The Lazy Swordmaster


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I finally managed to kill the demon lord.

Can’t I rest a bit now?

Just leave me alone.

Let me rest.

The Lazy Swordmaster average rating 4/5 - 449 user ratings
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nataehan sodeumaseuteo
Ленивый мечник
나태한 소드마스터
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New Mr.Tomato rated it
March 25, 2017
Status: c7
This story really lacks some common logic. The mc haven't trained or exercise his body since his reicarnation which is 17-18 yrs yet suddenly boom his op as f*uck (remember he is in a new completely body not on his past hero self). I know he has skills cause if he dont then he probably cant kill the demon lord but in order to utilize skills especially in swordsmanship you need your body to adapt not just your mind he'd been doing nothing for nearly two decades yet his skills... more>> doesnt even seem to dissipate a little. Do you know why martial artist or swordsman practice where ever they could? For their skills not to rust. So even if he has skills, fighting someone with a well conditioned body isnt supposed to be that easy cause he fuck*ng lack body strength and dexterity which that veteran assassin is obviously had abundant of. <<less
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New Cifrel rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: c59
As of chapter 59:
Started out as a great and fun read, was looking forward to each update but gradually it just seems to fall apart as the MC's actions and character, in my opinion, is becoming more unjustified. MC's character seems childish rather than the laid back, "cool", type of a "lazy" swordsman I had in mind. Which doesn't seem to make sense as he was portrayed as a someone who lived through two (?) reincarnations - you would expect more depth to his character and his reasoning for... more>> his own actions just seemed twisted, not so much "lazy".

Maybe it'll get better later again (current chapters are at bit of low point for the plot too) as more chapters are out, but for now, I'm kinda forcing myself to read it. So I finally decided to just drop reading this for a bit and maybe check it out again later. <<less
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clowred rated it
November 26, 2016
Status: c22
I will divide this review in three, as my opinion changed three times in 22 chapters.

First, interesting premise. We have a tired front line soldier that could finally find his resting place. His past torments him and he tries to act as juvenile as possible. But then he is forced into action. 4/5

Second. As we see him "acting" for the first time we see his shrewd side. He doesn't try to become a shield for everyone, so he is by no means meddlesome. The only problem is his physique... more>> which should be weak but presented as strong. Even so, while the fights were quite boring because he relies on his restraint spell rather than on his sword skill we are still impressed by his cold blood. 4.5/5

Third. Why is he acting like a teenager with a coca cola addiction? His entire image was simply destroyed. His sadness, regret, terrifying memories were shoved down the toilet to make him a character that want to enjoy life more than anything else. 2/5 general but 1/5 for me as I had the bad luck to see the same crap being used in light novels.

I'm not sure if I will be able to read this story if the author continues with his snack and beverage obsession. Good luck to the future readers. You might enjoy it more than me. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
September 6, 2016
Status: c16
Grammar: 4.5/5
Story: 4.5/5 (formerly 3.5 as of ch2)
Writing: 4.5/5

(Update: chapter 16: Still Golden. Still very drug like. Still need More.)

(Update as of Chapter 8: I feel like a crack addict waiting for that inevitable high after taking a particularly large hit. This stuff is the good stuff. This stuff will make you feel like you're in love and planning the next hit even before you get a hold of it. I need moar. Now.)

As close to perfection as I've found among Online Novels. Honestly, aside from some slightly... more>> lack-luster word choices it's a very compelling story. It keeps you wanting more even though it's a fairly predictable story. The way the characters are portrayed so far are very much black and white, hoping for a bit of grey and maybe some color in the later chapters. I'll definitely keep this series close until it either ends, the translators give up, or the quality takes a sudden dive off of a cliff into a gaping black hole. <<less
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paksheet rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: c35
Don't see what's so good about this. Premise is about this hero who got sick of it all, gave up, died, reincarnated, and just want to live a lazy life. But all I can see him as is a childish, immature asshole who embarrasses his dad who actually cares about him compared to all the other novels out there, leech off his mom, torments and tries to kill his 70 yr old nanny mentally and emotionally (keep giving him hope and killing it over and over, intentionally because its amusing,... more>> unless it's annoying, then he dumps him), and despite his aversion to violence, is the most psychopathic villain in the story.

He makes NO effort whatsoever, and yes I know he wants to be lazy, but he goes about doing it in the most asinine way ever. He ends up being a complete jerk and nuisance to everyone who cares about him. Being lazy takes effort (Lazy Dungeon Master), power (The Lazy King), and you should NOT be a bother or have people care for you (The Lazy King) because then, you're just an asshole. And yeah, the MC is pretty much a complete and total asshole.

The MC's character is quite contradicting too. He spent his entire life refusing to touch the sword, then he suddenly show off his prowess because he wants to hurry and drink coke. He hates violence and just want to be peaceful, but 1st chance he get, he slaughters his 2nd mom's entire family because it might get annoying later. He is so traumatized by his hero past but he doesn't even retain all his memories after reincarnation. Instead, he has some dreams of his past life *psh*. And his greatest ambition is to sleep 24/7 so he get to see more of these dreams?

And ok if you want to say he might have all his memories or whatever, then he died fully adult (30 ish maybe) but he still acts like an emo teenager. He runs from all his problems, bother everyone around him, makes no effort towards his ambition, which means he intends to leech off his parents forever, never show his emotions or talk about what he wants, but he does assume everyone should understand him, doesn't ever connect with his brothers so of course they just treat him like the useless baggage he is, treats every random stranger like an asshole, then just powertrip and kill them just because he can. For example, 1st time he meets the priestess who was just a little kid, he goes - you're ugly, I hate you, you should go kill yourself. 1st time he goes to magic tower, he runs around and touches everything like a buffoon, unintentionally broadcasting his OP-ness he tried to hide his entire life. Too bad he didn't touch something more dangerous and just go to his eternal rest. He is so emotionally weak that after 15 ish years of reincarnating, he is at the exact same place he was at 15 years ago when he committed double suicide with the demon lord. He would have been so much nicer if he would have just killed himself than let his family deal with his baggage, which he never shared to anyone.

TLDR - MC is basically an overpowered Chinese Wuxia novel protagonist - an overpowered arrogant homicidal genocidal asshole. But he is ambitionless, scared of opposite sex, zero effort, zero intelligence, zero maturity, zero mental strength, zero emotional strength, vegetable with a penchant for drugs (coke, the drink, but he is so addicted to it might as well be coke, the drug). No hobbies, no interests, nothing he is good at because he is never shown doing anything. Not a single thing to make reading about him interesting at all. The most unbelievable thing for me is how he even became the hero in his previous life. More like trash mob B. Who survives until the end because he's basically a cockroach. <<less
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BapukBgt rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: c4
This novel has a potential this far.

This is the story about a Man who defeated the Demon Lord. He is tired of struggling, takes many expectation as a hero, losing countless companions. After he died, he reincarnated as a third son of a noble family of swordsmanship. Yet he just doesn't wanna hold the sword, yap because he is indeed lazy. So the people call him Lazy-Sword

On c4, he finally held a wooden sword. YEAY
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Buffelephant rated it
January 20, 2017
Status: c37
I dislike this author's writing style. Each chapter doesn't really tell you much. There is cliff hanger after hanger and nothing gets really accomplished. A western writer would use one chapter to accomplish the same plot with the same details as 6 chapters this author uses.

For instance chapter A the enemy fought the mc. CH B side character sees them fight. Ch C the other side character sees the fight comining to an end. CH D the fight gets interrupted. CH F the fight starts again but with new enemies.... more>> Ch G the mc runs away and everyone is still alive. <<less
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GabeZhul rated it
December 20, 2016
Status: c57
This series has potential that, while it might sound harsh considering how there are less than thirty chapters out at the writing of this, it completely squanders. The reason? The protagonist, or rather the way he is written when he is "under-cover". But I am getting ahead of myself, here is a quick rundown of this series this far:

Protagonist was the hero of another story and defeated the demon lord. However, he lost too many friends and allies on the journey to get there, so he became traumatized by the... more>> experience and doesn't want to take up the sword ever again (even though he is reincarnated into a family where even the maids are swordmasters). After said reincarnation he cultivates a lazy persona so that people would leave him alone, but when trouble befalls his new mother, he decides to start acting behind the scenes to get rid of the culprits using his OP abilities he inherited from his previous life.

Now where is the problem? It is the protagonist's public persona, which actually causes so many problems for him it baffles me why this otherwise cunning character would ever bother maintaining it. Simply put, he wants to avoid people recognizing his power and getting him involved in world-saving shenanigans again, so he pretends he is completely worthless, lazy and with zero common sense bordering on having a developmental disability. Instead of showing just a little bit of skill (which was shown he was capable of, as he is in complete control of his abilities) and hiding in his talented brothers' shadow, he becomes such an incredibly apathetic and dumb bastard that it actually draws even more attention to him, and his actions while "in cover" really reminded me of a mentally handicapped twelve years old... even though he was supposed to be eighteen at the time. Even worse, people around him somehow only consider his balls-to-the-walls-stupid behavior mildly peculiar at most, which drove me nuts. Seriously, if a noble family had a son that was behaving like that, people wouldn't be calling him "Lazy Blade" but "Retarded Blade". And that was *before* he decided to blow his painstakingly maintained cover just so that he could get to the capital and drink coke a little bit sooner...

So yeah, while the whole "traumatized veteran trying to avoid becoming a hero again" angle was interesting, unfortunately it was multi-buggered by the protagonist and the setting not reacting properly to his apparent mental issues like it should. It's still an okay read for a lazy afternoon, but I don't think I will be following it in the future.

Edit: Contrary to my previous statement I proceeded to read 30 more chapters. Honestly, while the WN gets better, it is still not good enough to alter my score. While some of the over-the-top power-displays of the protagonist are cool, he is still an annoying and oftentimes borderline psychopathic manchild and certain scenes, such as the time when he seriously contemplated killing an entire square full of innocent bystanders just to maintain his secret (that wasn't even really threatened on the first place) make him a borderline villain.

Another big problem that really started coming up after ch30 was the abysmal pacing. Sometimes a single fight would take several chapters, while other times characters would do things or move to other locations with minimal rhyme or reason.

(e.g.: After the fight on the square the protagonist somehow ends up in the mage tower's secret basement on top of a pile of narcotics, which is also the place that just happens to be on top of the evil laboratory where the unconscious girl he also carried in there for some reason was experimented on, and afterwards he just happens to have an emblem of a different noble house on him he could leave behind to mislead the owner without any foreshadowing.)


So yeah, to sum it up: It got better, but it's still not good. <<less
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aryo rated it
December 19, 2016
Status: c27
Started off pretty decent, then went downhill fast. It reads like a stereotypically crappy Japanese LN -- annoying characters, slow pace, and inane ramblings. Granted, it's only been 27 chapters, but the author spent 2 of them just talking about MC's obsession about Coca cola....
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mmem rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: v1c2
I love protagonists like this.

He's called the Lazy Swordmaster, but he really isn't lazy. He worked hard and suffered through so much only to be reincarnated and decides to live a life without doing much. Which would be fine, after all if anyone deserves to rest it's him, but while his family is rich it's also all about being the best swordsman, and there's the conflict.

For characters who don't know his past it's easy to see why they're all frustrated by him and his "laziness." But it's... more>> also easy to see why he's the way he is too.

And props to the author for speeding through his childhood by having the first chapter be excerpts from the family butler's diary. <<less
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pothb rated it
December 24, 2016
Status: c28
The MC's attitude seems a bit inconsistent, and he seems to be a super atheist with a huge Oedipus complex.

Like others pointed out, he starts of as the fake lazy genius, then devilish swordmaster of his past, then a teen getting high off of soda, a brooding atheist. It's almost like he is bipolar at times.

Pity, it started out interesting.
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jusso rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: c2
First sorry for my bad English. So this is story about reincarnated hero who defeated the demon lord but he was so tired of all the 'must and should' that he decided to die with him (or it was accidentally- doesn't matter). Now he is reborn (does not say if it is same world or not) in a rich family and at the age of 1 he was inspected to be the ultimate sword genius or something like that, but for 18 years he refuses to pick up the sword... more>> and just eating/sleeping/reading all day long. Comes day of deciding a successor and his brothers insulted mc mother. Quite too early to see what will be next, so I'll wait. <<less
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White Head Ice Prince
White Head Ice Prince rated it
December 2, 2016
Status: c24
This Cover Picture does this novel more justice than I ever could. MC spending his day sleeping on the conch.

Follow the life of our MC as he (after defeating the Demon Lord in his Previous Life) reincarnates into a prominent Sword Family.

['Rise to the top with OP swordsmanship and skills from Last Life?' F*CK NO! I'm taking it easy this time, had enough trouble with being the hero. Why did I ever pickup that stupid Holy Sword... Never Again, I'm never touching a sword again! No Expectations, No Responsibility. This... more>> Life, I'll spent it as lazily as possible, anything that threats my Lifestyle... I'll exterminate it]

Watch as our MC desperately tries to hide his OP skills from his family while sneakily destroying his family's enemies. The faces of the assassins as they see their comrades killed by the trash of the family, is pretty fun to look at.

Recommended, At least read Chapter 1, I swear you will laugh. <<less
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Nerodith rated it
November 3, 2016
Status: c18
Might be a little early to judge, but as for now, it's average (but a good average).

As for now, the story is pretty nice but little too slow paced for me. The chapters may also be a little short, but in a dozen of chapters, not a lot have happened. The MC it pretty likeable. Another lazy OP MC, but well he's cool so it's okay.

Thus being said, like I said, for now, there is too little chapters too judge.
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Rensarian rated it
October 21, 2016
Status: c14
I've only read up to the latest currently translated chapter (ch 14) so perhaps it is too early for a legitimate review. Nevertheless, my initial impression of this novel and its fourteen chapters is this: impressive! There has yet to be any true character development, and even the characters themselves are hardly established, but this novel certainly has a great opening act. The main character is, as the title suggests, lazy and (almost) without a care in the world. However, he also happens to be incredibly powerful. The combination of... more>> the mc's lazy, nonchalant attitude and his miraculous actions make this very satisfying. At this point in time, I would highly recommend this novel; it is a very fun read. <<less
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Handa-kun rated it
February 26, 2017
Status: c54
Been reading up to chapter 54, i can only say MC is a lazy bum who leech of his family to live a life of sloth. He is lucky his mom love him enough to let him not doing any jobs or training and leave all to his diligent butler and maid.

Well he become angry when his mom got poisoned on earlier story, maybe he afraid he will lose all his privileges to lazy away and get kicked out of the house by his father, so he done a bit... more>> job to keep his mom alive. <<less
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BitterCoffee79 rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: c49
Starter really good, interesting background, mc doesn't anything to hide his skills then he forse to the city ... He keep saying he wants a nice and easy life yet does everything he can to seek attention... Insults higher up of a church, cause a scene at magic tower, kick a noble's ass, takes his time fighting in the middle of a plaza and so on... He's meddling with others and bitching about wanting to be left alone yet when he finally can leave things to others he goes in... more>> the middle of a fight to watch and end up joining for a bullshit reason... I can only guess that the autor wants to make it look like he can't stop being a hero but that's not what you get from what he does. <<less
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NightmareMBD rated it
December 26, 2016
Status: c30
A nice start to a novel with good potential. The MC is a sword genius who got sick of being pushed under a world of burdens that cost him both his friends and family in previous life.

Now in his new one, he is completely uncaring as if this is his 'Holiday' after the impossible feat.

The MC is a genius to such an extent that even watching someone use the sword would annoy him with the shoddy way it was being used and so just wastes his days... more>> being lazy while his servant noticing his real talent keeps attempting to make him pick up the sword.

So far the tropes have been common, but there is potential in this story. <<less
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cyndor rated it
December 25, 2016
Status: c30
LOL @ the people who are so gosh darned pissed off. I guess it's true what they say, huh? The more you like something, the more u hate it once u feel disappointed.

I won't say this is the best story I've ever read, what I will say is that the story has consistently maintained the "slice of life" style it started off with. Some people might have been confused because of his back-story of being a summoned hero in a different world who lost everything in his quest... more>> to slay the demon king, but let me tell you right now, this isn't the kind of story where he struggles step by step to become stronger and be acknowledged by everyone (knock on wood).

While I myself was a bit miffed at the reason he decided to show his talents to Ian and Sera, I guess it was a lighter, and unexpected way to do it than let's say, him having no choice but to do it once something happened to his mother. You also have to remember, he did this in front of Ian, who is his own personal butler, and would take his orders above everyone else, including his father, and Sera who is mother's personal maid.

Someone pointed out that he should just show a bit of his talent and hide in his brother's shadow, but that is just not possible because of one simple reason: his mother. Why else would the baron allow his shenanigans if it were not because of his mother. The baron's first marriage was one of benefit, while the second was out of love. I'm sorry to break it to you all out there, but your parent's have a kid they love more than the other(s). The satisfaction, hope, and effort they give one kid is above the rest, and the amount given is even more different with those who have different mothers. If Riley were to even show that he could defeat a novice, the amount of attention and expectation the baron would give him would be suffocating to him, and his brother's would probably hate him even more(and tried to get rid of him earlier).

This story has some dark elements that will affect the MC's behavior from time to time, but remember, he's "The lazy Swordmaster" not "The Incognito Swordmaster" so he will do things that seem 'out of character' to get something he wants as long as it doesn't affect his lifestyle too much. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
September 9, 2016
Status: c4
Un. As a typical Korean novels, please don't expect the conflict to be resolved in a mere 10 or so chapters. Newest chapter translated currently at ch4, and it barely touch the first conflict (Korean authors sure love that kind of pacing).

I'll give it a 4★ for now; might give it a 5★ later, depends on future chapters.
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SilverCrow63 rated it
February 23, 2017
Status: c52
When reading some of the negative reviews just realize that they are nitpicking over alot of the minor details. While this isn't a masterpiece of a story it there are parts that are unique and interesting.

The story rather slow paced. Revealing information about the characters and their past as the story goes along.

Here we have a former hero that has been reincarnated into a new life as he tries to avoid taking the same path as he did in his former life. This might irritate people who want the MC... more>> to show off his prowess
but a part of what makes the story interesting is that he pretends to be a worthless young master despite being slowly forced to reveal his abilities.


While it isn't directly stated we can assume that the MC was a high school student in a modern world like Earth, that was invaded by a demon lord and monsters.
"The hero could see the ashen black buildings made of concrete."

As a normal student he was forced to fight and not allowed to die due to the people expectations him. Forcing him to fight on as he watched those he loved die around him so that he continued on his 'noble' duty.
This is why he is determined to live his new life differently.


While some people might say the MC has an inconsistent personality keep in mind that he died young (so he isn't exactly mature) and was forced to kill and watch people die since high school. Not to mention the MC is scarred by his previous life affecting his decisions in his new life.

He hates the priests and religions that forced him to fight and give up the peaceful life other kids his age would have had. Which is why he disliked the preistess from the very start.


The MC is also a bit of a contradictory character. While he doesn't 'want' to interfere when a situation actually occurs in front of him he is usually forced to deal with it because no one else can. Despite this the MC tends to run away from the problems and ignore them so that he would not have to deal with them. However when he is forced into action the MC would tries to eliminate all possible threats from the shadows to prevent retaliation and would prefer to eliminate those that know of his true capabilities.

Another good point about why the MC doesn't want to show his talents by cyndor:

Someone pointed out that he should just show a bit of his talent and hide in his brother's shadow, but that is just not possible because of one simple reason: his mother. Why else would the baron allow his shenanigans if it were not because of his mother. The baron's first marriage was one of benefit, while the second was out of love. I'm sorry to break it to you all out there, but your parent's have a kid they love more than the other(s). The satisfaction, hope, and effort they give one kid is above the rest, and the amount given is even more different with those who have different mothers. If Riley were to even show that he could defeat a novice, the amount of attention and expectation the baron would give him would be suffocating to him, and his brother's would probably hate him even more(and tried to get rid of him earlier.


To summarize: There ARE reasons behind his actions but the story doesn't directly tell you. It will slowly reveal the details for you to piece together. Some of the parts people are complaining about are easily explained if you read the details in the story.

While it isn't the best story it is a interesting read about a MC that doesn't want to reveal his abilities and won't leave behind enemies that can cause problems. All for the sake of his peaceful life. <<less
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Sephy rated it
February 25, 2017
Status: c54
I mean the premise is simply, he was a hero and then he got betrayed and now he wants a simple life. Unforunately it seems all he does is bring attention to himself (whether via being useless instead of average) or just going from easy going to yandere in a split-second. The beginning was okay and it did have promise so I'll continue reading it but the mc is doing exactly the opposite of what will get him an "easy-going" life that he wants and its kinda stupid how his... more>> logic works. <<less
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