Transplanted Memories

91 Series 14 Comments 36801 Views 66 Follows Jan 15, 2022 CasBrin
50s,60s,70s,80s,90,00,10s, that vintage nostalgic setting especially people reincarnating/transmigrating/rebirth. For the 10s...flip phones etc only if they have that retro setting feel. I'm excluding some harem... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 744 Views 0 Follows Apr 17, 2021 The_GoshPlayer
Novelas tipo acción, fantasía, sobrenatural, etc ...... more>>
35 Series 0 Comments 10277 Views 50 Follows Mar 21, 2021 air1ine
I haven't seen a  BL list containing a seme protag so here ya go! these are some I really liked and I wanted to share so <3... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 4554 Views 17 Follows Sep 30, 2020 zaozai
I needed this list to cope up with all the pending and on-going novels I am reading. All in here are must reads and interesting! 
10 Series 0 Comments 1524 Views 0 Follows Jun 30, 2020 angelhalo224
These are series with good plots, interesting characters, and DRAMA~! ( Fabulous fabulous drama - not just for your llama~!). Time-rewinds and transmigration are common... more>>
Yes more read
45 Series 0 Comments 4001 Views 7 Follows Jun 30, 2020 Yes more read
This list contains novels that are very good to the extent that "I had to read this" feels do not justify the feeling. 
(Not really... more>>