To Be A Virtuous Wife


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As a virtuous wife, does it include tolerating his cousin, enduring his concubines, bearing his mother?

If you will not let me live freely, why would I let you live in satisfaction?

Did fate let women time-travel so she could learn the three morals and four virtues?

Rather than act like a coward and live, it would be better to live in satisfaction and die.

To Be A Virtuous Wife average rating 4.7/5 - 351 user ratings
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He Wei Xian Qi
Menjadi Istri Solehah
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New svyatoslav rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: Completed
From start to finish, one of the most enjoyable novels I've read that you'd find on this site. If I were to describe it in one sentence it'd be: a realistic take on the unrealistic concept of true love. The premise is ironic and self-contradictory but the execution is near flawless so it works. Actually, not just the main premise but the whole nature of the novel is very self-contradictory yet somehow seemingly realistic. For example, there is an easy-going feeling to the novel where the female lead mainly wants... more>> a comfortable life and thus never really actively seeks revenge, yet all the characters who have acted against her and didn't repent end up more miserable than the villains of most revenge novels. It is not like the MC is cruel and lacks compassion, quite the opposite, however, she knows that sometimes you have to be firm. It is very refreshing as usually you get either one extreme or the other in these types of novels.

Another strength of the novel is that both main leads are not perfect and each have their flaws. In fact they are aware of their limitations and stick to their strengths. In general you have a good range of characters whose actions stay true to themselves throughout the novel (another refreshing quality). The level of the work is at a steadily high level throughout. Political intrigue is not overly complex (since it is not the main idea of the novel) and yet doesn't insult your intelligence, a very good balance.

If I had to find one flaw of the work, it is that the relationship of the 2 main leads never really encounters any truly difficult challenges which would require some sort of sacrifice on the part of either one. It gives it a bit of a fairy tail feel though I understand that the author never meant for this novel to be anything overly serious.


For example, she gives birth to a healthy male heir right off the bat. Imagine the pressure He Heng would have to face to have children with other wives if she is not able to produce an heir for even a few years! I doubt he would be able to stay completely faithful to her in such a case.


Anyway, I think of myself as one who is highly critical so to get 5 stars for an entire completed work is quite the feat. <<less
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New meiberry
January 16, 2017
Status: --
This story is absolutely wonderful; it is a cut above most ancient setting C-novels and definitely worth giving a shot even if (especially if!) you are put off by the "enduring concubines" description. I loved it.


This is my hands down favorite imperial genre love story. It's not a typical love story in that it is also a story that makes you feel truly happy for the main female lead. You really feel proud of her and she never disappoints you. At least, that's how it was for me. This... more>> entire story was about the main female lead's time to shine and all of her victories over the evils of ancient Chinese households and the palace. All of her victories belong to herself and were for herself, only.

I actually HATE the imperial genre - I have never, ever relished or enjoyed "clever" plots and tricks of the "back palace" and all the evil doings on the parts of petty women or petty princes. I reeeeally hate it. I stopped watching Lan Ling Wang despite my adoration of the main couple because the story became increasingly "imperial" with the horrible concubines and princes... BBJX spoiler? Not sure:

I also have to admit that the first time I saw BuBuJingXin, when I had watched up to the episode where we discovered the Fourth Prince already had a wife just like all the other princes, I actually stopped watching!!

I detest the harem. I binge on all these romance stories but it's not for the sake of the male lead's happiness!! Sorry!not sorry~!

BUT after reading the reviews that highly praised this story while also admitting that they were wary of the description about "enduring his concubines," I gave this a chance, and I'm so glad I did!!

I actually absolutely love that this story didn't have any super dramatic large plots. I don't know what people are complaing about the "slice of life" and "boring" feel to this. I don't think it was boring at all!!! In other stories, all that drama was just ridiculous and I usually couldn't successfully suspend my disbelief (e.g. BBJX lmao). Basically every major plot movement is pretty predictable, but the joy and pleasure is getting to know how the main female lead wades through this life. It's a transmigration story, though I feel like it might not have needed to be transmigration. This story could have been that the original QQJ had resolved to change a lot at the point of the story when the girl from the modern times transmigrated into her body. But the fact that it was transmigration does explain the extremely drastic change as well as QQJ's modern views on women in the ancient Chinese society.

This is a great quote about the female lead towards the ending chapters - I put it in a spoiler thing but I don't think it's a spoiler at all, because she's carried this attitude since the very beginning of story:


"But she always was mind over heart. To lose her mind when interacting with a man, that wasn’t her style. What she could do was when the other treated her well, she would treat the other well; if the other had no feelings, then she wouldn’t offer herself. If a person disappeared from the world, the sun would still rise." - Chapter 110


This is my favorite imperial love story because this along with the way her relationship with the main male lead blossomed, I just felt like this love story did justice to ALL GIRLS! Or any individual in love! Before you think about other people, you need to take care of yourself, and love yourself the most. She set an amazing example of that. Can we get a "respectable female lead" category for these types? They're great. Also, the romance is best towards the end of the story.

I have to say, that the second male lead was very unexpected. This is probably one of the most interesting relationships that never happened. The first epilogue WAS SO SAD. OMG. For the first time throughout the whole story I teared up. Throughtout the whole story, there was never anything actually so sad as this chapter.

It was actually immensely touching that between the lines of the main story, the third prince He Yuan never forgot each time he saw Qu Qing Ju. I felt so sad for him. But at the same time, I definitely didn't want her to end up with him, and I'm so glad they had nothing together.


Well, in the end, it's not a very realistic story. Everything worked out so happily. (for me!) Everybody got what they deserved. That is the unrealistic part... But that's the thing about works of art - is that they give us a taste of paradise.

I do have some problems with certain aspects of the story. I am disappointed that the majority of the villains were women. There were so many evil ambitious women... it was ehhh. But luckily there were also a good handful of good, smart, kind, strong women. Though they weren't highly developed... Oh well, at least there was a big women cast that was arguably sort of diverse.
I also had a huge problem with a comment about skin color

by the main male lead about the people of Jing. the way he said they would be less beautiful than the light skinned people of Da Long

. It was basically racist and super wrong. @ All my friends with darker skin colors, you are beautiful and perfect and don't listen to ancient or modern Chinese prejudice!!!

The translation was one of the better ones. The quality is very high, especially with the more delicate poetic parts such as in the epilogues. Also, luckily it is totally finished. It was an absolute joy to read. <<less
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monaffmona rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
Long-ass rambling. If you're lazy, just read the last 3 paragraphs.

I’m so glad I changed my mind and decided to read this! Not what I expected at all.

I used to avoid this book like the plague (despite the fact that I came across it so many times on recommendations) because of its depressing synopsis. What’s with “tolerating his cousin, enduring his concubines, bearing his mother”? Just seeing ‘his concubines’ is enough for me to avoid it. I don’t read those kinda novels. If the heroine is abused, has to endure... more>> too many hardships, has to share her husband (even in ancient setting), etc, I don’t read them. But this book is not like that at all.

(To be honest, I went ahead and read the epilogues before deciding if I should read this novel and that made me very partial to a character I wouldn’t have paid much positive attention to otherwise, ahhhh just thinking about it makes me wanna cry T.T I’m glad I did that, though)

This book is about a woman from modern era transmigrating into the body of a timid, kinda abused, beautiful noble girl who just recently got married to a wang ye (high ranked prince) who has a chance at ascending the throne. So basically she wakes up as a wang fei (princess consort).

The story is very unique in that it just features the everyday life of the female mc eg managing the wangfu, going to banquets, interacting with her husband, doing whatever to amuse herself/pass the time. Sounds boring but the fact that this is the life of the wife of a powerful prince who might one day sit on the throne makes it extremely fun, fancy to read about.

The female mc is very unique and I simply ADORE her. She is very smart, a bit lazy, and just wants to live a free/pleasurable/happy/satisfied life, but she’s also VERY realistic, to the point of being apathetic in some aspects. She wakes up and finds herself in quite a predicament: unfavored wang fei in ancient era where women's quality of life mostly depends on the favor of their husband or their family background. What she does is simply ADAPTS to her current situation to perfection! She does her duties as wang fei flawlessly(sometimes I wonder how on earth she knows the perfect protocol/right things to do), (un?)intentionally attracts her husband with her beauty/charm/elegance, and simply lives a luxurious, pampered life where she can do pretty much whatever she wants (and that’s what she wants) because she’s very very smart in how she conducts herself and how she deals with people (I’d say she’s very good at human psychology). She doesn’t go out of her way to make others miserable, but she won’t let anyone make her miserable and she’s not merciful either. Here's how her husband describes her personality in the novel:


(this is from an epilogue)

How could the world have a woman like this? One who could be dignified, lazy, generous, cruel, and seductive. This kind of woman, any man couldn’t help but look twice


which I think is pretty accurate (when you look from his point of view), though I doubt he ever got to know all of her, because based on her character, she wouldn’t bare her all to him just for the sake of it. She’s smarter than that)


The male lead really makes me believe he’s a powerful wang ye. He has the mentality of a prince in the ancient time – proud, ENTITLED, can be flippant, doesn’t hold many things/people in high regards. He’s also smart, cunning, calculating, ambitious, and becomes very infatuated with the female mc, always doting on her. The intrigue/attraction on his part is instant and the development is quite fast but somehow it’s still realistic and very in character.

regarding his concubines:

The male lead has quite a few concubines (has had them long before he marries the fmc), but they can't really do anything to the female mc at all. He sees these women as amusement/playthings, and he doesn’t care for any of them (ancient era dude mentality). He stops having sex with them after he has sex with the female mc (new soul, after she wakes up) so the couple pretty much have a monogamous relationship. In fact, he doesn't bother with the concubines at all. He only spends time with the female mc.

Anyway, for those who are very sensitive to concubine/mistress/Other Woman elements:


Even after he falls for her, which is practically at first sight(new soul) or sth, male lead doesn't dissolve his harem or see anything wrong with him having concubines and female mc having to deal with them (as per her duty as wang fei). As mentioned earlier, solid ancient era dude mentality. He doesn't sleep with them or bother with them simply because he doesn't want them. Period. Not because he thinks it would be wrong to do so. As the story goes on, the male lead gets more and more open with his affection, but the female mc doesn't believe he can be a 1-woman kinda man or that his love could be everlasting. (she's veryyyyyyy realistic. poor guy. though, she has good reasons and I think that's a smart choice in her situation)

I'd say this book is pretty safe for even fluffballs like me who don't read books with OW elements at all and usually gravitate towards fluff. Though the vibe is blue/bittersweet/realistic (it keeps me on my toes as I don't know which way the story will go/will the male lead's affection lessen with time/ etc), it's still very swoon-worthy and there's not really any OW stuff. Male leads stays faithful and I'd say he's wayyyy more devoted to her than she is to him. = =


In short, the story depicts the everyday life of the smart, calculative, realistic, and lazy female mc from modern time who woke up in the body of a young wang fei (princess consort) in ancient era.

A historical romance with strong slice-of-life elements. The tone is blue, bittersweet, realistic with a dash of fluff, sweetness, indulgence here and there. It sometimes makes me sigh 'ah, such is life...', but mostly just makes me all giddy with how much He Heng pampers his wife >.<

There are calculations and schemes, but not those crazy complex evil plot gong saga. This novel feels weirdly calm and simple, but it's soooo addictive and exciting I just couldn't stop reading. <<less
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Llamia rated it
March 19, 2016
Status: completed
Absolute gem. I love the “no bullshit” attitude. At first I was unhappy with the way the husband was with the previous Qing Yu, but then you realize how cute he is.
... more>>

Especially that part where he got drunk and he asked “Why don’t you ever believe me?”.


I read the whole thing in 2-3 days. I was looking for something to appease the slow update of Chu Wang Fei and The Princess Wei

The Epilogues were both sad and fulfilling. The story was not a sad one, but the author lets us see not only the end of the MC and her husband, but a few of the side characters. Epilogue 1 broke my heart and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a while. <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
July 11, 2016
Status: c123
The summary is sort of misleading and put me off but once I started reading, I couldn't stop.

I very much like the MC. There's no angst about her past and from start to end, her confidence, knowledge of her place, and conviction is something that makes her so very endearing. She is one of the most unique MCs I've read about and the relationship between her and her husband is something I came to love very much.

... more>>

Her husband grows to supremely devoted to her and once he falls in love, basically never touches his concubines again. What I really loved, however, was the ambiguity of the MC's own feelings towards him. It is never explicitly stated and her husband is well aware her loves her far more than she loves him. However, as the novel so aptly states, actions prove far more than words and it is the MC's actions which truly reveal the depths of her feelings for him, and him for her. A very well suited couple.


This is a slice of life novel set in a the 'harem' of her husband with the expected politics and stuff. It may sound strange but I found the slice of life style very fitting to the story and the lazy MC. Actually, it's more 'languid' than lazy I feel haha. It felt natural and devoid of unnecessary tension but still capable of intense scenes.

For me, the story really hit it's climax

at the emperor's death scene

. It was truly an intense scene and the events leading and following it were amazingly depicted. The concluding chapters of the novel were (to me) very much poignant and beautiful, the languidness of the imperial past, the fleetingness of life, but also the beauty of love. The writing and translations were well done and didn't diminish from the story.

A very well done historical romance novel with a smart and fascinating MC. <<less
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April 21, 2016
Status: --
This novel is transmigration, NOT reincarnation. Stop changing the tag.

Anyways, might as well leave a review. Reading this is a like a slice of life historical. It’s basically about the MC who is the main wife of a prince and manages his household and harem (other women).

It’s not a bad read, but I had to take a break from it because the translator is in love with pinyin and puts it everywhere. Having to remember vocabulary or refer to a glossary EVERY time a chapter releases is not... more>> enjoyable. (To be honest, I started just skipping over the untranslated words.) I’m not here to learn Chinese, I’m just here to read a story.

Impression so far: Likable heroine. Not too sure about the guy. Meh about the other women (very typical “harem politics”). Oddly calm story. <<less
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Sae rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: Completed
Definitely a great novel of its genre, whichever you would categorize it into.

There is a fine balance between romance and noble/imperial life struggle, though it is more lighthearted and easy on the mind than other disadvantaged female reincarnation stories. The novel is straightforward, laced with humor and subtle philosophy, only 123 chap yet many moments are pure gold, I didn't regret a second of it.

There are no overly, obviously 1D dumb characters that put up a headache of prolonged nonsense verbal arguments. Many characters are realistic and some even... more>> delightful, those who appear simple are not really simple, befitting the era setting. The lead couple are smart people who excel at acting and hiding their true capabilities. Their interactions are thus interesting and spark great chemistry.


The MC is clear-headed, open-minded, charismatic, adapting and knows how to care for herself. She has a firm mindset and not afraid to live as freely as she could because 'the worse is just death'. She manages people skillfully and never goes out of her way to slight more people and create never ending cycle of enmity, nor actively trying to climb the power ladder. That's why she is lowkey, not showing off her might yet still greatly respected and able to enjoy her life though being a member of the imperial family.

The male lead's character can be considered pretty decent for the era and also for someone with the prince position. He is also capable yet even more lowkey, because he is the type that secretly scheming, and he is very good at it. The story being not from his pov also contributes to this. I eventually got to see how he is fitting to be a ruler, a skilled flirt but I never held him highly in the matter of romance and reading the MC's heart. However at c104, I realized that I underestimated him greatly. After that he gets better and better.


The translation quality is thumbs up great, the translator is thoughtful and pleasant. The author leaves a good impression. 5/5 for everything. <<less
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Liri rated it
August 5, 2016
Status: Completed
I love reincarnation/transmigration stories, especially with political struggles, royalty and other similar tags, but every time I came to this story, I had chosen not to in favour of another novel, but I am so eternally glad that I gave it a chance, because this novel is a gem!

It's different than the other transmigration etc. stories that I have read before, such as Chu Wang Fei or Descent of the Phoenix or Duke's Daughter.


The MC is different from the typical MCs. If you put her next to the queen of... more>> assassins (DOP) or calm and ccapable and eloquent previous investigator (CWF), she would definitely take a backseat. Surely, she is capable, intelligent, praised to be beautiful like the others, but she takes no initiative at the game of politics. The path towards empress, she accepted or more like consented to it, instead of pursuing the position. Neither did she grandly scheme for revenge or plot, when it was unnecessary. In the end, all her 'achievements' were a response to the antagonists around her. Yet, even though she made no deliberate part in becoming empress, it is also clear that no one else could have been in her position. In a way, it is fascinating, because despite not actively achieving it, she is worthy, more than any other female characters in the story.

The male lead was dreamy, perhaps too dreamy. Maybe he was not made to seem perfect, his behaviour towards his other wives and his perception of females in general before he met the MC was callous, if not cruel. But in the eyes of the female reader, he was perfect, because in the end he wholeheartedly loved the MC and devoted himself to her her and only her, their whole relationship and their interaction mostly revolved around the MC, so who can complain?

The portrayal of other characters are also worthy to mention. Of course, there are the villains and antagonists and other cliches, but even dislikeable characters had their moments of sympathy and pity, especially women, who met a tragic ending.


I absolutely loved the MC's remark about her mother in law and the Empress. If it were not for the society, making them rely on one man, they could have been great. It's true. The Empress and her mother in law, a concubine, were remarkable, capable and intelligent, but they were wasted on the weak Emperor.

Then we also have strong-willed Jing An princess, a divorcee more or less and an important political figure, especially since she is divorced from her husband.

But it is He Yuan's story, which is most captivating in the last few chapters. I do not want to spoiler too much about him, only warning to watch out for this characters and that, even if I am not sure whether I (should) like him, the epilogue broke my heart.



Is there a real plot? I feel like the story was more about the relationship between the female and the male character rather than what goes on. I am not saying that there is no action, there is plenty.

The plot/ relationship is very slow-paced, which did not bother me at all. A little frustrated, but no complaint, because it made it seem more mature and real. There was no need for the sudden declaration of love. Love, the word itself, was rarely mentioned aside from silly usages from females, who wanted to get into the male lead's good graces or fancied themselves in love. I admired this very much and it is not surprise, because both are level-headed and cautious, especially the female. The fact that you don't read this between them, you can read this between the lines, which makes it so much sweeter.

I love the narration of the story. It also highlight some character's development, but also their complexity and the reader is given a chance to watch certain aspects from side characters, which is just wonderful. Many people say that the novel has a slice of life-element. It is an argument I can understand, because for a royalty, political struggle, revenge story, it has surprisingly less royalty, political struggle and revenge as the focus. These elements are there and yet, I think although they contribute, they are not the key factors that makes it so great.

I also love the take on the female role in society. There was one part in the story, which was beyond amazing and I think is worthy of being quoted.

"The biggest difference between men and women was that men were always best at forgetting the good of women and women was best at remembering the good of men."

"Peaceful days will make people forget the beauty of the past."

"If you forgot yourself, how could somebody else remember you?"


The novel is titled Virtous Wife and although you can find reasons in that, I believe it does not serve it justice. It is so much more and especially the summary is very lacking. If not for the sake of the wonderful and excellent reviews and ratings, I would not have given it a second thought. When I did, I became so addicted. Luckily, the chapters are all already translated, otherwise it would have been torturing.

Overall, it is a wonderful novel, worthy of being read. I can recommend this to every person. At first, I had wanted to give it only four stars, because I was a little critical, there was no overly dramatic event, it does not have the same suspension and high and low like CWF, the MC cannot really complain, but in the end, it would be unfair, because I remember they joy I felt when reading the chapters. Furthermore, even though it is uncharacterstically happy and 'peaceful', there is nothing wrong about it, because sometimes peaceful and happy is a good contrast to the dark and angsty revenge plots. <<less
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pichu rated it
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Lack of sleep for 2 days is worth it.

I enjoyed reading this story. There is no major conflict between the main characters, its more like nourishing love as time passed. Slow paced yet i can't stop reading it. Good job and thank you.
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Saiyademon22 rated it
July 26, 2016
Status: Completed
Okay all I could say so far will be very short for my type of reviews

-A bit two dimensional, not that you'll hate it or love it but good enough that you can follow their character and learn to know and like them as the story goes. Not much a fan of the male MC, because his to arrogant for my taste as the story starts bu latter on he becomes too stand offish later on. the female MC is not that heart-warming character but rather the cool type... more>> that most people would like in a female MC, not too fierce and not too gentle.
-a linear plot, imperial politics, but mostly the battle is at the female yuan (palaces) most of the story follows the general flow of the romance masses, with a mature characters to make it more realistic.
-can't write much cause i had read the translated version. but it has a nice flow and an average used of wording, not too deep or too simple.
-The setting is very amiable well portraited, but not much on the details..(better watch more chine historical dramas to be able to completely visualized the setting)
-one of the best story with female romance protagonist, so far aside from Empress with no Virtue,Chu Wang Fei these has one of the best historical drama/romance. <<less
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July 9, 2016
Status: --
To Be a Virtuous Wife is one of the top stories of the "I woke up in ancient China as a disadvantaged noblewoman" type, alongside the Mistaken Marriage Match series. The story has a sense of ease and flow made from a well-thought out progression and keen editing.

The MC's maturity and self-confidence make her truly virtuous; unlike most MCs in this genre, she isn't embroiled in some terrible life-or-death intrigue, and thus lives a normal life. She makes everything seem effortless, though the reader can obviously tell that a... more>> lesser woman would crumble in her position (as had the original owner of her body). The MC's careful handling of every situation defuses most potential drama sites before they can start, making for a beautiful slice of life void of the hair-tearing and contrived events that you come to expect in these kinds of stories.

When I first started reading, I dropped the story after spending a chapter with the male lead because he felt absolutely, dreadfully boring. I'm extremely glad that I picked this back up, though - the male lead's personality only shows later, when the MC actually spends time with him. What I like most about the male lead is his subtle intelligence and unstated court manipulations, as well as how his love for the MC develops as he learns her personality. I think this kind of romance is much more touching than the typical 'fell in love because she's pretty and maybe did some weird things' which I had come to expect.

All in all, this story is a must if you enjoy romance, Ancient China, and/or transmigration. It's also an excellent pick if you're looking for an intelligent and capable female lead. <<less
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Adelicya rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: c123
This is one of the stories I can say that I've truly enjoyed despite my love being action and adventure novels. A great slice of life with no love triangles or heavy politics involved story line which I see a lot of in historical drama.
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alaskame rated it
May 6, 2016
Status: --
The novel is a slow-paced one with not much excitement and one might really forgot that the MC is reincarnated. If you want something drastic, you may feel a little disappointed. However, the story is lovely with a ticklish feeling for some who prefer slice-of-life style.

In my case, this novel made me sleep late at night, keep saying just a few more chaps... Now that I can finish the whole novel I should have a proper nap.
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January 15, 2017
Status: --
Love this book FL does whatever she want and make sure that she has a great life and not be bother about other women love it this is good novel! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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December 24, 2016
Status: c123
To Be A Virtuous Wife didn't jive well with me since I overlooked the slice-of-life tag. It truly is a slice-of-life.

The MC doesn't particularly have ambitions. She just wants to live a good life. Nor is she particularly romantic, though she plays the part of a wife well. The political plots are simple and obvious, unlike some of the convoluted, layered schemes in other historical novels. The girls that scheme against the MC are also too obvious and unintelligent, so they get thwarted easily, and the issues are resolved promptly.... more>> We see the enemies crushed simply because they're being dumb and impudent.

All in all, I thought it was an OK read, but I felt the plot was weak, and there was little character development past the part where the male lead gets infatuated with the MC. Thus, I found myself knowing how the story would end before reaching it and wondering if it would go anywhere. Well, I finished reading it and found myself feeling pretty ... meh. <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
November 8, 2016
Status: --
It's a nice and wonderful story.

The Female lead wasn't OP or anything and handled the situation in a somehow realistic way. It's just it's somehow depressing yet it's the truth as it felt like until the end there was only that deep trust within them, perhaps the male lead shown to have been fallen in love but the female's feeling for him even now is still unknown. And they even somehow silently accept that feeling's always change and just as love hence they might not know for their next lifetime,... more>> but in that lifetime they'll be together -which is why I like the female lead's character, even at the end she still knows her place and knows there's limit. <<less
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chibiheaven rated it
November 3, 2016
Status: Completed
This was a beautiful story.

I can't quite describe how I felt.

This story was an attempt to realistically depict the life of a reincarnated modern women in a historical setting. There is no nonsense wugong and overpowered female main characters in this novel.

... more>> You'll fall in love with the female protagonist in this sweet slice of life historical romance. She is realistic, witty, and charming.

Please don't be turned off by the summary and give it a chance. <<less
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Selax rated it
September 10, 2016
Status: c123
Awesome story. Couldn't keep it down. So addictive that I had to re-read it immediately. Definitely recommending this story to everyone. You won't be disappointed. Straight forward with no time wasted.

The female lead is amazing. One of the best reincarnation character that I have come across so far.
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izznis rated it
August 23, 2016
Status: c123
I came here in the first place because of Chu Wang Fei. This story is somehow similar to the other but it's not the same. Somehow like seeing twins, at first you will think that they are identical but after a while, you'll realize the big difference in them.

But there is this wish though for them to have colab and somehow meet each other > (I know that will only remain as lamentable dream tho -,-)

The story is beautiful as the genre said there are slices of life plus... more>> hints of reality of what it's like to be living as a woman in the Ancient China.

It's also very satisfying to read for those who are looking for something light and at the same time not so sweet to point made you shudder. No OP character, no boring villains and of course, very supportive of women's power but not to point of feminism.

The ending, though. hmm, let's just say 'right in the kokoro T^T'... for those who are worried of tragic endings, don't worry :)

To Be A Virtuous Wife is light, emotional and a beautiful way to describe journey of a loved wife to the end. <<less
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Light Of Guidance
Light Of Guidance rated it
August 10, 2016
Status: Completed
Thank you for all the POSITIVE review. I have judge unfairly of this MAGNIFICIENT piece due to its poor summary. This is a great heartwarming time travel love story with happy ending. The Female protagonist is Beautiful, Smart, Mentally strong, basically you can't help but love her. It's have enough plot/interaction between the character that make you keep on continue to read them. I just admire Qu Jing who not naive and easily fall in love. The is no angst, its just her trying to live a good life.
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Callista Soo
Callista Soo rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: c123
I am for the first time in a long time, lost for words....this romance novel really is amazing. After finishing this novel, I really feel very satisfied, like all my searching of the perfect couple or what true love is, I've finally found it. Honestly their love and their attitude is really admirable and makes me jealous. But I'm very happy for the both of them that they had beautiful and talented children, a successful reign, good people, good officials and servants and mostly they grew old together and when... more>> they died they were buried together in one coffin. Their love so pure and transcendent that how many people were as lucky as them or how many couple were like them? Like the marriage oath, "to love and to hold , for better or worse, in sickness and health...blah blah blah till death....". Point is their love is transcendent, fate or not. The author has done an amazing and beautiful work on the novel and the translator also did an excellent and hardworking job at translating the job. I'm really grateful to there people, because without them I wouldnt have had the opportunity to read his a amazing piece of work. Thank you. And to the translator, for what you said at the end of the last chapter, thank you again, I hope that one day I might find my special someone like He Heng or at least someone who loves me for who I am. I wish you good blessings and good fortune. Thank you. <<less
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sorceror rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: c123
Great story and good characters. I read it 2 days straight till finished. Thank you for authors and translators. And thank this web for putting categories on it otherwise I wouldn't find this novel.
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