Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel


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He died on the wedding of the girl he had a crush on, after a long and successful career. After convincing Yama to send him back to the world, he decides to fix the areas in which his life went wrong. Realizing the lack of love and romance in his past life, he sets out to conquer the hearts of various women.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel average rating 4.1/5 - 560 user ratings
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Rebirth to Chase Beauty
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New readerX rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c690
I already read raw until 690+ chapter since last year but I stop read it...

I will gave first Arc 4. 5 (when they still in high school until before university arc begin) but around 70-100 chapters after University start it start going down hill to the point it make me stop reading although only 40+ chapter remain until the end of novel.

Since it was almost year that I stop read I can't remember them all this is what I can remember mostly problem because how harem girls... more>> which join at later have no role and personality. He bang her and add to harem in least than 10 chapter and no mention them in story after that. I will say it again problem is not harem but how they join and no role for them in the story is problem.


- MC love rival before he reincarnate somehow got reincarnate too but when he know MC got reincarnate I immedately gave up his live and become MC's slave for work on alien technology with another oldman in remote island. Author gave no explantion why that guy got reincarnate. MC never ask his Yama brother since Yama already stop appear when university arc start.

- Harem is okay at first but when story keep going number become larger and at later half of story MC just BANG every girl who isn't enemy and make them into his harem and ignore them all afterward.

- For exmaple western woman whom going to be top holllywood star in future in MC previous life got was introduce MC by his business partner when he visit America to gave night serive MC.
Not much plot here. No lovely developement he just met her then bang her. Not even single contact between them after that.
After bang her that time 1-2 years. She come to china to shto movie in china together with chinese's girl idol from MC harem. Then when film project was finish both that Western idol and China idol announce to public that they will retired to become MC mistress. There almost no mention about her after that in story even until I read to 690/735 chapters. Just invisible doll in harem.

- When he visit japan he got another herem member there. He met half china hlf japan girl on air plan, they develope some story after that, MC go on date with her (she help MC tour jp). Her father got cheat she was kidnap. MC help her.
Problem is in the end harem member isn't her. It was another girl which is Japan idol which he met because he mistook her for half China/japan girl which he though was kidnap. Idol girl though MC was the one kidnap her and yell at him. MC piss off that japan idol girl shout at him and he still can't find half china/japan girl so rape her. (Sreiously? That reason for you to rape here dude?)
Later MC go back to china. Half china/japn girl have feel for him after spend 10-25 chapter tougether in story. But there no contact between them afterward. Only idol girl whom was rape by him come to find him in china to join harem. There almost no mention about her after that in story even until I read to 690/735 chapters. Just invisible doll in harem as other girls. If I remember correct it is the same time western and china idol public announce there retired to join MC harem.

At this point I think author got idol complex by now, China, Wastern, Japan... why not include Korean and Europe too? I can say that MC and japan idol have no story devlopement other than. He mad at can't find half china/japan girl so he rape her then she come to join MC harem because lure by MC company power.

- The worst about how they join harem is the girl which MC help at University entrance, I think was about fake money or something. You noticed right? Since author gave her a 'Name' so she will surely appear in MC harem later.
MC met her brother later in story, he didn't know it was her brother that time. Her brother then become MC' driver after he help him. Then that guy ask MC to help his sister with some problem with rich guy. (This rich guy actually want this girl to be his woman) MC meet this girl again, help her but then add this girl to harem for no reason. (You need to read the story itself to see detail how f**k up it is for just add any girl to increase number to his harem without care about plot at this point) Then it the same as alway author never mention or have anymore plot for her afterward. Just another doll. As for her brother he still just driver after he add the girl to his mistress.

- There also another girl which compare to those random girl which he spend less than 5 chapters to bang, she should be in harem more than them. The girl was from his mother or father original hometown which his parent promise them to have there children married. MC help them but later both girl and there parent run always because they don't want to truble MC more than this. So they never join his harem. This girl have more depth story than those above I mention which MC meet and spend only few chapter to bng them.

) <<less
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New iLikeOpMCS rated it
September 13, 2017
Status: c122
Sigh, I was really enjoying this novel, I liked the whole premise but then the harem came... The main heroine practically changed into a person with no feelings and even supports the MC in cheating on her? Everything beyond chapter XX (within double digits) I believe is simply too unrealistic and annoying. I was planning on giving this series 5 stars but after the harem, I seriously have nothing to say good about the story. To me, the harem literally canceled out any good points the story had, but if... more>> you like harem and can avoid the hypocritical MC I mean cmon 5 points. Simply not my cup of tea.

Why even though this is a harem it is even sh*ttier than a normal harem. (I'm usually supportive of harems but this one simply makes me want to rate this story in the negatives if it was possible. In short, this story is mindless drones chasing after a s*x driven 40 year old pervert MC.)


He makes pledges and says in this life he will only care for the main heroine the most then later on after he sleeps with more girls he states, "in my heart, I love them all equally!. " f**k, might as well just say you only like them for their looks f**k this MC.

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DragonSaber rated it
August 5, 2016
Status: c44
The story had a decent start and caught my attention but my interests dropped off really fast.

First, I guess I missed the Harem tag. I thought this novel was more about him and his true love from the synopsis but I was wrong after reading to chapter 44. The MC constantly want to bang every hot chicks he see even after he started dating his true love.

Second, I was also very disappointed by how the author try to incorporate the MC technology knowledge into the... more>> novel. If the author want to add some technical terms to the novel at least do some research before trying to forcefully mash it into the story. One example: The MC wrote a functionally window 98 OS in 1 month from scratch, redrawing and describing Pentium cpu architecture's schematic all from memory in a couple nights... <<less
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easygoing rated it
August 12, 2016
Status: c625
It's funny I just finished reading this the other day and now it's got a TL, I'm not sure why the actual title is listed as an alternative name and it's being called a prequel but to each their own,

It's an urban harem with a MC similar to how you wished the TDG MC would be, he uses his past knowledge in ways even the author has to say would be impossible, (which he does right around the time the MC is doing the stuff dragonsaber seemed salty about... more>> in his review) becomes rich super powerful and collects women and basically does whatever he wants

Not much on cultivation if that's your kick but otherwise it's a pure and simple power trip fantasy <<less
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Elawn rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: v2c116
Oh for Christ's sake. If you don't wanna read harem types then don't read something with the harem type tag plastered on it in the first place...

I love this novel. It's the same type as My Beautiful Teacher, the type you read without feeling burdened, the type you should read without constantly analyzing why the author gave the MC a harem (BECAUSE HAREM ROCKS DAMNIT), the type that just makes you laugh conspicuously in the bus, the type that will make you so addicted that you'll F5 the release... more>> page like a mad person everyday.

That kind of novel!

As of May 2017: Novel kind of went to sh*t with the aliens and what not. <<less
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-faded- rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: --
My first review! Hurray!

First I would like to say that the associated name "Rebirth to chase beauty" fits this novel better. It is mostly about him doing just that (probably because the love of his life got married in his past life before he could confess, he is much more proactive in this one).

As far as romance goes, it is a really good harem story. Some other posts say the main heroine simply does not care about MC chasing other girls, but that isn't exactly true. Just like Erica... more>> from Campione rather than being The-Only-One she adamant about being no. 1... "The One". SHE WILL BE THE ONE by: Jet Li

Just like in Campione the main heroine actively rolls MC and other heroines around the palm of her hand and, although she acts quite open minded, she occasionally shows her claws to tell MC exactly who's The Boss. She fell for him quite fast but reasons for it got explained somewhere after ch 50.

You can also expect some actual interactions between the heroine and the world rather than them mysteriously falling for him and "quietly supporting him from the background" for the rest of the story as is common in Chinese novels.

As for him selling future tech I didn't dwell on it too much since normal person can't as send to pozition ceo in Microsoft at the age of 31. That being said he did make the blueprints for tech and the os a bit too fast, but then again who cares. Nothing's perfect 5 stars.

I recommend it and hope you enjoy. <<less
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Senior Brother
Senior Brother rated it
July 16, 2016
Status: c67
A modern second chance story. The characters are interesting so far, they have depth and author play with their personality well. Especially the MC.

He's in love with main heroine and doesn't seriously consider other woman... so far. Even so he's more likeable than your common MC that suck at romance, yet somehow gather many beauties without any reason at all, or just because he's simply being strong or somehow save their pathetic life.

It's just too bad the release frequency is... yuck, too slow. I will add 5 more... more>> stars if the translator release at least one chapter everyday.

Other than that?



The story get ridiculous fast later beyond chapter 50. The heroine didn't mind one bit when his boyfriend fooling around with various women, and creating harem here and there. Well, if this happen in the ancient time or xianxia then it's not weird considering their tradition and costum, where the strong rule the world, but it's modern world for f**k sake. it doesn't make sense. There's only his conquest in conquering school beauties, and less Yanyan.

Duh. the introduction and execution of harem is too hasty, and it's ruined the romance. It feels like the heroine get abandoned only for MC to acquire more extra Holes to enjoy. <<less
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Callista Soo
Callista Soo rated it
July 14, 2016
Status: c7
I really see potential for the MC, hopefully this time he cherishes his second chance at a new start and gets his true love and treasure her. And should also stop calling her this chick! Like if you love her, why are you talking about her in this manner!?! Honestly, and also become OP and don't disappoint his parents. Anyways, its a good start to something new and exciting! Kudos to the translator and the author for the awesome novel!
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c71
The story is very appealing, easy to understand with no confusion (be it in the plot or the translation). But those kind of rebirth, world transfer, time travel are a bit previsible but still fun to read.

The MC gets a free rebirth (more like a time travel rebirth) by the Yama. He goes back to the moment he entered the first year in high school. His goal is to confess his love to Zhao Yanyan (heroine) and get married with her and lead a happy life (I guess). Through... more>> his old memories of being the CEO of Huaxia Microsoft branch, he recreates some softwares, CPU and OS to get rich. Remember that this is only a fiction (the author remind the readers) although there are no flying swords.

Throughout the story we understand more about this "rebirth".

Although this story has some similitude with TDG (Self-Confident MC, Rebirth/time-travel, Gets Rich by doing business with the heroine family). I prefer the modern concept of"rebirth/time travel" novels than Xianxia. Because it's easier to understand how much has change from when MC died and when he was reborn.

Good, Easy to understand
Rebirth = MC travels back to when he was alive
MC self-confident, becomes rich,

I do recommend everyone to have a taste of this story. For those that enjoyed, I wish it will continue to the end of the novel. For the others that didn't, I wish you luck.

PS :

The MC's technological success reminds me of Elon Musk (from programming to creating his own companies). Although by no means am I here to talk about this, but I recommend you to watch the channel "Coldfusion" on youtube, there's a lot of cool stuff there.

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CE-NEX rated it
May 21, 2017
Status: c110
I've read a lot of novels, but this is the first one that actually made me angry.

The entire premises of this story is so that the MC dies at the wedding of the girl he's been in love with for years and confesses to her with his last breath. Lo and behold, she says that had he confessed to her beforehand, she would have happily and readily married him. Insert magical plot, and he gets sent back in time for a do over.

Now, you'd expect a wonderful and... more>> budding romance driven by the absolute desire of the MC to succeed and fulfill his second chance, right? Well you get that in the beginning. However, once the MC and the female lead cement their relationship, once they begin sleeping with each other, the author destroys her personality. As in: she doesn't have one.

For one reason or another, she becomes so psychologically dependent on the MC that she's not even her own person anymore. She literally begins living her life for the sake of the MC. She goes from being the main female lead to a mindless drone!

Why? So the author can introduce a second girl and have the MC bang her too! The entire reason for him dying and going back was for the sake of the girl he was in love with and the author completely annihilates that!

Oh and here's the kicker: the reason for the MC's desire for several women? He died a virgin, so all those years gone 'unfulfilled', mentally brought upon a raging libido when he came back.

I've never read a novel where the author undermines their own story so horrifically.

If I could, I'd give this a 0/5.

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Scrypt3d rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: v2c46
Very Pure and Ambiguous should just be called "Very Ambiguous" because that's all I see this series to be since picking it up a month ago.

I don't know if the "Ambiguous" part is due to the non-existent plot, or that the character has no fcuking clue what the hell he is talking about, but one thing I can definitely tell you is that there is definitely nothing "pure" about this series or the characters in it.

Whilst I use to have no problems with stories having OP MC's who... more>> have their own wide range of harem (Asian light novels seem to love this archetype), I feel this series has a new of way of making me want to hate that tag now.

You'll have to forgive me if you think this review is bashing the series, and considering the mix opinions from other reviewers, I don't blame you... but please understand, considering the wide range of novels I've read in my whole life, this novel feels like it really loves to insult the readers intelligence.

From the MC dying, going back in time to a state of rebirth, winning the girl which MC failed to get prior to his rebirth and defeating his enemies - you would think that a series would need at least a few volumes to establish such tale, unfortunately this is not so. In the 300+ chapters that have been released thus far (with volume 2 currently being translated), it's safe to say that the MC had achieved that goal within the first 15 chapters of the series.

So what's happen since? Well so far we are meant to believe that the MC (a turtle in his previous life who couldn't even confess to the girl of his dreams) has not only got said girl within the first 15 chapters, but is now also helping him out with being a Casanova so he can pick up more chicks for his harem (why a love interest would actually do this beats me). If you think that is not enough for me to hate on a series, with the latest chapter installments, the MC has now even been in contact with aliens who give him technology so he can "stay awesome". As for the technology he provides to the new world he has been rebirthed in... well let's just not go there as I feel a headache trying to explain it and it would be a spoiler for those who actually want to give this series a try.

If I could sum up this series with a few sentence (which will be hard), I would word as such:

VPnA is about a 30+yr old chuunibyo virgin (wizard) who is reborn to act out his chuunI tendencies to unsuspecting 15-16yr old girls..... and gets away with it whilst looking cool. <<less
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vladimir935 rated it
August 20, 2016
Status: c101
Love the novel but the only complaint that I have is that this turned out to be a harem. So be warned. It is normal love story between MC and heroin until chapter 44, where he begins flirting with some girl (forgot the name) and when he tells it to the heroin she's like "you can sleep with other girls but don't forget about me" and that is so unrealistic. I mean what girl would allow that?

And why would MC do this? He loved the heroin even in his... more>> past life and now that he won her in this life he just moves onto other girls. like WTF? So if you're okay with harem it is 5 stars if you're not... I guess about 2. 5.

EDIT: So I changed my mind. Now it's 2 stars instead of 5. I'm at chapter 101 and it has become unbearable. At the beginning it had a plot and it was developing romance so I was okey with it, but now it's just getting girls and pretty much everything takes a backseat to harem making and I don't like that.

Initially I was okey with the harem because I thought it was going to be small, but it is NOT, and I read a spoiler somewhere that he's going to have 10+ girls... so yea... <<less
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CaptainToast rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: c42
This novel deserves no more than three stars. It's a classic reincarnation story in the real world, except the author apparently is an idiot. The things the MC does are quite literally impossible. This isn't a xianxia or magic world. This is suppose to be real life, yet he pulls sh*t out of his ass so often It's absurd.

The other gripe I have with this story is the author's OBVIOUS, lack of direction in where to take the story. I have absolutely no problem with harems in stories. Yes... more>> I get they're ridiculous in real life scenarios, but I always feel bad for the others love interests when they get left behind.
The problem I have with this story, is that it sets out for the first 20-30 chapters basically being about him and his one true love. He goes back in time specifically for her, and the entire reason he died in his past life is because of depression from not being with her. When he gets his second chance, he gets her, promptly ignores her, and then tries to f**k everyone that moves.

If the story simply started out with him just wanting to go back in time, or just had some other main motivation it would be acceptable. Not only does this ruin a potentially decent romance, it shows the author has no idea what he's doing. He couldn't stick to the overarching plot he himself made for more than 20 chapters. That shows such a level of poor writing that I don't even want to TRY reading further along.

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UncleLiu rated it
August 20, 2016
Status: c38
Oh good Lord I love this novel! It is hilarious! if you're looking for a good plot with a lot of humor then read this! If you're looking for an extremely well structured novel or book then turn away from this. " Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel" is a light read with lots of comedy. Treat it as if you were reading this to simply relax and fly away from what is currently going on around you. Ahhh... hilarious, absolutely hilarious. Though there are few grammatical errors on the... more>> translator's part, it does not entirely affect the story if you read it thoroughly! I love it! Ch. 38 killed me! It killed me hahaha. I actually stopped reading, looked for my account user and password on here to post a review! Awesome! <<less
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Nótti rated it
August 20, 2016
Status: --
I rated it low because the initial premise of this story promises something but doesn't deliver. I mean story starts with MC regretting the fact he never started a relationship with his sweetheart, and he gets reborn to "fix" that but MC not happy with getting the girl really fast, started chasing all the girls he could (makes you wonder where did his undying love for her went?). That ruined it for me but I could deal with it... sadly all the chapters are tailored made situations for MC to... more>> collect girls, and the use of his knowledge is almost secondary I mean not in the importance of it (cause MC get all of his money from it), more like 1 chapter of business and 6 chapters of harem building. Not my cup of tea... BUT if you are looking for main harem building novel and unrealistic tolerant waifu, this is great I guess. <<less
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megatron.ex rated it
March 27, 2017
Status: v2c99
A short way to describe this story, would be that this is a wish fulfillment story. Most of the things that happen in this story is not realistically possible (since the setting is based in modern world) and the development of some parts might be too fast. Nevertheless, I still enjoy reading this, strangely.

Despite the strange development, it's still entertaining and I couldn't get myself to drop it especially after reading it that far. For those who are not fine with harem story, however, this might not be their... more>> thing. I missed out on the harem tag initially so I thought it was a OTP kind of story but I'm not that fussed over harem stories overall.

Try it if you're looking for a relaxing entertainment and not an in-depth story with serious plot. I did it and found that I got hook onto this story pretty fast.

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makenai89 rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: c73
Very Pure and Ambiguous is a very fun read. It tells the story of a virgin adult who died regretting the fact that he never confessed to the girl he liked, but then got a second chance at life. In the second life, he made use of his previous life's knowledge to create IT revolution far advance the era and hooked up with many beauties.

There's not much sense in the story, and even the author admitted it himself. The technology development was impossibly crazy, things went too easily for... more>> the MC, plus countless harem cadidates in just a handful of chapters... well, for some people, it might be unsatisfying. But, I think some other people don't read novels for realism. In my opinion, it's funny, it has interesting plot, there's plenty hooks, and that's enough for 4 stars.

Although, if you want to read it, do note that it doesn't have much depth. Just take it as a casual read. <<less
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shuiko rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c71
Basically a Chinese Power Fantasy. But surprisingly I like it a lot... mainly because of the MC's friends and loved ones, not the MC himself.
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ranstorm rated it
October 31, 2016
Status: v2c67
I picked this up because I was bored and now I like this novel a lot. Presently one of my most favourite novels.

Well at first I liked the romance and initial part of the story (about the rebirth and stuff). Then the harem came. Yeah, for those who hate harems, I seriously DO NOT recommend this novel. The interactions between the MC and his love interests are also good. Also I kinda like how OP the MC is. Yeah even though he does stuff that are literally impossible but... more>> the author explains that it is a fictional novel, so I guess everything can't go by logic. But it's still fun to read.

It's one of those novels where you can relax and read instead of thinking too much about this and that. There are of course several inconsistencies like why the MC started having a harem and when couldn't even confess to his love interest in his first life. Just take this as a casual read and enjoy it.

So far there isn't much plot so far. The MC just goes around making and spending (sometimes wasting) money, expanding his business and harem, gaining alien technology out of nowhere and beating up bad guys but it's fun.

Overall, although there are a few negative points I still rate it 5 because I enjoyed it. Waiting for more chapters xD <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c4
There's nothing pure or ambiguous about this series. Its just another story about a pervert going back to when he was a kid and indulging in his perversion with other children (and probably adults later given the foreshadowing with his teacher). Maybe it gets better later, but I sincerely doubt it.

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qixiang22 rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: v2c19
So far so good, didn't expect there to be such a complicated Harem but still worth the read. Sometimes translation has errors, but other than some grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes all is well. Plot is good, character development is pretty decent, and story doesn't lose track and is exciting and intriguing.

I'm not used to making reviews and I don't write much but, this is all i'll say! Read it if you love Harem with MC not being a complete wimp and actually makes the move (sometimes not really)... more>> first.

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vongolax rated it
September 7, 2016
Status: --
This novel isn't bad for like maybe 15-20 chapters, after that wtf. It's very easy to notice if you've read xianxia/xuanhuan, those kind of novels cause the major troupes from them is mirrored here. If it was those kind of novels, no problem, its like part of a formula, you gotta have those. But here we have a modern world, which makes these troupes really stupid.

Here is what I mean, his interest and action towards other girls (building a harem) despite the fact that he was reborn for the... more>> sole focus on getting his true love.
The true love of the MC doesn't give a fck about him getting other girls (approval of harem). Him hiding the stupidest sh*t so that other ppl can be surprised later (him getting good grades).

This novel isn't supposed to be realistic, I get that. But the problem is the thinking behind these characters. You would understand why people in xianxia/xuanhuan novel would love the MC and approve of harem because polygamy ain't a big deal. But in the modern world its like what the f**k?

Also the MC has thoughts about other girls and at one point he was like whatever if I just do this girl my gf can skin me aliver (although he didn't act on it... yet). Its just like is she really your true love? Im not quite clear on the definition but doesn't that mean the one and only person is all you need? Plus the premise of this story, his reborn scenario is based on his feelings for this girls over 25 years or so. The author just totally threw that out the window. They're still together happily but it makes it feel cheap. I would rather you belittle that relationship between those two so I don't feel like I got cheated out for hoping this guy getting this girl whom he supposedly love like crazy.

Seriously I wouldn't bee completely fine reading this as this guy reincarnating and trying to build a harem and get rich or whatever, typical Chinese Hero novel stuff. Kinda disappointed <<less
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