Pill Based Cultivation

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Chinese web novels with hundreds of chapters just to pass time and more short and entertaining novels that will warm up your heart (because all... more>>
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What the title says! And they are all historical!!... more>>
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BL novels where alchemy / crafting is explored.... more>>
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Just regular and normal everyday life, bonding with mythical beasts, flying on swords, making pills ..... ... more>>
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Xuanhuan / Xianxia / Wuxia novels with a male MC on my reading lists. #1 of 4 lists with cultivation novels.... more>>
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Here is a list of the best historical and cultivation BL novels. I am a picky reader and as usual my list is consisted mainly the completed novels as i don't have patience in waiting for new chapters of the ongoing one. Therefore I only read completed novels. the ranking is completely based on my liking.... more>>
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The rank is mainly based on my personal preference und top 20 out many bl novels I read. All of these are worth recommending. I promise , you wouldn't regret choosing to read from this list, though i am not sure if its your cup of tea. the list is tagged with all kind of genre. eg; Historical , Political, Gaming , Cultivation , ABO , Fantasy , Modern, School , Transmigration etc. ... more>>
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Here is a list for those who don't know what to read next.
The novels that have comments are the ones I've read, those that don't have are the ones I'm planning to read because the reviews were very good. ... more>>