Reincarnated as a Monster

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Now a classic sub-genre of the Isekai genre, getting transformed into a monster is often accompanied by game elements or ability to evolve...... more>>
10 Series 5 Comments 3905 Views 4 Follows Jun 5, 2020 CaptainButtshark
Novels where the main element is beasts/monsters. It could be about taming them or the MC being a monster himself. No Harems because I'm not reading or recommending that tr*sh.... more>>
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List of novels where the MC turns into a MONSTER or an OBJECT in another world.
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Monster evolution stories
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These are all things that I tried really hard to like, but couldn’t get into it for some reason or another. If you feel I... more>>
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protagonist but they are not hero
Lazy Lord
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Main Protagonist is reincarnated to another world. Mostly with magic.... more>>
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This list is one were I have read the novel or the manga/webtoon Warning I might not have read both... more>>