Gravity Tales

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Group Name Gravity Tales
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Series (65)
Releases 21755

Group News
(05-25-19) One more week!!
(04-19-19) No chapter

Group Releases
Date Title Release
07/22/17 Ze Tian Ji c555
09/22/15 God and Devil World c84
09/22/15 Chaotic Sword God c127
09/22/15 Zhan Long c347
09/22/15 God and Devil World c83
09/21/15 Chaotic Sword God c126
09/21/15 Zhan Long c346
09/20/15 Battle Through the Heavens c164
09/20/15 Chaotic Sword God c125
09/19/15 Chaotic Sword God c124
09/19/15 Battle Through the Heavens c163
09/18/15 Chaotic Sword God c123
09/18/15 Zhan Long c345
07/21/17 Ze Tian Ji c554
09/17/15 Battle Through the Heavens c162
09/17/15 Chaotic Sword God c122
09/17/15 God and Devil World c82
09/16/15 Chaotic Sword God c121
09/16/15 God and Devil World c81
09/15/15 Battle Through the Heavens c161
09/15/15 Chaotic Sword God c120
09/15/15 Zhan Long c344
09/15/15 God and Devil World c80
12/02/17 Shrouding the Heavens c47
09/14/15 Chaotic Sword God c119
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