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This is the list of my most favorite bl storie... more>>
Young Miss
37 Series 1 Comments 8984 Views 32 Follows Sep 9, 2019 Young Miss
Mostly Chinese BL with horror/supernatural and/or survival element... more>>
15 Series 1 Comments 4668 Views 18 Follows Sep 24, 2019 raindroptree
My list in order of the best In BL(Shounen Ai/Yaoi), Light Comedy, And horror combined. 
24 Series 0 Comments 2197 Views 7 Follows Oct 26, 2019 blup96
A shadow peeking from the window. A ghastly figure waving from across the street. A soft whispers in the middle of the night. These are... more>>
38 Series 0 Comments 3711 Views 11 Follows Nov 11, 2019 KaPi
Just as the title says, these novels are flipping amazing! It's mainly consisted of BL material, but some BG novels may or may not pop... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 932 Views 1 Follows Dec 2, 2019 blup96
Stories about detectives who investigated the happenings with the help of the unknown, the devil or the dead themselves.
41 Series 0 Comments 4772 Views 8 Follows Dec 3, 2019 CCNoir
I've been reading translated light/web novels since around 2015-2016. Finally making a list now! The entries here are not ranked, they're added randomly, but they are my favourite novels on this site. Started reading BL novels in 2017, when I first read Founders of Diabolism. Big fan! So now my list is mostly BL.... more>>
32 Series 2 Comments 6560 Views 51 Follows Feb 13, 2020 Fragrance
Mystery solving, mind numbing questions, ghosts and late night stories, thrilling adventures with a little bit of sweet romance. What more can I ask for? ... more>>
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So; basically I already made the Friday Feels BL list with all it’s beauty and sadness that may make you cry. ... more>>
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BL!! I love ghosts stories, even more if comes with the Chinese cultural background about Buddhism and so on.
6 Series 0 Comments 1357 Views 4 Follows Mar 20, 2020 lookingforahobby
BL novels with ghosts. ghost characters, ghost ml, etc.... more>>
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I'm not really into BL stories before, honestly. I thought they were cringey.. but then I don't know what comes into my mind why I suddenly liked it oh nooo lol... more>>
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Sleep what sleep?
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Really good BLs that I've read so far (In no particular order) I've tried my best to group novels that are similar to each other~... more>>
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Well written and translated horror stories of the BL persuasion.
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No description.
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BL's that put a big smile on my face :D... more>>
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Listed are my favorite stories that are really good and makes me want to reread again. Hope you can also recommend interesting novels to me.... more>>