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Group Name Overlord Translations
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Series (1) Overlord (LN)
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
05/20/18 Overlord (LN) v13 afterword
05/20/18 Overlord (LN) v13 epilogue
05/20/18 Overlord (LN) v13c7
05/20/18 Overlord (LN) v13c6
05/20/18 Overlord (LN) v13 intermission
05/20/18 Overlord (LN) v13c5
05/20/18 Overlord (LN) v13c4
10/17/17 Overlord (LN) v12 afterword
10/17/17 Overlord (LN) v12c3
10/17/17 Overlord (LN) v12c2
10/17/17 Overlord (LN) v12c1
10/22/16 Overlord (LN) v11 afterword
10/22/16 Overlord (LN) v11 epilogue
10/26/16 Overlord (LN) v11c5
10/26/16 Overlord (LN) v11c4
10/26/16 Overlord (LN) v11c3
10/11/16 Overlord (LN) v11 intermission
10/11/16 Overlord (LN) v11c2
10/11/16 Overlord (LN) v11c1
10/08/16 Overlord (LN) v11 prologue
10/08/16 Overlord (LN) v10 chars
10/07/16 Overlord (LN) v10 afterword
10/07/16 Overlord (LN) v10 epilogue
10/05/16 Overlord (LN) v10c3
10/05/16 Overlord (LN) v10 intermission
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