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List of fanfiction novel that I enjoyed and you might aswell.
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warning: this list is dead, I've dropped some novels here and I'm lazy to add other novels so.... yeah, this was a failure of a list.... more>>
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Funny novels I plan on reading soon. They will either be complete or close to it.
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Hello, in this list I will add books that follow the two following criteria, A story in a fanfiction (Naruto, One piece ect..), a protagonist op almost invincible.... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 5272 Views 10 Follows Nov 10, 2020 starfyre7
Each novel in this list parodies  or satirizes generic Xianxia or Xuanhuan  novels. Some popular methods include playing with the arrogant young master or lucky protagonist trope. That is, a common trope in cultivation novels is included in a twisted way that somehow comments on the state of the trope in the genre as a whole.... more>>
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Laughing out loud and not too serious (I usually look a MAX of 60% serious but don't worry, most are lower) Web Novels, that are... more>>
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Best transmigration novels that got me hooked and left me satisfied ^^... more>>