The Wizard World


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Ye Song, who once lived in a technologically-advanced world, died and reincarnated into a noble teenager’s body in another world.

A fantasy world filled with magic!

A series of events filled with tragedy, action, etc. began to unfold one after the other when he fatefully encountered one of the most guarded secrets of this world, obtaining the legendary power of Wizards.

Watch how he reached unreachable heights as a powerful Wizard in this new world and shows what he is made of.

The Wizard World average rating 4.3/5 - 200 user ratings
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Daoist LastWish
New Daoist LastWish rated it
May 28, 2017
Status: c73
It is a mildly interesting novel. The word building was good in the beginning. I actually read Warlock of the Magus World first, but it was boring, and the interesting things in it (The Magic system, the Knight system, the wizard academies, and  the AI chip) are all directly copied from this novel!

... more>>

Good Things
*The MC is a 'realist', doesn't charge in battles like a retard to randomly fight a higher level enemy, so its a change.
*Magi system is interesting.
*World building is mildly interesting.

Not So Good
*AI Chip cheat is random, it is seemingly able to do random things, and author keeps adding new capabilities.

*MC is reincarnated, but that doesn't get into play here, at all.

Bad things
* The story is bland, with nothing real that drives the MC forward, except that he wants to be a wizard.


A generally Bland story with a few interesting things, the translation is still in the initial stages so far, hope the interesting things continue.

Read Immortal Mortal and Death Sutra instead. These two novels are MUCH better, especially Death Sutra. <<less
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New Kreig123 rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: Completed
Similarities to WMW:

  1. AI chip
  2. Rational MC
  3. Heavily Goal Driven MC
Differences to WMW:

  1. MC doesn't kill as much
  2. MC is very very veeeery forgiving (you will be surprised on later chapters)
  3. MC will only show the minimum amount of power or cards that he has in a battle (just enough to win)
The Wizard World is one of the best written novels I've ever had the pleasure of reading. The exposition is on point and seldom will the author include details that won't be used later on as the story progresses. The writing depicts a vibrant yet... more>> despotic feel of the world the MC belongs to. Another unique aspect to the story is the fact that not every guy who offends him or ones that even try to murder him are locked in a "villain" status the whole novel and the same can be said with "allies" as well. The only reason I gave it a score of 3 stars is because the ending is so abrupt and hurried that it makes you feel the author got fired or bored of the story and decided to just end it. So many things were left hanging and questions unanswered. If you've read Dungeon Hunter and thought it ended too fast and badly, then this novel will definitely give you and even worse feeling. <<less
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Loned rated it
March 18, 2017
Status: c60
I saw people saying this book is identical to Warlock of the Magus World so I did some research. This book was actually started back in 2012 and finished by the end of 2013. Warlock of the Magus World did not start until 2015, so technically this one is not using the settings from WMW. I am not saying one copied the other, and I think they are both fun to read.

I like that the MC is not really OP, and he trained a lot with the help of... more>> the chip. He is hacking, but not like some other MCs that are born with super power or something. I doubt how long he would stay weak tho.

Update after ch23: I enjoyed it a lot actually. I think the MC reached he's limit here, and he is going to some new world. I really want to know when he is going to become a Wizard though...

Update 2: Finally... something about the Wizards. The pace of the plot was slow but steady. Enjoyed every chapter.

Update 3:

I expected the MC to become much stronger after entering the wizard school, but it did not happen. MC really did not have that much privilege

than others, he learns things faster and that's about it. Very happy with recent release speed, and the translation quality did not drop. <<less
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Weedisdaboss rated it
March 8, 2017
Status: c10
So the story is almost 90% identical to Warlock of the Magus World in the beginning, the MC does even get the same bonus in his new life...a AI chip, he also eats stuff to higher his stats, the main difference is that he is living in his father´s castle and not on his way to a magic school, beside all that i do enjoy the novel until now and hope to see what else he will do different.
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cyndor rated it
April 2, 2017
Status: c64
yada yada yada WMW. It seems this novel came out first though, so I guess WMW copied this? I'm current at chapter 64 and this is waaaaay too similar to be a coincidence.

... more>>

MC comes from a place that has no wizards and eventually heads off across the sea to where the wizards live/train. On the way he meets someone he gets along with but they go to diff academies, yet they still keep in contact(sorta). He ends up at a 'evil' academy that has gone down in the world, and is soon about to be involved in a losing war. He starts having sex with a bad talented sorceress so she doesn't get sent back and he gets resources from her family in return. Oh, and he is doing pharmacy for money. Now he is essentially running away to live among mortals so he won't become involved in the war, and if WMW really copied this novel then I'm guessing the next thing to happen is that he will discover a sorcerer's vestige or something.


If anyone has read WMW then u can see they are identical from my description. If there is any difference, then it is that this is faster paced. I'm giving this a 4 instead of a 3 or 2 because if this did come out first then it shouldn't be affected by me reading warlock of the magus world first. <<less
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Legendary_Exor rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: c18
Good so far.

Small issues tho, his past life doesn't seem to matter. It seems they only used that narrative to bring in the AI chip. Also when the baron(his father) whipped to death the two guards that were with him, he felt his father's love?

The MC told those guards to leave him and then they get whipped to death for it and he's just like "eh father loves me so" that's medieval thinking, but the MC is a soul for the modern era... so wtf? Like I said... more>> his past life doesn't seem to matter at all, and his thinking is reminiscent of people living in that world. Overall the story is good, but some annoying things remain, hope they address it or it's probably a drop for me. <<less
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Yuehan rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: Completed
I want to rate it 1 star but I gave it 3 for pissing me off. At least it stir up my emotions.
... more>>

Early chapters where good until the part where he becomes an official wizard. From that part, the story becomes dark and the MC getting more and more unfeeling. Another thing is that IMO this is not a harem nor a romance novel, so if you're picking this up for those reasons like I am, then you'll be disappointed. Better replace the romance with TRAGEDY tag because a lot of those females that had relationship with him end up dead or left hanging. The story becomes more and more ridiculous at the later part such as the MC ate elves alive to test their bloodline, the MC was sent back to a modern world, Starship Armada annihilated by the MC, and a lot more. There are also a lot of useless text such as describing side characters exaggeratedly which will be forgotten on the next chapters. Another thing is that most of the characters are meant to be forgotten except for that female lord of the nightmare world which becomes his companion at the ending. 

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March 8, 2017
Status: c10
Unrated, but just so for you to know:

The first 10 chapters are eeriely very similar to "warlock of the magus world".

since only 10 chapters are released, i'll withold writing more, but its good to know that the first 10 chapters are very similar to another novel.

... more>> But the differences end very quickly.

What I like about the entire thing is that the MC isn't exactly OP, but learns how to compensate certain deficiencies with assistance. It isn't shown if the MC is over-reliant on the chip, but the chip is already established not to be AI, and can only compute if sufficient data is keyed in (meaning no out of the box out of ordinary "i already calculated this" moments for MC). <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
March 17, 2017
Status: c18
It's good so far, much less reliance on the chip than WMW and the MC is definitely shown as being more humane that Leylin (at the very least, he gets sick the first time he kills someone). The story is different enough from WMW so far for it to be enjoyable, don't be turned off because it has an ai chip+magic world. Perhaps my biggest fear going forward is that cultivation will be a little too easy - even though the MC started off much weaker than a normal teenager,... more>> after like 2 months he's stronger than 2 adult males (secretly the 3rd strongest person in his territory).

Lastly, I don't know why, but I feel like this will not be a nation-founding novel even though the beginning has all the signs of one (like oppressed people, shitty society that the MC doesn't agree with, and the power to seemingly be able to change it). I just get the feeling like something will happen, and all the characters shown thus far will be forgotten while the MC goes out adventuring.. <<less
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TamaSaga rated it
March 24, 2017
Status: --
I really don't get how people claim that this starts like WMW as the two diverge immediately after the start. Sure they may share similarities and functions regarding the AI, but the main characters have completely different personalities. One tries to assist those that ask for his help while the other coldly looks out for number one.

And just that difference changes up the storytelling. Basically speaking, one of the stories reads more like an Isekai light novel (TWW) while the other reads like a Wuxia (WMW).
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novelbrah rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: c53
So far, it looks like Warlock of the Magus World is a complete copycat. I suggest everyone saying that Wizard World copied WMW to check the DATES of both novels.

What brings this down is the translation. It's just not good enough to portray the true feelings of the author. Lot of stuff reads like a children's book unfortunately.

If you like similar stories like WMW then it wouldn't hurt giving this a chance.
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Ignus rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: c50
A few problems cripple what should be a great story.

It seems that the majority of problems come from lack of story planning.

There are odd time skips, details and story told in reverse order, almost as an afterthought. Some loose ends(Can still be addressed in future chapters), and a few inconsistencies. Example: ... more>>

MC new to world, adapts way to quickly, complains/notices that people use a washbin to cleans themselves.... but 20 chapters later, he has a shower just to write a shallow "boasting" scene where a girl without personality throws herself at him.


I love the overall style, and the plot progression. At least that much is really well done, and planned. Its the stuffing that is problematic. I will keep reading this story, and hope that the first 50 chapters "Becoming a Wizard" arc were sudo rushed by the author to get to the better story. (But, I have my doubts as he is now joining a school, and the plot will be a rehash of practically ever Xianxia out there)

Regardless, I think that these 50 chapters would have been much better extending out to 100. <<less
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Xravia rated it
March 17, 2017
Status: c18
The MC often lists reasons for not doing things, has an over supportive family without doing anything, uses cheat bio chip (WMW) quite liberally to solve all his problems rather than actually making any decisions, scenarios get thrust upon the character in a desperate attempt to follow the WMW storyline. It basically takes all the parts I like from WMW and throws them out while instead of going to the academy, goes back to his daddy... hopefully he shows a bit more initiative with his decision making.

Ed: it does get... more>> better XD <<less
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