The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor


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Her – a glutton without troubles or worries who crossed over and became a young fat chick with a deep vengefulness.

Him – a young master of the number one power; a two-faced man with elegance and charming, good looks; he is the chosen one of the former saint god and a man who will only bend his back for her alone.

This domineering crossover’s slogan is, ‘Don’t touch if it is this sister’s, put it there if it isn’t this sister’s!’

…watch how the Domineering Glutton and the Two-Faced Venerate Emperor create sparks as they meet and collide, stirring the whole Spirit Treasure Continent into turmoil, how they fall for each other and how they kill each other, how life and death severs love.

The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor average rating 4/5 - 86 user ratings
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Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug
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New luxe
October 1, 2017
Status: c107
Pretty entertaining so far, but a lot of the MC's schemes, actions and words are so similar to how the villainous women in other novels act so I'm not sure if I like that. 9 v 9;;
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New Anonymousse rated it
September 27, 2017
Status: c90
This novel reminds me of game harvest moon. MC must plant, farm, and cook for her cultivation level.

The cultivation itself kinda reminds me of pokemon. as every cultivator have a unique pet as their trademark and battle strenght. Theres rat, pig, etc...

The chapter are kinda short but enjoyable as a shoujo novel. There almost none fighting scene. only alot of schemes and tricks with the MC.

MC in this novel is a pig, literally. Her looks fat as pig, her spirit soul is a pig, she ate like... more>> a pig. <<less
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Mimosa rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: c26
Just started reading the novel and I could say that I'm definitely hooked! The FMC differs greatly from other ruthless, coldface, and humorless transmigrated FMCs that is now common in most novels.

There's humor in the ML and MC's first interactions too. And both them seems like they'll develop into a fun and funny couple in later chapters.

Well, this review is made in early chapters, the infant stage of this novel, and will be edited as chapters pile up.

Cheers to the team who pick this up~~
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Alixiron rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c61
This is quite a good novel. At first it is quite funny but later on it becomes a bit more serious. The main character has quite a good head on her shoulders and also isn't annoying. She knows when to be overbearing and when to be kind. The relationship​ between her and her parents is also quite nice. The male lead is an interesting character and does not fall for her instantaneously. The translator does a good job and there aren't many grammatical mistakes. Also, he releases one chapter every... more>> day. This novel is one which I really enjoy reading. The only problem I have with this novel is the short chapters. Please give it a shot and you won't regret reading it.

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Keima-kun rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c66
I feel like I have to write review for this novel.

First of all, if you like DKC, EEAC, MGD etc. , You will definitely love this novel. In fact, this novel is a league above those said novels.

The story itself is good and there are logics in it, compared to most other novels with female MC that is single tracked. For this novel, while it seems simple, it is more than what it shows.

I love the MC. She is so different from other female MC. She is... more>> funny and actually have some personalities. The male lead also seems promising, unlike certain novels which have male leads who have tasteless personality and are mindlessly-devoted to their girl. Not saying it's bad, but it is boring.

The power level is also intriguing, but it is still not explained very well right now. So, it is something to look forward to.

I'm not good with words, so just read this novel to find out more.

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Maiasia rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: c98
So far so exciting! A modern woman died and transmigrated into the body of a fatty BUT that is not all! Turns out the original host was a reincarnee bent on revenge for all the past wrongs done to her! Like all transmigration stories, our MC sets out to avenge the original body's grievances and save her family with dramatic flare. So far not much is known about the male lead (or if he is even the male lead, I don't want to assume) but the story is interesting thus... more>> far. Four stars for now. Five stars will mean I loved it and will pine away for the ending. Three stars will mean it didn't live up to my expectations. The translators did a good job churning out these chapters though. Kudos! (Even I think that last part was totally random with no transitioning period.) <<less
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waterdance68 rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: c100
This novel has an interesting twist on transmigration. MC transmigrates into a body of 15 year old girl at the moment she dies due to her excitement over a kiss. However, at the same time the soul of the original host is reincarnated, so the body now is a host to 2 souls. The MC is not overly bloodthirsty, that being said, she still manages to plot against original hosts enemies in order to take revenge. So far this book has everything, I'm quite looking forward to what happens... more>> next <<less
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September 24, 2017
Status: c240
Sometimes, the MC decision was quite stupid which make me speechless. She know how stupid the reborn female was, but still follow her suggestion such as to steal ML blood by needle. How in the hell she think the ML would'not felt it? Totally speechless. All in all, I totally adore the ML. One more things, I felt like screaming for this people to just kill the sis and be done with it. But of course not because she is the one of the main antagonist, so the execution just kept delayed and give the sis chance to escape the prison. The story is still so long ahead but I fear I might be annoyed and impatient to finish it with how the plot going on.

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