Throne of Magical Arcana


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“Knowledge is equal to power.”

“What is called God, merely is just an Arcanist that is bit stronger.”

Bringing with him a great amount of knowledge, Xia Feng passed through and arrived.

Throne of Magical Arcana average rating 3.8/5 - 102 user ratings
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Arcane Divine Throne
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New Ignus rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: v1c29
The mood set by this story is it's best selling point.

It has a real gritty black ages western magic type feel.

The magic system is unique, diving more into science than most systems.

... more>> The pacing of the story is good, while setting up mystery for future chapters. Not everything needs to be explained up front in the first 10 chapters, or why do you keep reading the story?

Characters are also well done. Well, 30 chapters is not enough for the supporting characters to really shine, but its already better than most of the cookie cutter content out there. One the other hand, the MC is done superbly. It actually shows his growth and mentality. He is actually trying to lay low, and doesn't come out and show off right after saying so. He is not a smart MC, but he is well written as an average person adapting.

There is one moments that is not the best.

A priest doesn't want to go into a smelly sewer, so he threatens the MC into going into the sewer after having him memorize the chant for multiple spells.... A much better scenario could have been crafted.

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mrttao rated it
April 17, 2017
Status: c14
MC dies on earth and body snatches a fresh corpse in a world of magic. As usual he has a cheat, but what bothers me most is that there is zero explanation or justification for his cheat. namely a library in his brain full of books from his world. But some of the books are locked. and then some magic books get destroyed in his presence and that somehow adds them to the library in his mind (even though he never read them).

Where did the library come from? why is... more>> there a library in his brain??? who knows, the author is certainly not bothering to explain.

So far its barely tolerable. MC is very stupid and prone to both panic and emotion driven suicidal actions. And always gets saved by plot armor. That being said, the author seems to intend for him to grow and learn (ie, author probably wants to try to justify the MC being ruthless and wise later on instead of a random earth reincarnator suddenly acting OOC) and it is only c14. so while it is pretty insufferable now he has been making vows to learn from his mistakes (despite repeating them, but maybe it's just to hammer it in, it has only been 14 chapters). Time will tell if he actually learns from it and changes. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ScotlandForsythe rated it
November 25, 2016
Status: v1c30

at the bottom

The premise isn't the best, but it gets the point across. I love the idea. The guy get reincarnated into another boy's body in this magical world and the first thing he experiences is the burning of a witch.

... more>> Honestly it doesn't seem xuanhuan, but I promise you it is a Chinese novel. The idea isn't exactly unique, but it holds my attention.

The translation isn't the best, but it is readable.

It really needs more chapters. Glad it began updating recently. I don't have much to go on. *Sighs* I tried.


I was not expecting such a nice story. It is extremely promising. The MC is thankfully not as boring as I first thought he would be, and the magic and knight system idea makes sense

it fits more into this story than a lot of others.

What really attracted me was the fated lovers tag. No harem (I'm guessing). This is the first time I've seen such a tag for a story (I'm pretty sure there may be others that deserve this tag that don't have it), and I'm excited to see the direction it goes <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
raifan rated it
April 23, 2017
Status: c18
Good story so far. The MC got a new life by taking over another person's body in a different world. What's different is that he doesn't get the past person's memories. All he knows is the language (which is weird, so maybe some form of amnesia), so he has to be careful when talking to people since he doesn't know who they are. Doesn't seem like a super smart MC, just an average guy so far.

It is a world of magic with an MC who doesn't have memories of... more>> things of the past or common knowledge of the world. So as readers, we won't have that knowledge as well. As the MC learns where magic and other things come from or were started, readers will as well. Good story telling, not everything will be explained while the MC has no clue himself. I like how the author left some things inexplainable. We are seeing through the eyes of the MC, so if he is in the dark, so are the readers.

I don't see any plot armor. He hasn't put himself in situations that he can't control. Only one near death experience, but he was forced into it and he had 3 Knights with him. In his previous life he wasn't a fighter, so the first fight was a learning experience. Outside the first fight, he has kept his emotions in check. Making the right decisions in terms of when to get involved and when to hold back.

Early rating of 4 stars for me. Good start. <<less
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Salokin rated it
November 30, 2016
Status: v1c9
Promising, so far. "Died and gone to another world, replacing some weak schmuk then learning magic" setup. Theres even witch trials and a hypocritical church who uses magic while condemning witches for using magic. However, the witch that gets burned at the stake seems to have actually been a deranged person. The story is relatively dark and oppresive feeling like any 'dark ages' story should.

Nice world building and magic system.

I'd keep an eye on this one, but right now its a 'solid intro' thats... more>> got me intrigued. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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