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100 Series 0 Comments 1107 Views 5 Follows Dec 8, 2019 Noahsc
Here are all the BL novels that I have read!
8 Series 0 Comments 451 Views 1 Follows Dec 3, 2019 jimeina
These novels are beautiful, they warm up my heart before breaking it and then healing me once again with a happy ending.
10 Series 0 Comments 675 Views 3 Follows Dec 1, 2019 Eyesfullofwonder
No drama , Great Story. You want to re-read each and every one of these
5 Series 0 Comments 95 Views 0 Follows Nov 30, 2019 VicSok
No description.
22 Series 0 Comments 1348 Views 6 Follows Nov 26, 2019 lanixw
Based in ancient China and fantasy cultivation novels. Power couples, strong ukes, angst and slow burn romance. Novels are listed in order of my favourites,... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 1670 Views 1 Follows Nov 26, 2019 zen0
The best novels that I have read, better than the top novels in Series Ranking. The stories are great and I always immediately read them when they get updated.... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 3257 Views 2 Follows Nov 25, 2019 Moon_Time
Those are (probably) all the novels who I read in 3 years. I am looking to read new ones with similar genre so feel free... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 604 Views 0 Follows Nov 22, 2019 OrdinaryUser
No description.
Faust Voncleave
10 Series 0 Comments 857 Views 0 Follows Nov 16, 2019 Faust Voncleave
Just some fun stories. Mostly not too serious, but all have pretty good plots.
27 Series 0 Comments 5400 Views 28 Follows Nov 12, 2019 raindroptree
My current reading list of my favorite BL(Boy Love/Boy x Boy) novels including System/World hopping(Isekai), Xianxia (Cultivation, immortals, Daoism), and General Fantasy in no particular... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 1790 Views 1 Follows Nov 9, 2019 Madarooni
reincarnated as a high ranking villain from games, stories, books etc. in a usually medieval/fantasy world... more>>
Indera Atma W.
30 Series 7 Comments 14452 Views 10 Follows Nov 8, 2019 Indera Atma W.
1. got transferred or got isekai'ed... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 3165 Views 5 Follows Nov 6, 2019 Casul Reader
As the title says, they're novels I've read to the end of the latest raws. I tend to read a lot of raws and MTL... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 7846 Views 11 Follows Nov 2, 2019 Miki_Sawa
Novels similar to solo leveling or The Novels Extra which has game elements and op protagonists 
10 Series 0 Comments 423 Views 0 Follows Oct 29, 2019 AbsoluteNothingness
The novels I personally enjoyed reading and regard as my current Top 10
34 Series 3 Comments 13181 Views 21 Follows Oct 26, 2019 guest9182
This is a list for my personal 0.1%. ... more>>
42 Series 4 Comments 4043 Views 3 Follows Oct 25, 2019 memed
list of novels that i have read or will read. they're mostly decent, but there are garbage as well. if you have any problem, go comment about it. the novels aren't in order, so you can read any one of the novels here and see if it's pretty good or absolutely horrendous.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 2711 Views 1 Follows Oct 23, 2019 Isabelle
Sometimes I feel like missing good stories with a considerable number of chapters. They make you confortable to read as fast as you like to,... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 2037 Views 5 Follows Oct 21, 2019 ojashvi12
I'll keep updating it little by little as i find more interesting novels that i think 5/5 even having plot holes and flaws.One of my... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 688 Views 0 Follows Oct 20, 2019 straw.berry
list of the web novels and light novels that I'm currently reading
6 Series 0 Comments 1194 Views 0 Follows Oct 19, 2019 lashr
just the best of the best no order (ngnl #1 tho)
Indera Atma W.
23 Series 3 Comments 19346 Views 33 Follows Oct 19, 2019 Indera Atma W.
1. the mc is an antihero 
2. the mc is a side/ mob character
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