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With the strongest experts from the 33 Heavens, the Human Emperor, Lin Ming and his opponent, the Abyssal Demon King were embroiled in a final battle. It ended with the Human Emperor destroying the Abyssal World and killing the Abyssal Demon King. By then, a godly artifact, the mysterious purple card that had previously sealed the Abyssal Demon King, had long disappeared into the space-time vortex and tunneled through infinite space-time with a loved one of Lin Ming accompanying it.
In the vast wilderness, where martial arts was still slowly growing in its infancy, several peerless masters tried to find their path in the world of martial arts. A young adult named Yi Yun from modern Earth had unwittingly stumbled into such a world and began that journey with a purple card of unknown origin. It’s a magnificent yet unknown true martial art world. This is the story of a normal young adult and his adventures!!

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Zhenwu Shijie
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New aabd1713
March 13, 2017
Status: c907
Pretty good

Reviews for this story are not great I can assure that there is truth to those reviews. What people often have a problem with is pacing, repetitive arcs, one dimensional female lead, and superfluous details. I will admit that there are flaws with this story and everyone of those claims are pretty legitimate. But since I like this book I will defend it and tell y'all why I like this book.

Pacing, it's the number one complaint for people caught up with the chapters or people who can't stand the... more>> snail speed. The pacing to me is fine and when the chapters are in bulk the pacing doesn't matter as much. But the author decided to take things slow and make it detailed. Will I say the pacing is perfect? No! Some arcs are unnecessarily long and tiresome.

I am talking to you just won't die BADG

. The pacing is a part of the author's writing style though not a lot happens. Notice his wording or the little stuff about Yi Yun's thoughts.

Next problem is the romance, and for this I kind of understand that she seems one dimensional but I don't agree. Many say that they never say the three magic word "I love you" and just say vague words to each other. But for those people I have a question if they are happy together what do the words matter? Words can be misinterpreted and words don't equate action.

When Yi Yun was about to get sealed by BADG Lin Xintong jumped to save him and although she couldn't save him she decided to go with him. If he is to be trapped she will join him. When Lin Xintong was in danger in the great empress mystic realm Yi Yun ran full speed burned blood essence all to save her.

He respects her and is thankful for all that she had done for him. She is the same and is thankful for Yi Yun's actions. Like they said Meeting you has been my good luck. I like the romance because it gradual they were acquaintances. Then to mentor and mentee, old friends, close friends, lifelong friends, and the line became blurry. It was realistic not all relationships are about saving the girl and the girl screaming I love you. Not every relationship is fiery and passionate. Love is best shown with your actions and love is best shown with your emotions. They long for each other, they look for the martial peak together, they are individual people, but they are complete when together.

Now for the details I have the weakest defense because I believe this a lot. CC uses a lot of unnecessary detail because the readers forget a lot. When they forget they go on forums preaching theories that have nothing to do with the book. What the peanut gallery thinks may not be helpful but other details aren't as useless. Although CC makes a lot of useless details it's ultimately a perception issue. It's only useless if you have reasons to believe so. If you don't want the so called useless details tell us why they aren't useful. But I don't believe that to be enough to take away the value of this book.

Here's for repetitive arcs the smelting trials in MW are the tournaments in TMW. Alright I admit it's repetitive but you are here reading chinese novels right? I don't care to much about the setting as long as the MC isn't insufferable and the powers are fun. Sure it is simple but good battle interesting cultivation and a calm MC make for a fun world. I don't expect to much sometimes face smacking is funny. But there are some shining moments where the author gets away from tournaments which I recommend. We dealt with the same stuff in martial world but as the end approached it became so much better.

This book has it's flaws and if these flaws affect you then don't bother. I won't tell that if you can get past the flaws you'll find gold. This book has it's strength and although some details seem useless some details make this book great to me. The small details in the romance make it believable and promising. The small details in plot make it interesting and mysterious. The way CC prepares us for cultivation levels with titles like sage or human lord over and over preparing us for when he goes bam level. The cultivation system is very good and dynamic it is very interesting I love everything about it. As you can see the details aren't all useless right? The repetitiveness won't go away if you don't like then sorry. If you're okay with that and are okay with some other flaws try it. After noticing the small stuff in the romance or story you'll be awed, confused, feel happy, and not a deep sense of bliss and a light release. <<less
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New DrkOblivion rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: c901
I will to start by saying i like and hate this novel. The story has so much potential but it is excuted improlerly by the author to the point I cant recommend this novel to anyone.

Good Points: The Universe
The universe the author created. The world he created is fasinating and captivating that could pull reader in. Either way the author can be over descriptive and reiterate many detail, it is still a fasnitaing world.

First Issue: MC
At the beginning of the novel, the MC had personality, had a... more>> goal, and had a method, all qualities that MC should have. But as the story progress, you lose almost all the quality of a MC. At the beginning of the latest arc, I honestly can not descripe Yi Yun's personality to the point he is basically an observer with very short and brief reaction to almost anything. The MC is now getting boring and the author can go 1 to 2 chapters without even referencing/mention the MC. The author always focus on describing unrelatd topic of world other the MAIN character.

[For goodness sake why is the MC so nomchalant in this fey race arc. There is no sense of ergency since he lost his wife/dao companion in the infinite universe. Why is the MC always just sit there and observe everything like he is watching tv, while he could have tried to scheme against his opponent or do somethjng about it. During this arc its almost everyone misunderstanding his silence for aragence. There is so many ways author could add or create a relatable personality]

Second Issue: Redundent
By far, the most pressing issue of the novel is that the author can be soo redundant. A reader can skip multiple chapters and not lose anything in plot. The worst part was that the translator, whom I have so much respect, had to do summery chapters on clamatic parts of arc. Literally a whole chapter could be the antagonist doing a single damn motion. I believe in myself to be patient but comeon nobody can read a whole chapter to tell me how powerful a damn spear stab can be.

Last Issue: The Face Smacking
We can all agree we love when the world is against the MC but happens to smack the whole world and everyone is in awe. The build to that moment is important but the author can make you wait a LONG time till get to the face smacking. The build up can last upto 10 or more chapter, going over the many subcharacters strength without mentioning the MC at all and then all send it happens.

Although there is other issue with novel, the novel has potential and the only reason im still reading is because im hoping the author understand his poblems and fix them. If you are thinking of picking up this novel, you have been warned because other reviewer who rated the novel higher than3 stars have not fully read far or the novel is just there cup of tea. <<less
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readingdigest rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
I honestly don’t get the popularity. The story so far had been one deja vu after another–there’s been four tournament style events to date, almost one after another. Is that what counts as good writing nowadays? The author goes out of his way to make villains unlikable and then sets up highly predictable reaction chapters that a lot of the readers are just gobbling it up, even though it’s the same thing over and over. It seemed like the author had been going with a different direction earlier in the... more>> story, hence the slow start, but realized his writing isn’t strong enough so he reverted back to the tried and true standard affair of cliches and tropes.

Cocooned Cow is basically the Michael Bay of xianxia authors; he utilizes build up/reaction chapters the same way Bay use explosion and action--gratuitous and over the top. This is how the author creates separation between the characters and this is how he will continue to write. So if you find it frustrating now, you will continue to be frustrated; don't expect the story or the writing to change. This is what happens when an author doesn't spend enough time in the beginning to set up the foundation of the story. You don't see "slow" stories like ZTJ or WoC requiring these fodder characters to remind the reader of the difference between the MC and other characters.

One huge positive is the quality of the translation and the translation speed. <<less
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wargreymon rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
Extremely average story with (barely) decent delivery.

A great majority of the novel basically looks like this:
"Yi yun cant win this fight. you already did good to go this far. just surrender" then yi yun proceeded to beat his opponent's ass and surprised everyone and their mother.

You will see this scene like over a hundred times in this novel. 90% of this novel is practically just competition (tournament etc), competition and competition. only a very very small amount of chapters (I'm at chapter 398) so far dedicated to the main... more>> story line. this author is addicted to competition, no kidding. so one dimensional story. <<less
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Aruzu rated it
February 13, 2016
Status: --
It is definitely worth reading.

Not the best plot, but interesting, about a typical MC the reincarnation kind, a usual xinxia story, a really slow development and a lot of trivial stuff in each chapter.
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LombokHot rated it
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Would give much better rating if there's less empty trash talk. In most of the chapters, I only read the first to fourth word in every paragraph except when it comes to conversation since most of the words in the par is meaningless, hollow, no feel at all.

For example in this 3 par I take from 411st chapter
"With Yi Yun standing up, the entire venue turned oddly quiet. Everyone looked at Yi Yun with a startled look.
They were dumbfounded. In this situation, if anyone was to stand... more>> up to say something, it would have been *** or the *** family’s Matriarch, or someone from the upper echelons of the *** family clan.
What was the meaning behind Yi Yun standing up? With his status, what sort of qualifications did he have to speak?"
Some people might read the whole thing, but for me:
With Yi Yun standi.. bla.. bla
They were dumbfou.. bla.. bla..
What was the meani.. bla.. blaa..
(I really said bla bla while reading it, I swear in the name of Goddesses of Vanilla that i did)

I guarantee that if you read this novel as i did, you will save a lot of time without even missing a single bit of important part of the plot. There was a period of time when i read the whole thing, but as more chapters released, its infuriating to do it since there is no feel in the words and its wasting so much time doing it. And it happened so many times! But i still read it though.

My advice to you who want to read this is "save up chapters, at least 50 or so before you binge read it. If you pick all of important parts in these 50 chap and reassemble it into chapters with same length as normal chapter, you might only get 5 or so chapter". Dont worry, 50 chap isnt that long to save up since we have a good and highly motivated translator <<less
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Boon rated it
June 27, 2016
Status: c488
I've read up to 488 now. This novel was pretty good for the first 300 chapters. But since then, it has been an absolute waste of time. It is 90% filler, and half of that is repetition.

Tournaments, tournaments, tournaments. This is True tournament world. A tournament starts. Each random character that you won't ever see again is given an entire chapter to introduce their back story, and why they are so strong. The next chapter is given to discussing this random persons technique, and why it is so good.... more>> The next chapter is a 5 second fight over in one move, followed by two chapters of reaction. Repeat, repeat, repeat! 20-30 chapters of this garbage to make up a tournament. However, this latest tournament is something like 60 chapters now, and we are only at stage 2 out of ?

Even if you save up 40-50 chapters to binge, and skim most of it, almost nothing happens. You can skip reading most paragraphs and only occasionally glance at the first or last few words of a paragraph. Everything is repeated at least three times, and the majority of it is some nobody who we'll never see again giving their opinion/reaction.

I feel very sorry for the hard working translators. This started out really great, and everyone was excited about it, even though there was no guarantee to the future quality. Then it took a nosedive and now it's one of my least favorite xuanhuans among a list of about 50 that I am reading. I'm dropping this for at least 1-200 chapters, of which I will probably skip even if this novel turns back around.

TLDR; Started out pretty good, 3.5 to 4 stars even though it was predictable. The author has given up all pretense of writing a decent story, and is using every sleazy method to fill the character count without advancing the story, so for that it gets a 1 star as I am dropping it. <<less
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Parth37955 rated it
January 26, 2016
Status: --
One of the most addicting novels I’ve ever read. The authors always find ways to keep me entertained. The MC is likable, the villians are realistic (more like antagonists). Has a lot of modern references. Very, very well-written. In my list of top 5 Xianxias, this one would be 2nd place, right under ISSTH.

MC isn't talented nor has a superb constitution, but rather possesses higher perceptiveness.
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ElDorado rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c425
Fast updates, good translation, nothing to complain about on the English side of things. There are some comedic moments such as the dao of brick. I would give this a three if not for the tendency of the author to put in filler (repeating previous knowledge, redundancy in descriptions which aren't very descriptive) in almost every chapter.

Too many times we are told 'this and that' about what MC is doing without actually being shown. The main character is also not very compelling and the only times I am rooting... more>> for him is when the antagonist is a truly disgusting person by any standard (shentu nantian).

Trash talk from arrogant 'young masters' is abundant and there are several arcs where nothing happens (picking herbs arc; lin family arc). Plot holes show up (example shown in earlier review). Antagonists underestimate MC, and events happen just so MC can demonstrate his 'talent' to the world.

There is also the glaring deus ex machina that is so common in these eastern fantasy novels - the transmigration factor where MC is transported from modern day world to cultivation world. The plot device has only one purpose - to give a cheat to the MC, along with starting him off in a position of low social status so he can show off like a peacock as his 'talent' and powers grow.

We as the readers can then play peanut gallery to this character's rise to godhood as he defies the heavens and gets all the peerless jade beauties.

There is not much suspense or feeling in TMW and the writing is unimaginative, though I chalk this up to Cocooned Cow's lack of storytelling prowess. His previous work 'Martial World' reads largely the same. Titles such as ISSTH and Skyfire Ave do a fine job of conveying the character's emotions and bringing the story to life, so it isn't the genre's fault.

I suggest binge reading this and skipping repetitive filler whenever it shows up. <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: c444
Pretty slow. Dxxx slow. Lots of nonsense babbling .. errr .. talkative. Especially the supposed-to-be high ranking characters. Even clan leader/elders love to nonsense chitchat and boasting.

Almost all scenes of this babbling generate from from three lackeys. You can skip this three lines without missing anything.

In many scenes, the author forcefully push the world building & people thought down you throat. Swallow obediently or puke out, you choose!

... more>> Well - some babbling and scenes, if being pushed a bit more, will end up as plagiarism!

Reserved 0 star, but the translation quality is so good .. <<less
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hero rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: c541
This used to be one of my favorite novels a while ago.

Don't get me wrong, it never had the same level of world building IET's works have, nor does it have the amazingly imaginative writing style and extremely well thought-out plot development of Er Gen's works has but it was fun to read. That was simply it.

However, the enjoyment I felt while reading the novel just started decreasing and decreasing. I can't pinpoint exactly when but it started sometime during the Divine Wilderness arc and became apparent during the Shepherd... more>> Boy's invasion. It was also the time when he kept saying that he suffered from writing blocks / insomnia / etc. There were also times when he said that he'd take a break but chapters would still get pumped out the following day.

Not sure if it was caused by the pressure on him to keep meeting his daily quota or because of the bad feedback of his fans. It might be because of both. Honestly, when he made notes regarding readers' feedback, things just tanked. One specific example was when he decided to completely remove Yi Yun's reward for winning the tournament. He received feedback that there were too many power ups for Yi Yun so decided to just remove the reward altogether. Honestly though, that wasn't the "power up" he should have removed. Why? 1) He won a crucial tournament and 2) They were being threatened with complete destruction. It makes more sense to have it unfold like in PMG (yes, I read that trainwreck of a novel for a while before eventually dropping it as well) where they decided to pass as much treasures / information to the disciple they found to be the most loyal and promising. Second example/s is/are when he kept explaining himself to the readers regarding his plot decisions. If he had to do that then he pretty much accepted the fact that there was something wrong with the direction he was going. Hell, he even said in a note that for him "writing is easy". Writing is easy even for me person like me who rarely writes. That doesn't mean that the results of my "easy writing" are publish-worthy.

Another thing I, and I'm sure pretty much everyone else, have noticed is that his writing has gotten drawn out EVEN MORE. Writer's block can be a reason for that, because of course he'd need to cheat somewhere in order to reach the minimum word count. However, another reason I think it's being drawn out is because he's trying too hard to emulate Er Gen. Why? Because Er Gen's writing style is the best among all the Chinese web novel writers. However, it just isn't his style. He's trying to make his work seem "deeper" but for me, he just isn't able to pull it off. When you read Er Gen's works, which are super slow, you still tend to think that most of the words are there for a purpose, to deepen the reading experience, to help readers imagine what's being described better, and to eventually set up epic events (MH coming out as being Pill Cauldron is a perfect example). While I was reading TMW's latest chapters though, all I can think of is "he's just trying to describe things in more detail just to increase the word count." A far cry from what I think when I read Er Gen's work.

Like I said, this novel's author was simple yet fun to read. He excelled in the spamming tournaments (just like MW, his previous work), giving out power ups non stop and face bashing arrogant antagonists. Now though, it devolved from something simple yet fun to read into something tiring and not fun to read.

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this novel anymore. I still have to say though that this novel is one of the few that I sticked to this long for. Usually I drop most novels by 100th-150th chapter. However, if you're decided to read this novel then it might be better to just stop before the Shepherd Boy's invasion takes place. (Just like how it's better to have ended reading the Bleach, the manga, after Aizen's arc) <<less
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BookWorm65 rated it
December 30, 2016
Status: c768
There might be some spoilers below but nothing major.

I loved the story in the beginning. The world building was great imo and i fell in love with the world. The story did not unnecessarily drag on and the pace wasn't that slow. There were cliches (which xianxia doesn't) but they weren't way over the top and something i could ignore.

The story kept picking up as we got to know the world more and more. I really liked the whole Tai Ah Kingdom arc (with smaller arcs in it). This is... more>> where the story reached the climax so far in the whole novel.

After this arc, the story has gone down pretty hard. The pace eventually became slow as a snail and author just repeats filler after filler chapters. Fights take too long, cheap reactionary chapters, damsel in distress crap and so on...

The main girl's character never gets developed properly and we don't see her and MC's interactions much even though they are together for so many chapters and still are.


The girl falls in love with him and in here heart accepts him already. They are already supposed to be a couple yet we never see them tell their feelings to each other. We know the main girl loves him but we have no idea how the MC feels about her. There are only some vague lines in the novel.


This was one of my favorite novels but it has really gone downhill. It has an opportunity to restart because a big arc just ended and the new arc is in a new higher world. The only reason i would give this more stars is because it's not a harem, which is what 90% of xianxia novels are and is basically very cheap way to move the story forward. <<less
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kKk45427 rated it
July 6, 2016
Status: c504
One of the best web novels that I have read so far. The pace of this story not fast or too slow, it just a perfect pace.(The author also focus on Female lead in the story, which unlike other novel; that whole novel just focus on MC only, female lead just receive few description"like: [have peerless beauty], [process beautiful figure like goddess]...that all you can get " ) And story line is super mega interesting, not repetitive or boring like other web novel. And there are many great aspects of... more>> the story that make it a unique novel and worth spending time reading(other novel share the same element with just a slightly changes that make you feel like you read the same novel).

I really hope author not taking harem route which will degrade this novel that could be a master piece just like other haram novel which greatly worsen the plot. Most of the great novels are not harem like Coiling Dragon, stellar Transformation, Desolate Era, Snow Eagle Lord, Tempest of the Stellar War, The Demonic King Chases His Wife, Shen Yin Wang Zuo....for story like tale of demon and god, first it could be a great novel but after it take turn to harem route and many female chars introduce to story and author complete old chars which greatly disappointed and it now it's an unfinished story[ Truly sad and feel like it a wasted of precious time ;( ].

I truly hope this story take OTP route and have a true ending :D

Thank author 'Cocooned Cow' for your hard work and this great novel :) <<less
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ln_ rated it
June 11, 2016
Status: c456
The series is not about about the MC. It is about how the crowd sees the MC.

Its more like MC does one action, then there is a squad that takes cameras and mics to the public to interview about this action.

The story stagnates because crowdtalk cannot move the plot.

The only reason I am giving this a 3.0 is because the translator deserves great credit for the effort. I wish this was a better series so that is not unfair to the talents of this amazing translator.
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Stop staring at my username
Stop staring at my username rated it
January 23, 2017
Status: --
I honestly feel that this is a good novel, even though majority... Or maybe almost half of the reviews are not in favour of it, the novel rating shows it all, most of us think it's pretty good. I would say I liked the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom arc the most, it was great.

The Black Armoured Demon God's arc, however, was quite bad... Makes me want to minus a star...
... more>>

The antagonist of that arc WOULD NOT DIE. Maybe the author was trying to be different by creating an OP antagonist that was difficult to kill but that backfired. Many of us readers really just want him to quickly die because the arc and fights were getting seriously draggy.


I also like that there is no harem and the girl is as talented as him, does not need to rely on him that much, however, their interaction time is limited making her seem one dimensional. But she is a brave girl would not hesitate to protect what is important to him

His sister Jiang Xiao Rou

so I still like her.

The new arc seems pretty cool, hopefully this doesn't become a harem now that there is the luo princess and his wife is not with him.

I suggest reading this novel arc by arc as the author has a habit of writing a few chapters of the side charater's results etc before revealing the MC's OP results, wowing the crowd lol. It is still nonetheless an enjoyable read for me.

The translator is awesome, a bonus is that he has currently catched up with the raws. <<less
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marianamorais4 rated it
December 28, 2016
Status: c663
I was pretty excited in the first 300/400 chapters or so, the plot was good and characters were pretty well developed. Unfortunately, the novel's quality kept decreasing, I still held on to it because I absolutely hate to leave books/series unread once I star them but I was finally defeated in chapter 663. It just got extremely boring and slow paced, even in the action parts. I felt an overall lack of purpose to the series and unending bullshit. Still, I will be keeping it on my list hoping it... more>> will prove me wrong. I will keep seeing the community's reviews hoping for a "it got better from chapter (--) on"

#sad #pleaserisefromtheashes <<less
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Andrewson623 rated it
October 20, 2016
Status: c500
Good to know im not the only one who finds this novel being too repetitive in many ways with bad explanations. One thing that really really bugs me the most is that Yi Yun was supposed to be from another world and yet there is no characteristic of his that shows this at all. Also, apparently Yi Yun was supposedly be a determined type of person and yet the changing world stuff never even explain any single thing about his previous life before changing worlds so where the hell did... more>> he become a person who tries really hard to get what he wants?

Characteristics for this novel is just plain terrible with bad foundation. I did like it at first, but after too much repetitiveness makes it hard to continue reading. These type of novels needs a better and more clear of a plot to make a good novel. For instance, in ISSTH, the plot is about Meng Hao trying to survive and find his purpose in life. In the beginning, he was just confuse and running for his whole life. The stronger he became, the clearer it became to his purpose in life and him running away becomes less. For True Martial World, only plot i know is for Yi Yun to become a peerless fighter and thats it. Plot is not bad, but should at least have "why" he wants to be stronger besides to not get bullied anymore.

Thats what i pretty much got from reading this novel. Also, i believe that to make a story better, it is best that the author takes more breaks and not publish a chapter a day. Thats what makes a story fail. To get ideas, it takes time to form. Being pressured to write right away is just plain stupid and ignorant. Sure i want the story fast, but at the same time i want a good story, Not a shitty story made in one day. I rather wait for a week for a great chapter then a day for the most shittiest chapter that just repeats itself. <<less
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June 3, 2016
Status: c448
Alright, this one of the chinese novels that I hate and love the most.

Love? Yes, love. Why? Because this story is amazing in it's own right. Yes, it's low-paced, but the sheer quality of the content makes up for it. The story is amazing, with an interesting cultivation method, and the MC is a badass. It also has it's own funny moments.

Sadly, lately, the author got sick, and the story got rather low-paced, to the point where:

Chapter x - MC gets up from his chair
Chapter x +1 - People... more>> react to the Mc getting up
Chapter x +2 - Mc opens his mouth
Chapter x+3 - Mc speaks
Chapter x+4 - MC finishes speaking
Chapter x+5 - People react to the Mc speaking
Chapter x+6 - More reaction
Chapter x+7...
Chapter x+8...
Chapter x+ 9...
Chapter x+10...
Chapter x+11...
Chapter x +12 - MC sits back in his chair

So, if you wanna read this novel, when you are about to catch up, stop. Let it increase by a 50-100 chapters; while you wait, you can read I Shall Seal The Heavens (Epic + Genius +Awesome +Dao + Immortals + Conning + Awesome Love-relationship), Martial World (Same author of TMW + Harem + Fast-paced), Against The Gods (Harem + Harem + Heaven Defying Beautis + Harem + Harem +Arrogant Prick + Harem +Trolling + Battle), Martial God Asura (Cruel + Ruthless + Rapist + Harem + Harem +Harem + Foolish + Blood +Gore +Battles), My Beautiful Teacher (Modern World + Harem + Harem + Banging + Devils), I'm Really A Superstar (Amazing + Will make you laugh like a hyena + F*CKING HILARIOUS + Chinese Insults + Reactions.) <<less
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Shikaz rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c420
This is a good novel, alas it can be a bit slow and I feel like it tries to over-explain certain things, dragging it out for too long, but I still enjoy it a lot.

MC is pulled into this new world from his previous one, by a "magic purple crystal card" which gives him the power to control and see energy of the world, which will bring him huge benefits as the story progress.

He's extremely lucky, but most of this luck is due to having the power to control energy,... more>> making things that are impossible, possible. Which just makes his lucky breaks more believable than most other novels out there.

MC is calm, collected and more reserved type of character than anything else, he's from Earth, and is a grown man thrown into a child's body, so he isn't your average ruthless MC, but more of an Earthling trying to adapt to a savage world, which he does a pretty good job at, even though the MC could be explored more, by having him interact more with people, creating a friendship or the like. MC comes of as a really lonely person because of this.

The power-up structure is really easy to understand in the beginning, you got your realms and levels between them(low, mid.. etc) but it gets a bit more complicated later on as the realm or level of power is not really specified for certain characters, but I believe we'll get an explanation as the story progress.

If you're thinking about romance, this have the potential for it, but no romance, as of 420 chapters. There's two, or three potential love interests so far and I hope it doesn't turn into a Harem, but it doesn't seem like that's possible, as it doesn't really collide with the personality of the MC.

This is a good novel, it's not the best, but it has the potential to become a great one. It just lacks in meaningful relationships and "feelings" in certain areas for the MC for me to make this a 5/5.

Anyway, this novel is definitely worth reading.


Or, so I would like to say.

I've dropped this around 580+ mark. Reason being that it kept getting more and more drawn-out and explaining things that seems quite meaningless, or bleak. And the powerlevels are simply never clear-cut, it's either powerful, or not powerful, or inbetween, which simply gives you no clue or what to expect, in a bad way. I might pick it up again though. <<less
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Redmi rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c386
This is one of the weaker xianxia/xuanhuan novels in my reading list. The storyline is very predictable, even more so that your typical on-rail xianxia/xuanhuan titles like Peerless Martial God. Example:

... more>>

When the bad guy says that he has a gem that will allow detection of monsters-in-human-clothing, I on-the-spot predicts that the MC's sister will be caught. No need to show my facepalm.jpg when that exact same scenario happens in the very next chapter.


Say whatever you want about PMG, but its MC is better than the this novel's MC too. Another thing I've noticed is that the author does not take kindly to mistakes and plot holes that has been pointed to him.


At the part where the MC got jailed as bait, I started to complain when the scene where he took things from his spatial ring when he is about to escape happened. My complain is why the spatial ring has not being confiscated when he was jailed.

Apparently, I am not the only one who noticed one of the biggest discrepancy in xianxia/xuanhuan web novel history, because he have to use an author note in the next chapter to defend this event. The excuse: Strong person does not take small fries' belongings then he/she kills them.

The problem with that reasoning is that the bad guy (the strong person) did not kill the MC (small fry). Instead, the MC is jailed. In other web novels, even the worst ones, all jailers will strip their prisoners of all visible weapons/equips/et. al. before putting them behind bars. But not jailers in this novel.

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jacobpaige rated it
January 24, 2016
Status: --
Its okay. Extremely predictable with about 60-70% of the sentences being redundant and unnecessary repetitions of the other 30-40%, but if you've got time to kill and feel like skimming through it, its not bad. Just don't try to actually read every word. The excessive repetition will melt your brain.
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Kainthedamned rated it
August 15, 2016
Status: c200
Very disappointing novel.

The first 100 chapters seem like the beginning of something great: the classic MC reincarnated plot is set in a desert tribe, poor and famished, with a ruling class who exploit the uneducated and exhausted people. The bad guys are believable characters, the setting is detailed, the MC is faced with difficulties that he solves with his wits... I loved it. Then the MC finally solves the situation, and... everything goes to hell.

It looks like the author suddenly forgets what it means to build a story. No more... more>> plot, no more intelligent moves from the MC, no more interesting characters. Just dumb opponents who despise the MC for no reason, and say 'ha ha ha you can't win!' and then he does win... with the very technique/weapon/rank up that the author spoon-fed him 2 chapters before! And the opponents disappear and new ones appear, after he got a new power-up...

So disappointing, I had to drop at chapter 200, I was just scrolling down the chapters to see if something related to the story was finally going to happen. But you should at least read the 100 first chapters, those are really good at least. <<less
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