Warlock of the Magus World


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-What happens when a scientist from a futuristic world reincarnates in a World of Magic and Knights? An awesome MC is what happens! A scientist’s goal is to explore the secrets of the universe, and this is exactly what Leylin sets out to do when he is reincarnated. Dark, cold and calculating, he makes use of all his resources as he sets off on his adventures to meet his goal. Face? Who needs that… Hmmm… that guy seems too powerful for me to take on now… I better keep a low profile for now. You want me to help you? Sure… but what benefit can I get out of it? Nothing? Bye. Hmmm… that guy looks like he might cause me problems in the future. Should I let him off for now and let him grow into someone that can threaten me….. Nahhh. *kill*-

Alternative: Leylin is transported from an advanced technological era into a medieval world— except there’s magic. Equipped with only his quick wits and an A.I. chip fused to his soul, he sets out to become the most powerful magus the world has ever known. In a land divided into the Light and Dark Magi, the weak can either be cattle or disposable slaves. Only the strong can determine their lives, and only they have the luxury for virtue. Yet strength is only a tool for Leylin, like any other. His goal, in the end, is his own.

Warlock of the Magus World average rating 4.2/5 - 1344 user ratings
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New viperz60
May 27, 2017
Status: c657
Okay, so WMW is definitely a hit or miss novel. You will absolutely love it or straight up hate it.

First, the whole premise of the novel is that the MC (Leylin) is a douche. None of that "for justice" or other arrogant stuff. He is selfish and he knows it.

... more>>

In fact, during the Lava World Arc, he straight up makes fun of the "justice" trope in other novels.


If you don't want to read about a heartless cruel bastard who will give up others for his own gain, definitely not for you. Otherwise, this novel stands out pretty well compared to others. Leylin is actually smart, plot armor is definitely not as blatant, and once again MC is not a total idiot.

In a lot of other novels, the MC always gets cocky, insults a big clan or cult or something, is about to die, and out of nowhere, some over powered elder who somehow got a good impression about the MC does everything in his power to help the MC. Not so much for Leylin. Leylin never bites more than he can chew. He understands what he can and can't do, he actually plans a lot of his fights ahead of time and he does not have any sudden conveniently timed breakthrough. He actually has to work pretty hard to get half of the things he has, and his trump cards are actual trump cards in that he can't abuse them forever. Limited number of times that he can use most of them.


Enemy magus is a rank 4 that he can't fight? Hides and gains power until he is actually strong enough to fight him. In fact he spends like hundreds of years hiding because he knows he can't take on someone.


It IS true that he is heavily reliant on his AI chip... but if you had an AI chip like his you would be dumb not to rely on it.

So far from what I've read, this novel is about a cruel bastard, but it is interesting, not really as repetitive and a lot of the arcs are actually really cool and well thought out. Not sure if will continue to be this way, but so far I have good hopes <<less
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New Darkanlan rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c1200

A decent read about an A.I. chip and it's meat bag that carries it along it's path of cultivation towards eternity. To be honest I enjoyed the read up until the last 50 - 100 chapters, they felt rushed like the guy was just trying to end the series.

Worth a read, but I'd quit at about chapter 1150 or so and just make up the rest in your head. Went from a decent read to a regret that I finished reading it.

A number of notable problems in the series as a whole, there is absolutely no character development for anyone other than the mc and ai chip. You'll read 50-100 chapters about him getting closer to some woman while doing other things, just to have them end up in his hands and that's probably the last time you'll ever hear of that woman for more than a single sentence.

One of the biggest problems would be his wives / lovers and the kids he's supposed to have had. The guy only named two of them and didn't even bother to name the rest, doesn't even mention them more than once or twice. He even forgot that he said the mc had impregnated several women and only remembered two of them, then added some new ones in later and didn't even bother to name the kids. If you want to read about an AI chip and it's adventure with a ruthless worthless mc, this series is probably for you.

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Astaroth rated it
April 26, 2016
Status: --
I can’t believe people are rating this based on how often sentences end with exclamation marks. Is that really supposed to be a valid complaint? “too many exclamation marks, 1/5, shit novel”

Everything with this novel is great, the Author obviously used his head and made serious effort to make these characters and how they act.

Yes, Leylin is a cold-hearted bastard, even I was surprised at times, but this is his personality, and the Author (so far, ch 101) hasn’t ever forced him to act out of character in the name... more>> of plot or story development.

So while Leylin is cold-hearted, this is obviously not something you should rate the novel on. Are you going to rate NTR & Yaoi novels negatively because you don’t like the tag? Then let’s say you don’t like Fantasy novels, are you also going to rate negatively because this Fantasy novel you’re reading does indeed have Fantasy elements?

That seems pretty stupid to me, if you don’t like the tags, don’t read it. If you hate reincarnation novels, don’t read them. Why should this be any different, you don’t like cold-hearted Main Characters, THEN DON’T READ IT.

I don’t think to myself “now would be a good time for some fluffy and cute stuff” and then I watch Saw and complain about the gore…

Yes, there can be valid complaints about the novel, but most of the negative reviews are completely irrelevant.

And people complaining about the "chip" not being scientific, get real, do you seriously expect the Author to write paragraphs or entire pages of how it works? I don't see you complaining about CD and other xianxia novels chalking up "laws" to "Deep shit / profound mysterious crap.", which says nothing about it to the reader at all.

And even if the Author could, would you seriously want that in the novel? I thought most people read novels to get away from work and school, not to study science...

Are you also going to complain that you didn't learn about real world history from reading Lord of the Rings? <<less
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morli rated it
February 15, 2016
Status: c70
Like many people said, the MC isn't scientist at all! All of his scientist part come from the ridiculous OP AI chip he has in his past life that somehow got transported alongside him! And he doesn't have the mindset of scientist! The analysis, research and deduction the scientist usually have is done by his stupidly OP AI chip! And it was done in matter of second! The MC just take what the AI chip deduce as his own without slightest doubt! Very scientific of him! No effort at all!

He... more>> is just your normal xianxia protagonist with OP artifact! But the difference is he depends on his AI chip too much! Learning magic? Use AI chip. Researching something? Use AI chip. Don't know someone is friend or foe? Use AI chip. Getting out of dangerous situation? Use AI chip! All of his trouble is resolved by his AI chip! And he can't do anything without the help of his AI chip!

There is other problem too! He is heartless, self-centered, not driven by emotions and very calculating! That's fine, I like smart MC. Sadly, his character preventing him to have a good companion or lover! The MC just doesn't care about them and even will abandon them if there is no benefit left! The lack of character building for those characters doesn't help them either!

And the story itself has many issues! The MC is someone who avoid trouble very much! The flag that will lead to good conflict is avoided by him! He is so low key and calculating thus he has few enemies! And unlike other story where troubles encounter the MC often, his AI chip make sure he encounters few troubles! Because of that he is unlike someone who is in the center of conflict, but more like bystander instead!

If you read this review and have headache because of the exclamation mark, get used to it! This story is full of exclamation mark and you will encounter it a lot in this story! <<less
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Lebrew rated it
April 29, 2016
Status: --
I love this novel, 5/5. It has an interesting world, good pacing and a main character i really like. Yes, our main character is a homicidal, egotistical psychopath, but so is everybody else, so you might as well go with him. I think the thing i like the most about the novel is that though the MC might make choices you don´t like or agree with, they are still somewhat realistic and consistent with the established personality of the MC. Though he is “slightly” OP, he doesn´t suddenly challenge some... more>> huge clan and win through sheer power of plot armor.

He is cunning and avoids taking the blame for killing heirs of powerful families, unlike a lot of other typical xianxia protagonists. Also when it comes to romance it´s not like he is thickheaded or a lecher, rather he takes the middle road by having sex for pleasure and relieving stress, but not establishing any sort of emotional relationships whatsoever. While i feel kinda bad for Anna, i still think that his way of handling their relationship was the most appropriate considering his goals in life and personality. So summarized i really like the main character. <<less
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TimMit rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: c133
I never left a comment before, however, after trying to find something good to read I stumbled upon some negative reviews, thus deciding to clear up the whole thing.

WMW is not a novel for kids. By that I mean there no princes on white horses, a whole bunch of lucky things and so on. It is well written with logical flow given to the plot.

If you are looking for SMART MC, that is the thing you must read. He is not running wild and offends everyone he sees.

Many... more>> say this is not scientific and no experiments and so on. Well then I want to ask u, have u ever spoken to scientist in your life. I doubt it. Many experiments nowadays are performed in computer. I am currently writing a paper where all of tests are simulated virtually.

Many ranked low just because the MC is "evil" well I mean that is your taste. Why rank low? Are u ranking the MC or the writing. Why not just stating that it is not a novel for altruistic people.

Finally, I would like to recommend my list of novels to read. For those who find my comment reasonable and share my point of view. Otherwise, don't even bother to read further.

1) World of the magus world
2) World of cultivation (pretty slow start , but the MC is truly smart and continues to be one through the whole plot, the world is well made without major flaws) slow start u should endure at least 50 chapters before the action begins.
3) True Martina world and Martial world
Well written with a more as u say "good" character <<less
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takehisa rated it
May 10, 2016
Status: --
I'm quite shocked about all those low reviews, seriously, the MC is true to his personality, some of his decision might be cold, but hey, if you put a little thought, he's just a rational and reasonable man, and using his brain all the time
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Anbu_Hero rated it
April 27, 2016
Status: --
Ok look here people. Like most of the reviews here that gave this novel a 5/5 I indefinitely agree with their opinion on this novel. This novel is beyond amazing. If you like calculative MC’s and Fantasy novel that is well created and well thought out then this is for you. The story is has so far been interesting. The thing that has been pissing me off is that this site allows little B**** to write down stupid reviews that is degrading this series. Like seriously you give this series... more>> a 4/5 or lower because that awesome MC who is a highly intelligent human being is cold hearted unlike what you imagine of fairy tale novels where the MC is usually a fighter of justice and peace. Bulls***.

The MC isn’t even cold hearted. He has his own ethics. Just like in how the real world we don’t go out of our way to help every single person in the world acting like a knight in shining armor. He just does the same thing. His ethics are humanitarian to a certain extent. He punishes evil and helps those who has been of helped to him. He takes advantage of things and he has a brain that actually functions. Seriously this series should at least be top 10 in this site. Which is dominated by Chinese novels that are practically all the same thing with just a different name for the things they have. Yet I digress, I still enjoy them. But sometimes fresh and new novels like this are the ones that should be praised. <<less
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aldrinkhan rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: c122
World building (initial 10+) chapters kinda dull but after passing that it is a breeze. Not your typical chinese novel: no harem, no stupid or naive MC, no bloodthirsty MC either, no revenge focus, just a pure journey to the top
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Celebration rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
I don’t know what the person below me is talking about, he doesn't have a wife or mistresses. He has slaves and servants whom he sleeps with. And when he moves on he leaves them with money. He doesn't even give them the expectations of romance. He is respectful towards them and doesn't mistreats them, but they aren't his wives or mistresses. As for the AI chip. It isn't op or haxed. It is more like a super computer. Meaning it is only as smart as the information the mc... more>> puts in and the question he ask. The MC himself has to be able to utilize it well. If not it would be useless. Similar to how 95% of us don’t utilize our own computers.

While 4% are hackers and programmers. Then there is that 1% that is on some other level stuff. That is our MC and he uses his AI chip well. Not to mention he is the one that made the chip in the first place. Our MC is just brilliant. I don’t get how some of the reviewers are missing this. He isn't a saint, he is definitely out for himself. Though he isn’t opposed to assisting others, but not at the cost of his own well being. He is cautious but he isn't cruel to people undeserving. He’ll help if it doesn't hurt him. He isn't a martyr. Everyone has to live with their own choices. The MC completely believes in the dog eat dog world. He is arrogant but frankly he has every right to be. <<less
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Deadaluis rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: v1c154
I am also quiet confused why people would rate this so horribly. I mean sure he seems cold and emotionless, and he "appears" to have a CHEAT, but overall he does not. The story is good with little to no repetitive themes and situations so far, he has only one plot-armor, has average abilities (considering he is a reincarnate) and he seems reasonably mortal.

First his character, the MC seems cold calm and calculative which in some cases makes him appear cruel, but if you really look at it is... more>> all rationality and logistics, most of his decisions are in fact centered around his past. A man aimed for results, but knows the value of patience, not like a machine but close.

Second I want to address the concept of the AI chip as a CHEAT. It is and it is not, as he has stated in the first 20 chapters he is worried about others being suspicious of his comprehensive ability. Further more the author has state that the Chip is a TOOL for scientist, and looking at it really only has a few functions and none are that useful unless the user uses it effectively. The chip is a; Sensor for radiation and other changes in the world, a super computer that can be improved, and a microscope..... really how is any of this overpowered. Adding on there have been many occasions that the chip is entirely useless. Further more it is as stated a tool he is just good at using it like most Scientist do.

Third the whole issue of this being not scientific is totally hogwash, if no one has realized his entire methodology and majority of the problems he solves is almost always using the scientific method (Identify problem->Make Hypothesis->Devise Experiment->Do the Experiment->Gather Data-> Analyze-> Implement-> Find potentially better solution.) How could it not be much more scientific than that he does not even trust the exact suggestions of others he takes them into account but still finds his own way.

Sure he ain't exactly no hero but he sure is not entirely a villain either. <<less
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BlackBlade rated it
August 6, 2016
Status: c534
Updated: Perhaps the biggest draw of warlock of the magus world is the main character. He is first and foremost a survivalist. He refuses to take wild or foolish risks and always considers the risks vs the rewards of his actions. He puts his own interests ahead of others as a rule (although he will help those who treated him right if it's not too costly). He is extremely in control of his emotions and doesn't let them get in the way of his self-interest... well except for the whole... more>> warlock thing. He isn't afraid to hurt people but he isn't a hypocrite and doesn't pretend that he's a good person despite robbing/killing/etc other people, in all of those cases he is purely doing it for his own gain though, he doesn't do evil for no reason atleast... His ultimate goal is to not be 1-shotable in a world full of higher existences that could just wipe him out any time if they were so inclined, as well as seek the truth and attain immortality of course.

The world of WotMW is very brutal. There are very few "good" characters, most people are out for their own benefit. Villains aren't morons who think everyone is courting death, they are all pretty smart for the most part and their plots are often deeper than you would think. Information is strictly controlled.. to gain power you have to enslave yourself to various groups who are in control of said information, and even then they probably wont give you the really good stuff, unless you have absurd talent or are a bloodline descendant of course. There are no random schools where young kids are running around with insanely powerful cultivation methods their schools just hand over, the people in power maintain total control of incoming students/talents. In this world the weaker levels are seen as cattle/experiments, even if you are a rare human with magical talent, if you pick the wrong teacher as a mentor you may very well get turned into some sort of monster/experiment for the higher level mage mentoring you. There is no gaining enlightenment in the middle of a fight bs plot armor, breakthroughs have to be well planned out and based on lots of detailed information (except in a rare few cases), and life really isn't easy.

Leylin's time in the low levels is really stressful, he has to bust his ass to not die and to not end up becoming a weakling due to the procedures high level organizations have put in place to control the population. Once he becomes a mage things get a lot more relaxed and Leylin can really use his smarts and strength to do some fun stuff! I almost think of him as a magic cultivating james bond. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
June 6, 2016
Status: --
Heartless MC that will do ANYTHING to further his power, this include using and then throwing away little girls, classmates and anyone that he befriends later on the novel. His moto is if he has nothing to gain from them he'll throw them away, that or use them as bait. His ability A.I chip makes no sense at all, nor does the author bother to explain the plot holes in this novel.

There is no romance, friendship or teammates in this novel, the MC is a psychopath and as the... more>> story progresses he becomes even worse, some of the things he does is so despicable that they pale in comparison to what the villains have done. It starts out normal, but trust me you'll want to throw up by the time you get to the later chapters.

This novel is just below CCM, the novel that I regret wasting my time to read. <<less
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Raphael rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c123
I freaking love this series. I mean currently this is my top must read novel, it excites me more to see this updated than to see ISSTH's updated not that I don't love the latter but is just that the flavour of this story is more to my liking. Anyways to get a bit of the description in I'll say the MC is coldblooded, not in the way most xianxia MC's are, he simply puts his future advancement ahead of everything as he should in a world based on strength.... more>> Lot's of people seem to be put off by his coldhearted ways usually about the fact that he treats his friends, but I mean come on he never said he was close to them most of what I got from him was a detached kind of friendship in which he doesn't expect much from them and hopes they don't expect him to jump in front of a truck to get em. Also the story feels like it's at the very start, maybe because it is but as of 123 which is where I'm at and where he finally breaks through to official Magus rank it gives me the feeling that only now will we get to get off the prologue or something.

I mean I loved things up to now but they have been alluding to the fact that the world is super big and where he is at is kind of like the backwater for magic practitioners, so I'm eager to see how he will interact with the world with his newfound power. Anyways I truly like how the world is about magicians and stuff because I kinda prefer those over cultivators because I guess they feel more mythical? But regardless this is more my cup of tea and here is hoping the story keeps on like this because I really like how it develops each new chapter =D <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c291
Personally, I really love this novel. As someone who's read a pile of Chinese novels, I've had more than my fair share of common troupes and the typical MCs. There's nothing wrong with those kinds of stories, but when you've read enough of them it starts to get old fast. If you're in a similar position, this novel is like a breath of fresh air.

As the synopses clearly states, the MC Leylin is NOT some heroic good guy, nor is he the recklessly bloodthirsty villain. To... more>> describe him in a few words, he is cold, calculating and extremely rational. Before he acts, he first looks at the benefits and detriments towards himself. If he can help someone without harming himself, why not? If he can avoid offending or attracting the attention of someone far more powerful than himself, he will certainly do so (unless the benefits make up for the risk).

His calculating and rational nature, which prioritizes his personal benefit over anything else results in many of his relationships being short-lived. That being said, the interactions between himself and those side characters are interesting and his departure from them is expected, in character, and doesn't interfere with the movement of the plot.

What this novel isn't:

Looking for significant romance, harems or chasing girls? Too bad!

Want to watch a sidelined hero on his quest for revenge? Not gonna happen. When Leylin needs to take revenge it is usually swift, brutal and resolved within the same book/arc it starts in.

Do you like MC's who look to justify every action, who do bad things and put a good or righteous spin on it? Haha, this isn't the MC for you. Leylin does bad things and he doesn't bother to hide or justify it, because in his mind as long as it benefits him
nothing else is important.

In this kind of dog-eat-dog world where the weak are seen as nothing more than cattle to cater to the needs and desires of the strong, Leylin could care less about running around upholding justice. He understands very clearly the kind of world he is now living in, and he isn't foolish enough or idealistic enough to make it his mission to change it.

Excitedly waiting to watch the MC's super cheat item help him plot-armor his way into godly-ness? No can do.

Leylin's equivalent of a cheat item is his AI chip, which is nothing more than a handy tool for things such as analysis, simulation, memory boost, and for when you need a handy microscope. While it is definitely a useful tool, it is only as helpful as the person using it. If that AI chip were in the hands of someone else it would be completely useless. In particular, the further you read into the story the more clear it becomes that the AI chip is just a tool (in other words, if the AI bothers you at first, don't worry, it starts to fade into the background more as time goes on).

You can say the AI chip is a plot device, yes, but it's a reasonable one. Despite Leylin's coldness, he is actually pretty human, so if you can't wait for him to use some bada** legacy to become an insta-god, just give up right now.


Basically, if you are looking for any of the above, hoping for romance or a sunny MC with a violent side, quests for justice and vengeance and a whole pile of random unidentified cannon fodder just waiting to get swept away by the valiant MC, then all I have to say is you've got the wrong novel buddy.

Now that I've clearly established that Leylin is NOT a good guy (I mean come on, does that synopsis scream "I'm a good guy!", I think not), I have to say he isn't a full-on villain either. He doesn't go out of his way to torment or harm those weaker than himself. If he is capable of helping a friend, and even if that friend is many times weaker than him at the time he is still willing to help provided it doesn't harm himself.

He is even willing to help his friends out of the messes they create in some instances. Leylin also treats his servants pretty well, providing on at least one occasion money and a place to live when he leaves them. While he does occasionally conduct experiments on people (don't get me wrong, he isn't a saint, and he doesn't have a problem with killing when necessary), he isn't some kind of madman who just swoops in and decimates entire towns of people.

Leylin and being coldhearted:

There are some people who may think that Leylin is overly coldhearted, and he is pretty cold in an emotional sense. Still, he is at least far less bloodthirsty and violent than some other MC's, like the ones from ATG or MGA, who run around massacring entire sects left and right.

This opinion people have of Leylin likely stems from the fact that he doesn't really have any deep emotional attachments to others. In many reincarnation stories, the MC will at least have attachment to their parents or families, or they'll have close friends or love interests- basically people they are willing to jump in front of a bus for. This novel is different from that. As of the latest chapter (chapter 291), Leylin doesn't have anyone he'd willingly throw himself in front of a speeding train for, and he doesn't expect anyone to put themselves in danger for his sake either. This world, this story, and this MC all run based on cold hard logic and personal benefits.

This "coldheartedness" isn't something that just Leylin has, and is in fact fairly common to some degree or another among all Magi, light or dark. Rationality, logic, and personal benefits are characteristics that are relatively common, and are valued amongst Magi, so Leylin isn't some kind of freak in this point.

I think that some people who start reading this novel don't have a proper understanding of what a cold and rational MC is like (or can be like), and therefore become disappointed when they start reading. Similarly, there may be people who think that "cold and rational" purely applies to Leylin's enemies. Well then, let me be the one to say that Leylin's mentality of benefits and logic applies to everyone he meets.

This doesn't mean he never has friends or relationships, it just means that there isn't as much of an emotional emphasis on things. Generally, his relationships consist of both sides gaining something, and end when one or both sides no longer have anything to gain. It sounds a bit harsh, but in actuality it is quite reasonable. As a reader, it is satisfying when a relationship that has outlived its usefulness ends, rather than having it get dragged on for entire arcs.

This is actually a huge positive point I have to mention here: so far, most problems and good fortune are pretty nicely packaged within their own arc/book. Naturally there are some larger plot points going on in the background, but in terms of more immediate plot you don't have to wait quite as long for things to get resolved as in some other novels.

Again, in a lot of Chinese novels, the MC's moments of coldheartedness tend to stem from an emotional place (protecting loved ones, keeping their face, upholding "justice", getting revenge, etc.), but here there is less emphasis on that, and many conflicts are ones of interest, not emotion. If you are used to these more emotional scenarios and expect that from this novel, then please thoroughly shatter those expectations before reading.


In short:

Leylin is logical, rational, cold, calculating and a bit emotionally distant when it comes to others. He delights in getting stronger and discovering new things. He only moves if it benefits him, and if he's forced into a situation that isn't looking good for him he will do everything he can to manipulate it until it does. He is a cautious person, like Han Li from RMJI- the exact opposite of typical hotheaded MCs.

Leylin is a harsh person (maybe a bit of a b*stard even) in an even harsher world. The tone of the novel is a bit serious and gritty, and the cruel and ruthless aspects of the world are presented in a fairly straightforward manner. People get used, thrown away, killed, tortured, backstabbed, betrayed, and treated like puppets by those around them.

As you can expect from the types of people able to climb to the top in this kind of world, the experts that we've seen so far don't exactly take care of their groups with love and affection in mind, rather, they blatantly make use of those who join them and horde important information and resources for themselves. It isn't a nice world. It's the kind of place where trusting strangers (or heck, even friends), and running around helping others isn't going to get you admiration, and will instead just end up in your death. Affection and loyalty does exist, but it isn't as strongly emphasized or focused on as many other novels out there.

If you are someone who likes your MCs more on the emotional side, who likes fights to be motivated by emotion (like captured family members for instance), instead of logic and benefits, if you like plots focusing on revenge or heaping a combination of insanely lucky chances and horrible misfortune on the MC, then this isn't going to be your kind of novel. It's a novel that might be best for those who have an understanding of the harshness of reality, with maybe a dash of sarcasm thrown in.

If I had to speak of cons, I'd say that I do wish Leylin would form a couple of longer-lasting relationships with others. I'm not necessarily asking for a love interest or best friend or anything (not likely given Leylin's personality), but having some kind of long-term ally or rival of sorts would be nice.


*Whew! Rant(?) over*

For someone like me, who enjoys a character full of cold, harsh logic, who doesn't bother to move purely for emotion, who doesn't spend all his time chasing after or placating his latest harem members, this is really a novel after my own heart, haha.

Besides that, Leylin's personality is pretty straight-forward and he consistently acts in character, so there's no worry he'll suddenly do a total 180 in terms of personality *cough, PMG, I'm looking at you here, cough.*

4.5/5, definitely in my top twenty favorite novels right now. <<less
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thunderhill rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: c137
An epic concoction of Magic, Rawness (Law of the Jungle) and Mature themes; Warlock of the Magus World (WMW) tells of a hero reincarnated into an alternative world of Magic!

Our MC, namely Leylin, a man whose soul was transport from a world of advanced cybernetic technologies to a medieval world of knights and magi. The story takes place in a harsh, raw and gritty world where sinister forces such as dark and light magi exist. Their existence is treated with a fearful eye by the 'mortal' - normal, populace, while... more>> they see mortals as pawns. Pawns for experiments, and other 'miscellaneous uses'.

Like Xianxia novels, Chinese novels like to take a 'real' view of the fantastical world, the law of the jungle rules with an iron fist. What makes WMW stand above the mediocre is its brutal rawness, its uncensored cruelty and sown together of diabolical amounts of sweat and gore. While it is balanced with heart-warming scenes, love, sex and a progressive MC (weak-to-strong) with principles.

Though, he does have a slight advantage (as all MC should), but it takes the form of an advance data collecting and sensor tool, aka the A.I. Chip. How he overcomes tribulations will be credited to his wit, ingenuity and adaptability.

Try it, if you dare! It is not for the fainthearted. It's certainly a nice touch of 'maniacal' and of 'evil-doers'. keke~ <<less
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alaskame rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: c112
So far I did enjoy this novel.

However, just like other reviews did, the MC is not actually play much role as a scientist. Since he decide to learn about magic and alchemy of the fantasy world, he put most of his resources to follow that goal. The only thing remind us about scientists thingy is his AI which turn out to be something like innate talent to me now.

Despite all these things I still recommend this novel. I'm not expecting any scifi or geeky life out of this fantasy novel... more>> after all.

The story flow with some twists enough to make one stick with the flow. And the writer did pretty well in the logic behind each action.

Warning : the MC's character is quite dark. <<less
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Mudassir rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: c154
As of chapter 154, awesome novel. Period. No stupid MC to challenge the whole world, some are even scary as babies.

Sincere suggestion to all those who review: read tags before starting a novel. And don't go for a genre you don't like. But once you do suck it up and rate it as a (whatever genre/tag/type) novel that it is.

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sruthi rated it
August 12, 2016
Status: c220
This novel is one of masterpiece l love. From countless number of novels I read this one holds high place.

Story has my fav plots Alchemy, Ruthless and Cunning male lead. I don't mind that Mc always takes help of AI chip as other readers do. Who doesn't if you are given such a perfect Trump card. It has many elements that keeps you engaged in novel. I would definitely recommend this novel if you are into male lead who transmigrate into other world has cunning ruthless personality with... more>> little bit if kindness. For me it's 5+++ novel. Author was brilliant with the story and translators they are just awesome it's best reading experience with out any grammatical mistakes.

Thanks to Author for a great novel and Big thanks to translators you have worked hard. <<less
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activereader rated it
July 25, 2016
Status: c204

First of all, I want to say that this novel is GREAT! Despite that fact that lots of reviews are saying that the MC relies too much on his "AI Chip", like "he's not a scientist at all". All I can say is, You're all stupid. Even our scientists nowadays relies on computer on calculating complex equations. Naturally, a good scientist will have to make his own life easier by an example of using technologies... more>> and whatnot. And to think the device is only used for scientific research, and calculative measurements, He's not that too damn OP, I think he's really brilliant! He's not that egoistic like Chu Feng and Lin Feng, and he's that kind of human being that relies on his own strength and schemes, he's not arrogant, that a simple provocation will lead to a destruction of a clan. He's decisive and cool headed. He's the character that uses his brain over raw strength.

For the plot. so far, It's not repetitive, and you'll never get bored on reading it. The cliffs are just bearable. The rank breakthroughs are slow BUT when he does, it's really awesome!

I really had fun reading this novel. It's a highly recommended novel, on par or greater than with Transcending The Nine Heavens, Emperor's Domination, Zhanxian, Hail the King, and Galactic Dark Net (all the MC's of this novels are brilliant and not that overbearing) <<less
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Me1ody rated it
July 10, 2016
Status: c183
This is a good one. It looks realy stupid how people give this really good novel 1 star. Because of what? Exclamation marks? A.I. Chip? Ha Ha Ha.


1. Xianxia, chinese fantasy, as well as chinese novels in total, are in deep sh*t. I waited few days to read a bunch of chapters of ATG (514-518) in anticipation that plot will move a little. Guess what. They didn't even get to the point in their random meeting. It's not worth reading this repetative dialogues, a fortiory waiting for translation. And ATG... more>> is one of the best around.

Do you like MC doing some random mysrerious sh*t and wins? Or digging his dantian for 10 chapters just for show of improvement in the middle of desert, because he should come to the next place exactly this strong to win on the limit of his powers? Or find in this desert legacy of mysterious expert en route where only he can enter in 100500 thousands of years? Or simply get some random divine blessing/breakthrough in the middle of the fight because this fights are so talkative, repetative and stretched that you could find the meaning of life in the process. Of course "it takes some time to discribe, but...." ISSTH, MGA, ATG, BTTH, WDQK, CD - please choose one. LLS and TDG are just a liittle better. Mostly because they want to be parodies to all this wrethed things. Poorly.

And here comes WMW. Extended western fantasy world, mature thing without meaningless harems. Where all that stupid entourage of beauties you can buy on the first available slave market - character depth would be the same. Where MC runs for his life and don't give a damn about retaliation. "If I have free time." Some fresh air all in all.

2. Exclamation marks. Mm. I found unreasonable exclamation mark, in my point of view, only once. Mostly author uses it as spell chanting, commands or part of paragraph emphasizing. I don't get it. It's not like everyone always shouting like in shounen anime.

3. A.I. chip is a great solution to uniqueness and advantage of MC. It's much better than calling MC a genius and than show how stupid his behaviour is. And then again and again. It is really funny when author discribes MC like someone who can assemble FTL drive and grasp the laws of universe; and then that MC goes to the main gates of another evil "genius" and they start firing their Flames of the Divine Phoenix or another super-mega-magics which 200 chapters later they would use for unfreezing chicken head-on. And MC thinks that his chances of winning at 50% or even 1-10% are good enough.

At the beginning, situation where MC denies an option with just a little more or less than 50% chanses of success had induced bewilderment to my perverted by laws of the genre brains. Shame.

A.I. chip is much much better than treasure which detoxifies everything, has unlimited pocket space And contains a teacher who knows everything and can save you anytime. Or just a pocket teacher.

A.I. chip is much much better than treasure than copy anything, cheaply. And so on.

And most importantly A.I. chip don't give MC any divine knowledge, supporting development of setting, where MC can't sit and have boosts while filling time with his happy romantic/family life. Just as any other computer, it saves time and cut empty cultivation chapters, where authors tries to make their erratic worlds reasonable.

You should understand me right. I don't like western fantasy that much. I like MC-centrism, body modifications, spirit stuff, worlds of humanity and linear progression related to lifespan. But that template, created by popular chinese novel authors is too much. Good thing that WMW is different while same and good enough. It's not that good as Mother of Learning (for comparison) and I would give it 4 stars. But its ranking is too unreasonable related to other chinese novels.

Summary of pros and cons.
Cons: potioneering is a bit boring though short, nothing new; character depth is lacking; traveling is really boring but necessary for setting and atmosphere; too large planet, unexplained physical laws, astronomy, geography and other setting stuff.
Pros: social modeling is fun; creative, living world; number of potential fields of study; really looking forward in terms of setting and character progression. <<less
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Nox rated it
July 5, 2016
Status: c178
Cunning and cold-hearted, i love the way the mc his. I like the AI chip thing, a bit different from the stone/pendent/jewelry that gives mc op powers. I don't understand the hate for the chip, pretty much all other novels that i read had a similar object.
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