The Legend of the Dragon King


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Following the advancement of soul technology, the humans of Douluo Continent conquered the ocean and discovered two new continents. After being hunted by spirit masters excessively, the soul beasts are nearly extinct. After countless years of lying dormant, the King of the Soul Beasts has awakened in the Great Star Dou Forest. It will lead its remaining clansmen in taking vengeance against humanity!

Tang Wulin is determined to become a powerful Soul Master. However, when he awakened his martial soul, it was actually a…

Incomparable talent. The battle of the Dragon King. The Legend of our Dragon King hereby begins.

The Legend of the Dragon King average rating 4/5 - 187 user ratings
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Douluo Dalu 3
Legend of the Dragon King
Long Wang Chuan Shuo
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Stark3 rated it
March 8, 2016
Status: c1035
EDIT : Sadly enough, I'm dropping my review of this novel by a star, and dropping the novel as well.

My problem here is that the novel IMO no longer continues in the spirit of the previous Douluo Dalu series (or at the most just pays lip service to it), and has become just another run of the mill wuxia novel.

Soul abilities are no longer prominent / important, especially for the MC who mostly just uses his dragon based bloodline abilities. As a result, I feel like the battles are a... more>> lot more generic : sure, there are plenty of flashy effects and moments, but they're like individual farts in the air instead of being part of a comprehensive, understandable battle system.

The final straw for me is the way that the MC keeps on powering up! It's devolved to a never ending rat race of trying to outdo the previous power up, sacrificing story in the process similar to other, more generic wuxia novels.


At just the 6th soul ring (around lvl 64ish), the MC was able to beat a Titled Douluo (lvl 9x)! That's how OP the MC has become, and looking at the next few chapters, it looks like even more powerups are just a corner away. It's a far cry from the previous books of the series where the power level was a lot more defined and respected, where a Titled Douluo would be more of endgame type opponents instead of being a snack on the way.


Previous :

4/5 stars as of now.

I've read up to the current RAWs - chapter 127 (getting by with machine translation), and so far it's been ok, but not that outstanding. Douluo Dalu 2 is still a much better read for me.

Reasons for this include :

* Pacing

now this might be a plus for some, but DD3 feels that it is paced quite a bit faster than DD2. However, this comes at the expense of plot build-up : I enjoyed the time Huo Yuhao spent with a "gimp" ability, showing how he can maximize with what he had before getting his OP 2nd spirit. Not so with Tang Wulin; even though he had a "trash" spirit, he was still showing at least glimpses of his OPness from the get go, what with his huge strength and all. Same thing with their sub occupations : not much of a build up for Tang Wulin, he's a genius forging talent at the start.

* World building

the past DDs have been better fleshed out in this area I think. The problem here is that, while we may still be in the same Douluo Dalu continent, things have changed so much 10k years after DD2 that it might as well be a different place. I'd have liked to get a better feel for those changes, enough to get a better mental picture in my head.


Another issue for me is that soul abilities don't have that unique feel anymore. I don't mean that they feel like they've been copied from earlier DDs. The thing here is that, at least in the current point in the RAWs, the spirit links are no longer acquired from hunting spirit beasts ( I enjoyed reading about whatever rare beast that they can encounter and get spirit rings from, and what ability they can get from it). In DD3, spirit beasts have mostly died out, links are actually just BOUGHT from the Soul Pagoda (where they are artifically manufactured o_0). That means it's pretty much a matter of pay2win at least at the beginning.


However, all those points aside, if you're a fan of the DD universe like I am, it's still quite enjoyable. Feels like going back home ;) <<less
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1MPR0V3 rated it
October 9, 2016
Status: c77
To begin with I wasn't too sure about this as it seemed far too similar to DD1 (he has blue-silver grass and becomes a blacksmith) however as the story progresses you'll see that things are actually very different. It's been 20000 years (I think) since DD1 and spirit beasts are in limited supply and a substitute for soul rings has been found which also introduces a different power mechanic 'spiritual power'. Furthermore the continent has become more advanced with soul items wide spread (ie. soul lamp, soul camera, soul train,... more>> soul car, etc.) basically electrical appliances in different form.

What this opens the way for however is mechas, often referred to as super soldiers for the confederation. We haven't actually seen any as of yet however they have been mentioned quite a bit and I look forward to their introduction.

Very much in the early stages and my rating is still subject to change. However the author hasn't let me down yet and I'm excited to see how this one continues.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. <<less
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Phantom-Paradox rated it
February 22, 2017
Status: c877
To start off at the time of this review i'm up-to-date with the raws which is chapter 877.
(starting off with proper translation and going to machine translation after awhile you begin to estimate what certain parts are supposed to mean and eventually you'll do it subconsciously to the point it barely affects the reading experience)

In this story the author seems to take it back to it's roots of DD1 in its writing style, which i approved as i enjoyed DD1 more than DD2 but doing this he brought... more>> with him some of the bad things about DD1.
It's beginning pace is about the same as the prior books but serves to show the MC's potential as well as his differences to DD1's MC.

-Spirit System - In this, the 10k years since DD2 their have been drastic changes.

To progress as a spirit master is even harder due to near extinction of spirit beast as well as the introduction of armor and mechs. Spirit rings are replaced with spirit souls (you buy these but the better they are the more rings you get, this confused me at first as it wasn't really explained for a good while)


-Characters - The story seems to mainly develop the MC and it isn't until a few hundred chapters in that the author seemed to realize he neglected to power up some of the main cast. As always there personalities are different enough that you can remember all of their names.

-Romance - honestly the romance tag really isn't deserved. It's the same"alright, you're together now" romance as in DD1. They have a few bumps but there's no suspense for the reader

-The World/Technology - If you just read the first few chapters you could say it was still in the ancient setting, you would be wrong. There are soul camera's, soul communicators(cellphone), soul cars, soul tains, soul planes, ray guns, soul shells (this ranges from missiles to nukes) The world has never been so dangerous.

- Combat - Great as always, it has taken more to the style of DD1 than DD2 which i have no issues with although the MC seems to neglect to use some abilities, in fact it's been so long since he's used some i've forgotten what they are, in fact one of them has only been used once in the 877 chapters. The supporting cast doesn't have this issue though, they make use of everything.

-The Bad - Repetitive situations. Granted these situations are all combat and the combat is so good you can overlook it but that doesn't make it right. Worse is what i call "Man Faced demon spider syndrome"

Man-faced Demon Spider syndrome, where an event will occur multiple times no matter how rare the event should be even the first time it occurs. It is actually so bad that the MC develops a fear of going anywhere near the "trigger" for the event. Even his friends realize how often this event occurs and vowed to never be with him and the "trigger" Every time it happens you think no way in hell it will happen again, and that is always the wrong answer. It has occurred maybe 4-5 times, 4-5 may not seem like much but if I was as unlucky as the MC i would never leave my home, it's so bad it wouldn't be a stretch if the MC got arrested solely because of how improbable it is


In this series once the pace seems to slow down a bit the author immediately remediates this and throws something at the cast, even the world and gives the character's direction. <<less
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Arafell rated it
December 6, 2016
Status: c99
I like this series. It has serious potential. The pacing is excellent, with none of the reward-after-reward events that Wuxia novels incorporate as standard. The main character loses, and gets really unlucky. However, he pulls through out of sheer guts and determination, while also not being a complete bastard about it.

It also has something I rarely see in fiction like this - side characters with character development! I actually remember their names, which is surprising for the genre.
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Luneder rated it
February 15, 2017
Status: c138
Just a warning the first 15 or so chapter are more of a chronicle of events up until he reached age 9 then it goes more into a regular story mode.

This author is use to medieval setting rather than modern/scifi setting so the writing gives me the impression it is taking place in a ancient setting but he tries to throw in modern conveniences that do not seem to fit or he does not bother describing.

... more>>

An example is there is mechs however the only description that is given is color or size but doesn't explain at all how they look beyond that other than one mention that some may look like armor. Unless the item is something that was used in the ancient times or resembles something from those times the author avoids talking about them all together. I really had no clue the period was set more modern until it mentioned trains and buses

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