Adapted to Manhua

48 Series 8 Comments 5941 Views 31 Follows Dec 17, 2020 hongjun
The novels here are not finished. We would be happy if a translator sees this list and likes a novel here and starts translating it.... more>>
56 Series 6 Comments 7287 Views 19 Follows Jan 7, 2023 nubialsheep
A list I'm using to recommend works which I may or may not have read the light novel for, but that I've definitely enjoyed the... more>>
16 Series 6 Comments 8274 Views 29 Follows Aug 14, 2021 Epil
licensed english danmei i want to buy
55 Series 5 Comments 7523 Views 34 Follows Oct 17, 2020 magstralala
The original list was closing in on a hundred title so I decided to cut it in three parts, one for each country.... more>>
60 Series 4 Comments 14941 Views 19 Follows Feb 15, 2023 SeanGM
Sometimes you just wants to enjoy reading novel while sipping cup of tea or coffee, almost all the novels inside this list I still reading it and have the urges to re-read again soon after I managed to finish it.... more>>
47 Series 3 Comments 16018 Views 90 Follows Mar 8, 2021 Quirkayla
If you want to read both novel and manhua or just the manhua. Will update bit by bit ʕノ゙•̀ω•́ʔノ゙... more>>
73 Series 2 Comments 3298 Views 19 Follows Sep 4, 2023 ichigofanz
Sometimes I look for something to read, be it novel, manga, manhua, or manhwa, and when I found that the story is adapted from a... more>>
Roses and Pearls
71 Series 2 Comments 8570 Views 18 Follows Aug 24, 2021 Roses and Pearls
Romance manhua that has been adapted from completed CN novels
46 Series 2 Comments 7331 Views 18 Follows Apr 15, 2021 Dirtycereals
Danmei/Yaoi/Shounen Ai... more>>
48 Series 1 Comments 5836 Views 34 Follows May 18, 2023 IbitsuMia
As the list's name suggests  xD
48 Series 1 Comments 8067 Views 40 Follows Nov 9, 2022 lamperass
I’m compiling a historical list for BL because I LOVE HISTORICAL setting stories. ... more>>
Red Violet
96 Series 1 Comments 33949 Views 125 Follows Jul 27, 2022 Red Violet
A compilation of Manhua from Kuaikan and Bilibili Comics (_ _).。o○
This list isn’t created in any chronological order, I am merely adding the ones that came to mind _(:з」∠)_... more>>
25 Series 1 Comments 6083 Views 10 Follows May 27, 2021 lmnsd03
No description.
81 Series 1 Comments 20768 Views 23 Follows Jun 23, 2020 Haesu18
I made a list on mangago for Mangas and Manhuas link in the comment ... more>>
100 Series 1 Comments 43802 Views 22 Follows Sep 27, 2019 kurohamukami
First Part... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 297 Views 3 Follows Jul 12, 2024 shadow0017
list of modern (if you also count ABO/omegaverse), dog-blood, angsty  drama danmei. Don’t judge me but they are kinda my guilty pleasure XD... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 471 Views 2 Follows Jun 24, 2024 TheBlackisMirror
mmm, lo mismo que el título. Dejaré mi opinión en las que haya leído...
7 Series 0 Comments 451 Views 1 Follows Apr 1, 2024 Levijiejie
Action packed, sometimes imbued with supernatural themes. HE only.
23 Series 0 Comments 1137 Views 11 Follows Mar 1, 2024 magicmau5
Zero drama✓ Zero tragedy✓ Zero dog blood✓
Feel good BL, in modern or future settings. Includes shounen ai, yaoi, and BL with smut. These are... more>>
66 Series 0 Comments 3737 Views 19 Follows Mar 1, 2024 magicmau5
Good BL with action, adventure, military, etc... when you're bored with plain romantic plots! Includes shounen ai, yaoi, and BL with smut. Modern and future settings, mainly danmei... ... more>>
58 Series 0 Comments 3636 Views 24 Follows Mar 1, 2024 magicmau5
Quality BL romance stories with some dramatic plots involved (not action or adventure oriented). Be prepared with Kleenex! (╥﹏╥) ... more>>
27 Series 0 Comments 2345 Views 4 Follows Feb 14, 2024 PerfectPanda02
When you finish reading a good action novel and just can't move one, then you discover there's a manhua version. No way!  You just have... more>>
34 Series 0 Comments 5356 Views 25 Follows Feb 14, 2024 PerfectPanda02
Sometimes you want to read good Chinese manhuas adapted from good Chinese novels and this list has many of them! Some with great art and... more>>
39 Series 0 Comments 3283 Views 25 Follows Feb 2, 2024 magicmau5
Chinese BL set in ancient times, whether an alternate history on Earth or in a different world. These can be fantasy, mystery/case solving, xuanhuan, xianxia,... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 2203 Views 3 Follows Jan 22, 2024 Sakura_99
No description.
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