/adventure novels often and I rarely try a "fluffy" one like this but sometimes you just feel like you need this "fluffy" novel after all the serious ones that you read. This novel hits the spot, there's no romance its just about a father raising his daughter a slice of life/comedy. That is all this novel is and that is the beauty of it.

Translation is somewhat slow but I feel like this novel is still worth reading.
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