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I definitely did not job change into a shut-in because I couldn’t survive in society.

I definitely did not become a wizard because I couldn’t find a girlfriend.

Actually, I’m pretty good at video games but those darned girls just don’t know how cool I am in the game.

Even the heavens could not tolerate a cool guy like me. As I was trying to save someone, I got run over by a truck and died.

Actually I just wanted to save that loli, that pretty boy can go kill himself…but I think I ended up saving both of them.

Perhaps the next world will be a better place…

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New MdragonWYL rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: c157
I am still reading the raws.

Don't get why the hate for gender bender.

I have to thank the people who put the gender bender tag at the time, I was able to find this novel because of the tag.

Came here for the gender bender, stayed for the story and plot.

But rest assured for people who... (read the spoiler maybe... )

... more>>

For the people out there who hate gender bender, rest assured the author stated that he / she have no intention of having the MC being a girl. The reason he look like a girl is... guess by yourself.



The MC is not a male and not a female in the first place but somewhat is considered a female currently. Not all devil is the same as the skill they got when they 'levelled up' is related to one of the 7 deadly sin usually a devil will have 1. Still reading but he seems to be going to have a harem (not a reverse harem), although I am not a harem fan, but the story is interesting enough for me to give 5 star.



The reason why I give 5 star is,

    • MC have flaws.
    • MC have feelings.
    • There is some plot armour but not extreme to the point that the MC have S rank luck.
    • He don't have grandpa but he have grandma.
    • There is the I am a male joke/ not a female joke.
    • The story itself isn't bad.
    • Not everyone dies.
    • The MC does fight.
    • The author doesn't write himself to a corner. Every situation the author create for the MC have the cause and after effects.
      <<< This is for people who want to drop the novel when they see sh*t happens situation.

It is debatable about the gender bender tag, but personally I feel that the tag is needed.

Reading author notes is important. <<< contains some spoilers.

Hope that I did not drop a huge bomb.


Review is subjected to changes as I read further on. <<less
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New ce05 rated it
September 13, 2017
Status: c50
Really good story actually.

I loved the very first chapter, you can practically feel the unhappiness of the MC. The following chapters after his rebirth are kind of a drag and were a real chore to get trough. But I do admit, its understandable given the MC and actually makes the story more realistic and luckily these annoying chapters end with quite the bang. After this the story really picks up and is very much worth the read.

his compatriots die on a frequent basis too, which is a plus... more>> in my book, it really makes you hope they will get trough another day and makes the reading more interesting.

if I had to take out a bad point it would be this slump at the start, that I mentioned <<less
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metazoxan rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c49
There are two things you need to know starting off. First don't let the boring description fool you. It literally only describes his life before reincarnating in the first chapter. It doesn't hint at what the actual story is like. Second... THIS IS NOT GENDER BENDER!!! The MC does question if he reincarnated as a girl but he's not. So all the reviewers calling it gender bender are wrong. It's just the translated part of the novel hasn't gotten to the part that confirms his gender. But more importantly this... more>> is what the novel is actually about.

First off this is an actual reincarnation story, not a transmigration one where the MC is just teleported to another world with his clothes still on his back. He's born as an actual baby and you see his reaction to being a baby again. Too few novels of this type bother to cover the MC's infancy at all. The story does start to drag a bit until chapter 10 as it follows the MC's childhood. At this point a major event occurs


You see in chapter 10 he comes across a devil girl being attacked by goblins. he manages to save her but at the cost of his own life. The girl can't save him but she does let a crystal absorb into his soul which allows him to reincarnate as an imp in the demon realm she is from and he is born from an egg meaning this is again actual reincarnation not transmigration.

So now the story has shifted from a general "reincarnation story" into a "reincarnates into a monster story". This makes is a very interesting take on that type of story.

He is a reincarnator from earth but he was first reborn as a human instead of a monster. His time as a human humbled him and made him not expect an easy life as a reincarnator and also gave him combat training and survival skills that a modern person of our world generally wouldn't have.

This was actually a really clever way to explain how the MC can fight and survive as a weak imp. Even if you go with the idea "He's smarter" the fact is still a normal person would just lack any fighting ability at all and would still die despite being more self aware.

Plus this mixes a "try to return home" element into the story rather than just the MC trying to survive as a monster.


For those reading this that don't want it spoiled I'll just say the novel can be separated into 3 main arcs. The growing up arc, and two survival arcs which I've broken into two because there are two different major areas.

One of the pluses of this novel is the MC does not start out with any cheat not does one just fall into his lap. The story time skips as he struggles but fails to become strong.

Besides the initial slow pace another issue is the MC's inferiority complex can be a bit annoying but given his situation it is understandable. But if you especially hate that attitude you may not like the first 10 chapters. Although I strongly encourage you to at least wait until after the shift in chapter 10 before deciding because his attitude does change.

Overall I really enjoy this series. It definitely shows signs of effort and the fight scenes shown so far have strategy and thought put into them. It truly feels like the MC is thinking before he attacks rather than relying on plot to win. Also things don't always work out for him. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
September 5, 2017
Status: c55
The first ten chapters were a 5/5 for me. We had a reincarnator who reincarnated and still was a loser, execpt he had a desire to improve himself. The story was three dimensional, the conflict was our character not having talent, what drove him was his inferiority to his sister and the local genius. Each of the characters in this portion of the story were unique, the sister, the father, and the talent. His motivation was the fact that his sister refused to leave for the academy until he made... more>> a breakthrough in his cultivation. Altogether we had desire to stop holding his sister back, envy, anger, and passion.

However the arc after his child stage is pretty bad. He becomes a devil and leads a army of nameless imps for at least forty-five chapters after his child arc. The arc so far feels aimless and full of filler. His motivation is surviving?? His desire is surviving??? The conflict is surviving??? His emotions are non existent?? On top of the story being monotonous because the passion/desire is gone, as well as notable motivations, the surviving part of the arc is extremely boring and repetitive. Each chapter feels like its some half assed page from a diary where he lists how his nameless army of imps fights day to day. None of the imps have personalities, nor do any of them even have real names. The closest thing, is that the MC calls people by their physical features (i. E One-Eye), however most of them he just calls by numbers. I guess the author decided to just not make names for anyone if he was not going to give them personalities either.

The survival itself is boring as sin. There is no tension in here, the MC rarely fights himself. The author fails to make conflicts seem noteworthy, or any deaths meaningful. Then the same gag is repeated chapter after chapter of the MC looking like a beautiful she-devil (execpt he is a man!!! LOL HOW FUNNY IS THAT!!!! THEY THINK HES A GIRL BUT HES A DUDE!!!! LOL), The joke was not funny the first time, and the author keeps beating a dead horse.

chapters 0-10 5/5

10-50 1/5

So far I'm giving it a 2/5 stars in hopes the story will improve from here on.

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Sherrynity rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c2
I got hooked from the first chapter. How should I put it..... this guy was just a weak minded yet kind man who tried his best to live, only to be thrown away by his peers. Yet even so, it's charming to see how, despite knowing he was a piece of trash (in society's PoV) hikkikomorI otaku, he retained his goodness even till the end.

Sure, for some reader, his self-depreciating attitude might pisses them off. But... how should I put it... All of us have been there at some... more>> point in our life, haven't we?

I might edit my review later. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: c45
So far, this novel can be separated into 2 distinct sections; the first 10 chapters and the rest of the novel. As such, I will address them separately. See my final note at the bottom about the Gender Bender tag or lack thereof.

At first, I was disappointed by the first 10 chapters. It's a long establishing section for the main character and his situation that is too long for the typical web-novel and more in-line for the establishment time of a standard book. However, having progressed past that point,... more>> I've found that the main character is developing quickly enough and subtly enough that if you didn't have a strong understanding of who they were before, you might not pick up on their changes. Personally, I appreciate this kind of subtlety, as most web-novels come across as very blunt in their character development. However, I have a feeling the average reader will have difficulty noticing the character development unless they were to go back to earlier chapters for direct comparison. In any other web-novel, this section would get a 4 for being too slow, but because it is a necessary foundation for the rest of the character development, it's a 5 in this one.

For the rest of the novel, I felt the author approached character development well. This is a web-novel, so it's obvious that the main character is going to make it to the end. Rather than building up pointless tension about whether or not the character will survive X situation, they focus on the condition of survival; primarily whether or not certain side characters will survive. Although, up to this point, none of the top 3 most distinguished side characters have been killed off, some of the recognizable side-cast haven't made it to the end, leading to some emotional loss to the MC. It's not on the level of Dumbledore dying or game of thrones, most of the named (numbered) side characters aren't overly distinguished, but more akin to losing a pet cat. Still, it's an intelligent form of character development, and as the longer-lived side characters continue to distinguish themselves and grow on me, the possibility of them dying does start to hold some actual tension considering the author hasn't shied away from killing off named side-characters in the past.

This novel has some strong points, but doesn't have any glaring weak points. It falls into some tropes and trends that all "MC grows strong" type novels are forced to fall into, but doesn't do anything immersion breaking or outside of believability. He has some good luck, but also some bad luck, and nothing is outside of reasonability. The MC has been given a Mcguffin that he isn't aware of which might, in the future, save him from an impossible situation, but he is neither aware of it up to this point, nor is he reliant on it. At this point, the MC's accomplishments are his own and the only "OP" powers he has is being reborn with human level intelligence and a significantly reduced fear of death from having died already. He is also following a unique development path, but this seems to be a product of his choices rather than an OP sort of gift or power. Despite his reduced fear of death, the MC isn't overly reckless, and comes across as a reasonably intelligent individual using strategy and planning to overcome brute strength type opponents and raise his subordinates.

My rating of 5 stars is considering where this novel is at the moment. It's still in the establishing/developing point of the story, so if you were to compare it with a complete story, it would obviously fall short. However, comparing this story to others at this same stage or to other completed works when they were at this same stage of development, this web-novel easily falls in the 5 star stage.

*Side Note* Also, to clarify any confusion about the gender-bender things, at this point nothing has been explicitly stated. Devils do have inherent genders, but don't develop obvious s*xual traits until they evolve further. However, devils still have the ability to instinctively distinguish gender amongst themselves, and every devil the MC has come across has described the MC's new body as female and a top-tier beauty, so in the future I expect the gender-bender tag to be warranted. However, the MC is in heavy denial about this fact, much to my amusement. I'm not sure why they've locked the Gender-Bender tag; it's at least male to genderless, which is still classified as gender-bender.

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Suzzie rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c17
If you like novels where the main character gets reincarnated as some kinda monster and gets to evolve than this novel is for you. Its basically kind of a lighter version of the goblin kingdom at the moment. Starts out with him getting reincarnated as a human and through unfortunate events he dies and gets reincarnated again as a monster. The only problems is that even though the main character has 4+ decades of actual knowledge, he still acts like a child. Because of the slow pace, most of the... more>> action won't take place until after about 7-8 chapters


so basically this guy gets reincarnated as a baby. His parents are killed or pretty early and he lives with his dad's friend. He soon falls in love with his sister but some bitch called sares comes outa nowhere and she starts to fall for him. Anyways, he decides to run away but gets caught in some conflicts with the goblins and dies. He than gets reincarnated as an imp in some hell-like place. There he kills and gets stronger while other imps are declaring their loyalty to him

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Corner Guy
Corner Guy rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: c30
This story is great. While following a few tropes, it does a good job of creating an interesting world. The translation quality is very good, and there are frequent updates. If thing keep going like this I can see this series getting very popular.

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ExiledZombieLord rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: --
I'm seeing a lot of confused people around here about the whole gender bender thing. I have looked around and have seen people who read ahead say that this novel is NOT a gender bender. Apparently when the MC becomes a demon he becomes genderless (which is not surprising because there definitely are genderless demons in mythology), also there was someone who said that later on the protagonist will regain his male gender later on in the story (about this I'm not 100% sure but I think based on... more>> the revised tags that it will be correct). So for all the people out there that don't like gender bender it should be OK. I have not read ahead myself so I can't say it is 100% certainty so if someone here has read the raws ahead of the translation can clarify this further in a spoiler tag it would be much appreciated ;).

As for the novel itself even though it's just starting up I'm certainly enjoying it (still hope it won't become gender bender ;)) <<less
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Granlie rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c26
I'd rate this 4. 5, I gave it the better end of the stick.

Translation is Above amateur, some spelling mistakes but it is very skillfully done and easier to follow than a lot of other light novels.

Some tags are minimally present, if you're here for the genderbender for instance it is halfway into the chapters and slowly creeping. I have a feeling it will be fully present in maybe another 10 chapters.

Some of the beginning chapters are strung out a bit with repetition, for me this... more>> is fine because they are medium sized chapters and when I started reading it had about 9 more chapters before it took off. If it only had say 7 chapters I probably would not have continued this novel.

Now about the Novel, the MC is very smart compared to a lot of other novels but is not as quick witted as he could be, in the further chapters he's a bit dead to the outcomes in the later chapters. Ex.

People keeps treating him like a female so you'd think he'd check on it by looking at the waters reflection or something. He's learned about the stages of demon's land but it completely stupefied him when he ended up in this predicament.


On contrary to the story line,

I really want to know what's going to happen in the future as the Demon princess declared the MC as her fiance, and him now being a female demon. I'm predicting that he will meet her in the last stage before he tries to go to the human world again. Also predicting that in the later stages of demon evolution change he'll gain more of a human like appearance.


The two things I am most disappointed about in this novel is the lack of using the MC's name frequently and that it should be used with colons as someone is talking because I legit forgot the name as it rarely turns up, something like Mo ke, idk. Also that in later chapters 14+ a lot of influential side characters are given stupid names that you'd think would be a bit more thought out, even if it was like four or so. Anywho that's just a small issue, but the second issue was that they were being killed off too easily and some of them were said to have stuff done to them but somehow turned up again.

If you guys like stable progressing novels, a smarter MC, are able to follow along easily and a journey that's sure to pack a punch in the future I would recommend this novel.

Also this novel is updated quite frequently which I enjoy.

I expect good things... <<less
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August 26, 2017
Status: c19
Interesting novel, a little slow paced especially the fist 10 chapters. The MC is more of a schemer rather than the typical one man army. In summary this novel is a good read except for 1 flaw in my opinion, there was no need for it to be gender bender. This is also 1 of the reasons im thinking if I should still continue reading this.

btw when I first went here there was no gender bender tag, it was only updated late so I had no way knowing that
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VannVann rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c51

1st review, ch28

The first 10 chapters are boring, but once you have red chapter 10 then the real deal starts.

Our MC so far was not born with any cheats, was not given a grandpa or had found an amazing item lying around for free.

... more>>

prehaps the Necromancy book could be counted as one but he went through great pains and actuall effort to get it


We can really see how Mo Ke develops as a character and how his enviroment changes him... or is it a her? Maybe he/she will be genderless.

2nd review, ch48

I am fully in love with this story! There are so many things that effect Mo Ke! If you havent red the first 10 chapter you probably wouldn't have noticed it. Truth be told the first ten chapters almost killed me from inside. I hated our MC who basicly thought the world revolved around him. Always expecting to be something special. I would have dropped it then if I haven't noticed that "He" (at the time) started growing a bit. "He" always did "his" best, ebiet out of expectation of "him" being special but Mo Ke persistantly did it for many years and urged "his" adopted sister to leave for the academy.

Once Mo Ke became a demen he/she started developing in a way that was no longer painful for me to read. He/she felt emotions, no longer expected anything special out of his/her life. Mo Ke had luck and bad luck in equal amounts, amounts that a normal person has and was greatfull for all of the aportuneties life gave him/her.

Mo Ke became attached to the potatos which were his/her subordinates. The named ones played a bigger part in the story.


What really got me was Big1's death. He was so loyal and devoted to Mo Ke. Calling himself lordship I couldn't hep but to love him! And yet... he died. Just like other named imps before him... It was werry painful for Mo Ke and myself and our demon MC even cried. I always thought that Big1 would live. This ultimatly made me concerned for the other named devils. I in particular worry about yet to be named Mo CI and her baby. Mo Ke was so worried about her that Im afraid if she or the baby died Mo Ke would lose his/her sanety for a long while and go on a rampage. thats how much attachemnt MC has for this weak devil.


3rd review ch51


OH GOD WHY!! MO CI NOOO!!! Why? Just as I though that she will get better and become a reacuring character... SHE WAS EVEN NAMED DAM IT! Well, on the brith sid ethe egg is fine, not only that but its also a tier 4 as the prison of the dead appeared below the church.


But honestly I no longer belive in love and happiness. This nove crushed me. I shall no longer have brith expectations for even brither future... yea. it's not gonna happen. But I shall still read this story...


All in all I still give this story a 5/5 and will keep updating this review! <<less
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