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Group Name Myoniyoni Translations
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(10-29-18) VS Final Episode

Group Releases
Date Title Release
12/16/18 The King of the Battlefield c191
12/16/18 Top Management c158
12/16/18 Kill the Hero c11
12/16/18 Taming Master c249
12/14/18 Taming Master c248
12/10/18 Swordmaster Healer c120-122
12/10/18 Top Management c157
12/10/18 Top Management c156
12/09/18 Kill the Hero c10
12/09/18 Taming Master c247
12/08/18 The King of the Battlefield c189-190
12/07/18 Taming Master c246
12/03/18 Top Management c155
12/03/18 Top Management c153-154
12/02/18 Kill the Hero c9
12/02/18 Swordmaster Healer c117-119
12/02/18 Taming Master c245
11/29/18 Taming Master c244
11/26/18 Taming Master c243
11/26/18 Swordmaster Healer c114-116
11/26/18 The King of the Battlefield c188
11/26/18 Top Management c152
11/26/18 Kill the Hero c8
11/26/18 Top Management c151
11/22/18 Taming Master c242
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