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Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel
August 22, 2016
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My first review! Hurray!

First I would like to say that the associated name "Rebirth to chase beauty" fits this novel better. It is mostly about him doing just that (probably because the love of his life got married in his past life before he could confess, he is much more proactive in this one).

As far as romance goes, it is a really good harem story. Some other posts say the main heroine simply does not care about MC chasing other girls, but that isn't exactly true. Just like Erica from... more>> Campione rather than being The-Only-One she adamant about being no.1..."The One". SHE WILL BE THE ONE by: Jet Li

Just like in Campione the main heroine actively rolls MC and other heroines around the palm of her hand and, although she acts quite open minded, she occasionally shows her claws to tell MC exactly who's The Boss. She fell for him quite fast but reasons for it got explained somewhere after ch 50.

You can also expect some actual interactions between the heroine and the world rather than them mysteriously falling for him and "quietly supporting him from the background" for the rest of the story as is common in Chinese novels.

As for him selling future tech I didn't dwell on it too much since normal person can't as send to pozition ceo in Microsoft at the age of 31. That being said he did make the blueprints for tech and the os a bit too fast, but then again who cares. Nothing's perfect 5 stars.

I recommend it and hope you enjoy. <<less
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May 19, 2017
Status: c621
Whenever I read this novel the song "It's My Life" pops in to my head. That and

"Born To Be Wild". MC rides around on a Griffin that says gururu a lot so along with his free personality he kind of seems like a biker at times.

For Otherworld novels, whether it's Chinese, Korean or Japanese, there is something like "Instant pancake mix" for them. In Japanese case it's [1 Part Ba***rd King - 2 Parts Bully Cassmates (or co. Summons) - and 7 Parts Authors Fet*sh] Mix... more>> thoroughly, fry and serve.

[Worthless NEET - Does His best in the Otherworld - Autors Fet*sh] in case it's a reincarnation novel.

When encountering any other type of Otherworld novel most readers say this: "Oh! It's just like Death March!" Not Becouse it's like it, but because it doesn't fit the mold. So just let me say... Oh! It's just like Death March!. (even though it's not)

MC is free and unbound usually goes around hunting (Because of his Cheat) and adventuring without much care. It's not that usual nobles found in Otherworld novels don't exist or don't try to involve him in their schemes but if he has to get involved it's always on his terms. Kind of refreshing.

MC and Griffin power-up by absorbing monster cores, stealing their abilities. No complaints about battle scenes. And romance is slow and bit more natural, girls don't just fall out of the sky and drop their lives to join his "collection".

And what I like the most is that the characters are easy to remember. Don't know why but I remember every single character in this novel (not my strong point) and I'm 600 chapters in. This novel is really easy to read. Don't have to check glossary every 5 min. Not that there's few of them but they have have individuality. Makes more interesting

Toread as well. Gues it comes with the slice-of-life gender.

If I had to say something it's that the incantations and skills sound terrible in English. Translation's not bad, but it's a bit too literall with the Chants and Skills. As such they are not just Chuuni, to which I'm mostly immune by now, but Illiterate-CHuuni. I think it would be best to replace Skills and Chants with something bit more poetic that still retains the spine-chilling Chuuni effect.

P.S Set is the cutest thing ever!!! 5 stars <<less
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So What If It’s an RPG World?
September 4, 2016
Status: v8c1
If I had to compare this novel to something it would be Death March.

Just like that novel it is rather funny and light hearted, and the MC spends most of his time wondering why has he been dropped in an RPG like world (it has not been verified if the world is a VR like Matrix or simply a different world with game like rules like Death March). True to the title the MC can't accept the world to be "just a game" and tends to always take the moral... more>> high ground, even when it gets him in trouble. Mostly the kind of trouble that leaves me roaring with laughter.

What I like most about this series is the leveling system, various classes, skills, races and abilities. Watching the characters progress through the story is quite interesting.

Good novel to read if you want something light to lift your mood. 5 stars. <<less
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Release that Witch
May 19, 2017
Status: --
I've never read an Otherworld novel where MC makes use of modern knowledge as well as in this one. Usually it's either just grade school knowledge, full of holes, or just inaccurate. But this one is really well written.

No complaints about the plot or world building and the characters are interesting the description on the cover page really doesn't do it justice. I tore through translated 300 chapters + 400 raw in a blink of an eye. And I'm already showing withdrawal symptoms for more.
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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World
May 19, 2017
Status: --
This novel gives me the wibe of a shounen manga rather than a Chinese novel. Mostly becouse of MC relationship with antagonists I gues. (Can't really pin it down)

In Chinese novels antagonists tend to be more annoying than anything else. They show up as a fated child of the heavens and spend the next few chapters educating MC of "His Place".

But here I kinda feel the "New challenger appears" wibe like in shounen manga. Coupled with the cheat power ups sessions really feels like I'm reading Dragon Ball... more>> or something.

At the very least it doesn't have a depressing mood. And the battles are interesting. <<less
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