Evil Organizations

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A list of novels that either have heavy or subtle Lovecraftian / Steampunk elements.... more>>
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Other tag:... more>>
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Playing a role as a God
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Special associations for ghosts from all corners of the world. About their legends, their myths, their past, and their tragedies.
Xiao Ninger
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Les romans que je considère comme les meilleurs parmi tous ceux que je lis, il y en aura de tous les genres (presque) je n’ai... more>>
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goldmine of misunderstanding novels. mostly focus on comedy stuffs... more>>
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with the male leads just cause they are called a villain in the blurb or by others- they don't actually seem like villains or the author skims over it and doesn't  write much... more>>
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Guys I know you read this title a lot of times. But I am sure most of you will find my list and be like, I read some of these and they are great and you will try the rest.... more>>
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Combinations of these:... more>>
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A list of every novel where the main character lead a powerful secret organization.... more>>