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BL that made me cry but it was worth it
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I love to read the genre of Kingdom/Army building novels. I like to see loyal subordinates, plot development, army formation, character development, kingdom building elements... more>>
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Uhuh this is a list of novel that degenerate ike me love to read
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Smut! smut! smut! hentai! ero!... more>>
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Only Isekai Novel JP and CN
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Adding and removing novels for echi stuff comment any adds or stuff you think I should remove 
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This list was compiled from a veteran who has read over 50 million words on this website. The goal of the list is to help readers navigate through good and bad books. Generally, anything with the tag R-15 is a terrible novel. ... more>>
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When I look for a novel I like looking for novels withs theses tags, this is the books that I'm reading... more>>