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Group Name TapRead
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
01/24/19 Repugnant Gateway c32
01/23/19 Tranxending Vision c11
01/31/19 Tranxending Vision c10
01/31/19 Tranxending Vision c9
01/27/19 Godly Stay-Home Dad c35
01/27/19 Godly Stay-Home Dad c34
01/27/19 Godly Stay-Home Dad c33
01/27/19 Godly Stay-Home Dad c32
01/27/19 Godly Stay-Home Dad c31
01/23/19 Warlord c31
01/23/19 Return of the Net Gaming Monarch c31
01/23/19 Repugnant Gateway c31
01/23/19 Sweet Chief Secretary c8
01/23/19 Super Urban Master c8
01/23/19 An Exclusive love c8
01/23/19 The Transcendent Immortal c4
01/23/19 The King of Special Warfare c4
01/23/19 Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me c4
01/23/19 Supreme Emperor of Swords c4
01/23/19 My Wife Is Dominant c4
01/23/19 The Best Actor’s Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love... c4
01/23/19 Warlord c30
01/23/19 Return of the Net Gaming Monarch c30
01/23/19 Repugnant Gateway c30
01/29/19 Tranxending Vision c8
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