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Group Name TapRead
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
06/15/19 Strongest Counterattack c111
06/15/19 Godly Stay-Home Dad c196
06/15/19 Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured c88
06/15/19 Blood Moon Hunters c93
06/15/19 Medical Sovereign c111
06/15/19 Warlord c316
06/15/19 Return of the Net Gaming Monarch c316
06/15/19 An Exclusive love c151
06/15/19 Super Urban Master c151
06/15/19 The Transcendent Immortal c147
06/15/19 Supreme Emperor of Swords c147
06/15/19 Tranxending Vision c304
06/15/19 Sweet Chief Secretary c151
06/15/19 The Best Actor’s Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love... c147
06/15/19 My Wife Is Dominant c100
06/15/19 Godly Stay-Home Dad c195
06/15/19 The King of Special Warfare c147
06/15/19 Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me c147
06/14/19 Amazing Doctor With Super Vision c68
06/14/19 The Fantastic Super Vision c60
06/14/19 Don’t Heal the Others c60
06/14/19 Femme Fatale First Daughter c68
06/14/19 Immortality Cultivation Era c68
06/14/19 The Venerable Swordsman c60
06/14/19 The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess c68
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