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Group Name Bum Translations
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Series (3) Crown of Thorns, In Dreams, Limitless Dream
Releases 26

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Group Releases
Date Title Release
07/16/20 In Dreams c7-8
08/18/19 Limitless Dream v2c6
08/18/19 In Dreams c6
08/14/19 In Dreams c5 part2
08/11/19 In Dreams c5 part1
08/11/19 Limitless Dream v2c5
08/07/19 In Dreams c4 part2
08/04/19 Limitless Dream v2c4
08/04/19 In Dreams c4 part1
07/31/19 In Dreams c3 part3
07/28/19 In Dreams c3 part2
07/28/19 Limitless Dream v2c3
07/24/19 In Dreams c3 part1
07/24/19 In Dreams c2 part2
07/24/19 In Dreams c2 part1
07/21/19 Limitless Dream v2c2
07/24/19 In Dreams c1 part2
07/24/19 In Dreams c1 part1
07/14/19 Limitless Dream v2c1
07/06/19 Limitless Dream v1c6
06/30/19 Limitless Dream v1c5
06/26/19 Limitless Dream v1c4
06/24/19 Limitless Dream v1c3
06/18/19 Crown of Thorns v1 prologue
06/17/19 Limitless Dream v1c2
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