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Group Name Wuxia Heroes
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Series (5) Blood Hourglass, Conquest, History’s Strongest Senior Brother, My Father in Law is Lu Bu, Nine Yang Sword Saint
Releases 147

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Group Releases
Date Title Release
07/25/17 Nine Yang Sword Saint c18
07/19/17 Nine Yang Sword Saint c17
07/12/17 Nine Yang Sword Saint c16
09/18/16 History’s Strongest Senior Brother c12
08/27/16 Conquest c110
08/25/16 Conquest c109
08/25/16 Conquest c108 part4
08/21/16 Conquest c108 part3
08/20/16 Conquest c108 part2
08/18/16 Conquest c108 part1
08/04/16 Conquest c107
05/21/16 Conquest c106
05/15/16 Conquest c105
05/10/16 Conquest c104
05/08/16 Conquest c103
05/04/16 Conquest c102 part2
04/28/16 Conquest c102 part1
04/24/16 Conquest c101 part2
04/21/16 Conquest c101 part1
04/20/16 Conquest c100
04/18/16 Conquest c99 part2
04/17/16 Conquest c99 part1
04/16/16 Conquest c98
04/14/16 Conquest c97 part2
04/13/16 Conquest c97 part1
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