Thousand Face Demonic Concubine


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She had a lifetime of fake virtue without receiving a virtuous ending. In the next lifetime, she controls fates with the flip of her hand. To the jerk who wasn’t faithful, she’ll draw a premature death talisman for him. For the poisonous step mother, she’ll send a death flower. For the step sister who is two faced, she’ll personally rip off that fake pretty face!

But when she personally offered up her body to her nemesis because of a child who she had no fate with, something unexpected happened. The night of the big wedding, the groom changed and a cold and luxurious man pushed her down. “You can marry whoever you like, but you can only give birth to my children!”

Thousand Face Demonic Concubine average rating 4.1/5 - 58 user ratings
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Qian Mian Xie Fei
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New graphit3 rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c43.2
Revenge and rebirth, my favorites! The MC finally rebirths and wants to take revenge against her unkind family. Thankfully, in this life, she is a lot more powerful and smarter. The pace is fast and you can feel the suspense building up. The translation is smooth too.

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New PechDepi rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: --
This is a very good novel, I really love that she is very ruthless and smart. She able use her beauty and rip her half- sister face off.


the Male lead is really doting on her. But the rest seem pale compare to her first revenge.

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Hanawie rated it
July 9, 2017
Status: c98
The beginning was so good that it made the following developments pale next to it. The first few chapters of the novel had this murky, dark, and dangerous feel to it; it gave the story a second layer of anxiety that I really like, similar to a good horror story. Then, the author decided to follow the typical second-life revenge plotline and things turned a little average. It's still good but it doesn't quite give me the same level of excitement and anxiety.

... more>>

The male lead so far has been a welcome change from the typical overbearing and forceful Chinese male leads (I love how he respects the female lead's feelings and decisions!) but we'll see how long his good behavior lasts. Also, I feel like the way the author wrote their relationship was a bit sudden. It kind of felt like she couldn't decide on an effective background story about the purple eyes so she decided to roll with the whole disciple sibling thing without a firm foundation.

Sidenote: The male lead seems a bit different from the image I got in the summary (Maybe he turns overbearing when he's angry?) so I might be getting red herring-ed by the author—which would not be completely impossible because she does throw some red herrings at you regarding the male lead. Readers, good luck not getting tricked the first time.


For people that aren't quite sure of whether to read yet, I've attached a summary of my favorite scene (c61) as a hook:


Essentially, evil stepmother tried to use the whole "she got raped/ruined reputation" plan but fails. Male lead sent four of his personal bodyguards (They have a group name of Twelve Feng or something like that) to save the female lead except she kind of didn't need the saving. Female lead actually had another plan she needed to enact but Feng 3 (Each Feng goes by his number) pressed her acupuncture point and almost ruined her plan. As punishment, she decided to force Feng 3 to crossdress as a female and send him to his master (the male lead) while having him say "Master, aren't I pretty?" Needless to say, the male lead's reaction was pretty hilarious. Feng 1, 2, and 4 were pretty disgusted too, hurting Feng 3's feelings so he became an actual crossdresser for reals to annoy them as revenge.

Best scene ever.

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SiLverHearT_ rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c271
Good good good! <3

This one is really pretty good, it reminded me of 'The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage' (that is my favourite one for second chance novel) and it focuses on a theme that wasn't really highlighted in that novel, that is their previous life children.

... more>>

In Rebirth of the Malicious Empress the perishing of the previous life children remain a cause for revenge but the MC never thinks of wanting them to revive again, whereas here the unborn child becomes the real and looming reason for the MC actions for like 250 chap


Another great difference is also the fact that the MC does not really have a family that loves her, so there is not all the loving affection of a family we see with Sheng Miao, but everything is balanced by the Male Lead.

This Male Lead is veeeery peculiar, completely different from Xie Jing Xin, and all the others male leads of others rebirth novels. Here we understand from the start that he is OP and absolutely in love with the MC.


There isn't all the process of "falling in love with the MC" where first he gets intrigued because she is different, and then start to think she is cute when she does something, here he already loves her to a really astonishing point. But because of some reasons


she wants to revive her child so she needs to marry and have s** with her previous life husband that abandoned her even if she hates him now, all for the sake of the child


the MC rejects him continuously and hurts him really badly but he does not give up, and this is a great trait of him.


He is also very understanding and wants to give the MC all the freedom she wants, and sometimes he acts in such a cuuuute way

his ears get red when she comes near him to whisper him some plans she has... >///<


They finally "get together" at about chap 250 and at about that time there is also the scene described in the synospsis above, though their dialogue it's a little bit different...

he finds out that the real reason for her marriage with the 3rd prince is to revive her baby so she says to her that having his baby is good too... >///<

But this "finally get together" does not really mean that they start to become a lovely couple, there are still problems, misunderstanding and unfinished revenges... but at least it's a great leap forward from before <3

So, there are few misunderstanding but not really hateful ones, though sometimes you might feel sad for the MC or the Male Lead (especially for him), it's not to the point where you want to kill one of them because he/she does not understand (it happened to me for Princess Medical Doctor, he male lead was really toooooooo stupid for having misunderstood.).

In conclusion, it's a really good novel, for the lovers of Rebirth of a Malicious Empress this should be a must try! Have a nice reading~ <<less
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Senethari rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c3 part1
3 chapters in, and I'm hooked.

Deja Vu: It's following the usual rebirth/revenge script, so for the heavy reader, you could probably write the first two chapters yourself, minus the flavor text.

If you're honest with yourself, many of the rebirth and revenge novels are a kind of second-chance high school power fantasy: Avoid the pitfalls of the old life, end up with the power and the hot guy everyone wants to date. The reborn girl is the prettiest, the snarkiest, and the kind of revenge she gets is... more>> more about getting ahead of the people who want to hurt her (and if they trip and fall on their own knives while being d*cks, it's called karma). She'll go her own way, being good to those who are good, and paying back slights a hundred fold. But generally, it's a kind of honorable existence. There's scheming, but if the target wasn't a bad person, there wouldn't be a handle in the first place.

Deja New!: From the little I've read and the MTL I've hacked through (because it was so good, I couldn't let it go), this is what revenge is all about! It's vicious and bloody and just *mean*, and it's hiding behind a white lotus smile.

If the usual character kills a man (perhaps painfully) for killing her people, this girl kills him painfully as part of plot 1, then turns his skin into a lure and bones into a gift soaked in hallucinogens to give to his brother as part of plot 2.

I can't wait for more chapters to be translated. Can. Not. Wait. This kind of jagged-tooth vicious takes the usual story up a level and almost makes me pity the antagonists.

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shouahang58 rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c12.2
Pretty good start.

Just like what the other comment said the story starts out a bit similar like The Princess WeI Yang. However I like this beginning much better cause it actually touch my dead heart at the end of the first chapter when she ... more>>

had died and her hand slightly touched her (also dead) child and than she shred a tear of blood, while the servants? Was dragging her dead body away.


I am looking forward to this novel, hopefully it won't take forever for both the main leads to fall in love and hopefully the ML will show up a lot unlike The Princess WeI Yang.

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kiacii rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c2
The story is somewhat similar to The Princess WeI Young The in these aspects:

  1. Sad past life, horrible stepmother and stepsister, especially her husband
  2. Taking out revenge on the second life, turns to be very clever after reincarnated
But I really hope there's a difference as the story goes on! I don't want to be disappointed. Looking out for more translation though. This is my opinion though I'm new to chinese novels, hoping this novel will be great.

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Nah3sa rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c27.2
Ok, so here we have a typical not-so typical reincarnation and revenge themed novel. Meaning : the MC lives her life for a second time and she wants to take revenge against her family (scheming step-mother and step-sister, dead mother, greedy and uncaring father). Of course, she is waaaaaaay smarter and powerful than in her previous life.

However, here is what make all the difference from others cnovel of this kind : the cruel and spooky way she has to deal with people. At least at the beginning. Now, we... more>> will see if she keeps acting this way, or if it will become like any other novel of this kind : schemes making people lose their faces and not their lives.

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