The Invincible Dragon Emperor


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On the Great Land of China, forces clashed for the sake of supremacy and Bloodline Warriors ran amok; the conflict of the strong threatened to shatter heaven and earth. A young man named Lu Li—nothing more than a humble Coffin Carrier from the Northern Desert—came along with Lu Ling, his sister. The two were regarded as puny insects and bullied, but little did people know that Lu Li had the strongest Bloodline of them all in him.

He mounted the most handsome of horses and drank the strongest of wines;

He bedded the most beautiful of ladies and murdered the most hated of people;

He told a huge lie and carried with him an ill-reputation undeserved;

He traveled all by his lonesome and danced with devils;

He had given his word that he would come back, that he would be strong.

And it was because of this that she was still waiting in the city—alone.

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New Yoburi rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c400

I read raws and damn this is a classic cultivation story but I really wish the MC sister was the protagonist she is probably the greatest cultivator genius I ever read in Xianxia. This woman is so damn smart and brutal even when she doesn't have any power at all she can still pretty much kill anyone that fucks with her and pretty much poison everybody to death.

MC is pretty much your cookiecutter but if the sister stay for the long run this could be a pretty epic novel best female support character ever.

UPDATE: Now I read all the way to chapter 400 and there was a solid plot going on with some force romance but the main problem is how all characters including the MC act in very idiotic ways sometimes. This novel have a huge plot armor for the MC and all female characters to the point it lose all tension because you just know the characters are going to be fine regardless how much despair the situation stays. So if you don't take the novel serious you are going to have fun.

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