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Group Name Xaiomoge
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Series (5) Age of Collapse, Mechanical God Emperor, The Dark King, The Defeated Dragon, Unfathomable Doomsday
Releases 390

Group News
(12-22-18) Update
(11-06-18) Announcement
(11-02-18) No chapter today

Group Releases
Date Title Release
01/20/19 Mechanical God Emperor c206
01/19/19 The Defeated Dragon c133
01/18/19 Mechanical God Emperor c205
01/17/19 Mechanical God Emperor c204
01/16/19 Mechanical God Emperor c203
01/16/19 The Defeated Dragon c132
01/14/19 The Defeated Dragon c131
01/13/19 The Dark King c571
01/12/19 The Defeated Dragon c130
01/10/19 Mechanical God Emperor c202
01/09/19 The Defeated Dragon c129
01/07/19 Age of Collapse c19
01/07/19 The Defeated Dragon c128
01/06/19 Age of Collapse c18
01/05/19 Age of Collapse c17
01/05/19 The Defeated Dragon c127
01/05/19 The Dark King c570
01/04/19 Age of Collapse c16
01/03/19 Mechanical God Emperor c201
01/03/19 Age of Collapse c15
01/02/19 Age of Collapse c14
01/02/19 The Defeated Dragon c126
01/01/19 Age of Collapse c13
12/31/18 The Defeated Dragon c125
12/31/18 Age of Collapse c12
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