41 Series 0 Comments 3713 Views 7 Follows Dec 3, 2019 CCNoir
I've been reading translated light/web novels since around 2015-2016. Finally making a list now! The entries here are not ranked, they're added randomly, but they are my favourite novels on this site. Started reading BL novels in 2017, when I first read Founders of Diabolism. Big fan! So now my list is mostly BL.... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 476 Views 0 Follows Dec 2, 2019 blup96
Stories about detectives who investigated the happenings with the help of the unknown, the devil or the dead themselves.
4 Series 0 Comments 849 Views 1 Follows Nov 16, 2019 choimountain
BL with horror elements. Not always the entire story, but some instances.
24 Series 0 Comments 1508 Views 4 Follows Oct 26, 2019 blup96
A shadow peeking from the window. A ghastly figure waving from across the street. A soft whispers in the middle of the night. These are... more>>
15 Series 1 Comments 4192 Views 17 Follows Sep 24, 2019 raindroptree
My list in order of the best In BL(Shounen Ai/Yaoi), Light Comedy, And horror combined. 
2 Series 0 Comments 563 Views 1 Follows Aug 29, 2019 Renchen11
This is the list of my most favorite bl storie... more>>