The Book Eating Magician


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[‘Lightning Magic Primer’ has been consumed. Your understanding is very high.] [The 2nd Circle magic ‘Lightning Bolt’ has been acquired.] The unprecedented magician who will eat all the magic books of the world has appeared !

The Book Eating Magician average rating 4.3/5 - 194 user ratings
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The Book Eating Wizard
책 먹는 마법사
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New Ignus rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: c40
Not a bad story, no issues found.

But, it is lacking in character. The thing that separates it from another story. The author's creative touch.

It feels dry, with little excitement built with words as to what could be, danger, intrigue. Even the action doesn't stand out as that great. It feels like the story is following a script rehearsal without costumes and make-up.

Examples: ... more>>

MC gets a grimoire named glutton. So much stuff could be done with this. Like MC freaking out having a parasite in his hand that could kill him. Asking it questions on its origins, or possible harmful/side effects to the owner.

Or a true trek through dangerous mountains, rather than clean sailing until, oh an ambush, fight the main boss and win, and everything returns to status quo. No angst at first kill, no spoils of war, no reflection on combat, or words spoken about it from his mentor... Nope, just arriving at the amazing city with vast walls....

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New hero rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: --
It's weird, usually when I get my hands on a PDF / EPUB of  decently written novels, I breeze through the chapters. For this one though, I've probably spent 20x more time just to get to the 20th chapter because I keep putting my reader down. I've been trying to put a finger on what exactly it's been that's been boring me and I've finally figured it out. Blandness.

This novel is extremely bland. So bland in fact that this might be the most detached I've been reading a novel. I... more>> just don't really care about anything about it. The MC, the characters, the world which hasn't even been delved upon. Apart from the whole parasitic mouth / grimore in his hand, everything is generic. Hell, the amazing capital of the amazing city is named. Mana-vil.

Also, usually the first "beatdown" or "face-slapping" in these types of novels are extremely satisfying. My reaction here? "Oh okay." That's it.

What the hell is with the game-like system as well? It makes sense if it the MC originally came from the real world but it just doesn't belong here. There's even the whole thing about connecting / synchronizing with dead mages.

It honestly feels like the author just thought of one interesting factor and played it super safe everywhere else. Just grabbing from other novels left and right. Hell, it even grabbed the Loli earth elemental from The Gamer.

Web novels have been getting more and more popular. With that, the quality of a novel needs to be higher than the vast majority. I've probably read close to a hundred web novels and have dropped over 90% of them. This isn't about to be a part of the 10% I'm still reading.

It's on WW though so I'm sure it'll still be popular and get rated highly. It's just not something which passes for me. <<less
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gottafly rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c5
With a grimoire having vast knowledge....there are endless possibilities. It's pretty pathetic for MC to worried about graduating. Granted the author may had made him with a weakened personality or whatever but due to that the story became very dull. (Oh I want to be strong cause ppl looked down on me so I will try hard to graduate. Even though I have this greedy eating grimoire that can change it all, I still want to graduate. Really?)

Why not ask about other magic? Immortality? Time magic? Different dimension/world? etc.....

MC not... more>> worried about getting caught with books disappearing in the library?

Why not look for awesome magic books?

I think the story would've been better if the author didn't made the story like a knock-off product of other novels like game system prompts. This is a very cliche story of unoriginal ideas. (I know there are at least 2 stories out there about grimoires and a bunch about MC eating/absorbing to power up ie*RE:Monsters) <<less
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mrttao rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c34
c8: So far its not bad.

MC is well versed in magic theory but cannot graduate from magic academy due to lack of innate casting talent. Finds an ancient grimoire in the school's magic library that chooses him based on his personality.

The gromoire latches on to him like a parasite and can eat books (a limited quantity per day) and IF he has already mastered the theoretical knowledge in the book he fed it then it will give a related boost (like the memories of the author practicing the magic in question).... more>> This also has limitations, for example he cannot benefit from the summoning fire elemental familiar spell because he lacks fire affinity. So the spell is useless to him. It feels like a vastly nerfed version of The Gamer, but with a better in universe justification.

It is an OP cheat, but so far its not completely crazy. Also aside from the main power, the story itself is so far pleasant enough. Time will tell if it continues to be well written.

c34 Edit: It got somewhat less pleasant to read so I am dropping a star. MC is somewhat annoying now and keeps on rushing into melee despite being a glass canon.

Furthermore, the limitations on the MC disappeared in a puff of smoke. He gets instant cast slots from the grimoire. He can eat normal magic items  (not books) with no limit to rapidly level up his cultivation rank, get special powers, and even increase his talent. such that he becomes super broken OP super fast. He also got a summon now, earth elemental. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c44
Surprisingly good. I expected the usual power trip fantasy of some kid with a cheat beating all of his competitors into the dust, but this is actually a very well thought out story so far. The main character is diligent and smart, the plot is refreshing, and the magic system has a good structure.

As for gottafly's review, it should be disregarded. The guy has no idea what he's talking about. He is terribly impatient and has no appreciation for proper storytelling. His complaints are worthless, and if he had bothered... more>> to read more than just five chapters, would have seen that they have been perfectly addressed. <<less
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Darkzeta rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c35
Wow. This book was a surprise to me.

I'm glad I gave it a chance.

The MC is NOT OP off the bat and even if he got his 'cheat' he actually has to evolve and grow with it. Sure the far future implications of such a 'cheat' is that by chapter 200 (currently at 35 he is just starting to battle) he will be a god like being. But meh. I figure I got used to Super Saiyinjin Stage 1 Goku, I can get used to the MC here too when... more>> that day comes. haha!!

Overall if  you like bright and sensible MC, who actually are thinkers before bashers, then you will like this story.

Skillers over Killers is my preference. <<less
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Simple As It
Simple As It
June 25, 2017
Status: c21
Early review, so I won't rate it for now.

Story about a boy who lack of talent in magic but very smart in theories. The story itself is not that bad but there is lack reasoning of main character existence, why he became 'trash', why he receive that grimore, for what? are his family in trouble? is he have someone to protect? what reasoning to become 'strong'?. The story really lackluster in short.

If you ever read "skeleton in other world" novel, then it feels like that. MC didn't have a Long-term goal,... more>> most of it just short-term. and if you would compare to the same novel that being translated by RainbowTurtle, "Praise The Orc!" though both of them are casual and not heavy to read, but praise the orc are much much better 10x times than this.

Not recommended to read, at least for now, not sure in the long future but now? don't waste your time. <<less
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Sairony rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: c51
I really like this one as far as op MC with cheat novels goes.


    • The cheat is fairly interesting, absorbing stats / abilities / knowledge from items fed to it depending on the item. There's other features to it as well, some which needs to be unlocked through leveling.
    • Combat & spell system is a lot better than average. It revolves more around combination of effects rather than absurd 1 shot attacks.
    • Western names, it's so much easier to keep track of characters for me at least.
    • The characters actually have some sort of character. The potential love candidate isn't a kingdom toppling beauty with perfect 10 in all stats.
    • So far it progresses at a fairly nice pace with little filler & bullshit.

    • Cheat item is sentient & contains incomparably vast amounts of knowledge. While it does give the author a lot of freedom to feed us with information to progress the story forward, you have to live with the fact that MC doesn't feel the need to abuse it more.
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Pythonspace rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c40
I will simply say that this "review" is simply to correct some rubbish. YOU CANNOT review a novel in 5 freaking chapters. Stop it. Go away and read the novel beyond that before writing a review. What's worse? The guy posted that on July 1st on that day we had more than 30 chapters.

As for the novel it's still in a world-building state. To be quite honest we are still finding out more about his power. To me the author doesn't necessarily go in depth enough in his fights. Granted... more>> maybe he has a plan and would rather focus on progressing the story to do higher level fights. The fact is at 40 chapters it's interesting. Not the next WMW, ISSTH, DE(didn't this start out slow as well),Everyone ER or Renegade Immortal(Well certain parts). Overall I have to be honest with you. It's moving along and that is true. However, with the world-building still going on at chapter 40 and it still feels a tad early before the end(yes this is typically a constant thing throughout the story, but it feels like in it's infancy still). As well as only being at 89 current chapters... I would suggest hold off if the premise isn't enough to draw your interest. Or a silly 5 chapters *cough*.

Overall it's different, read the premise understand he's going to get some "power" as they always do. Then at LEAST try until 20. The chapters are NOT long. Anyways I'll try and update this in the future when we catch up. Which we will because this translator is a machine! <<less
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summers rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: c20
Not much to say. MC is not a jerk that's good, or a wimp; but nothing about him as a character seemed interesting. His cheat (there is always a cheat) is a magic book that eats other magic books, that increases his stats and knowledge; he is not OP that's good, but reading about a guy looking for stuff to feed his book is boring. Its not bad though so i give it 3.
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cray0909 rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c43
It's a pretty good novel for me. Granted it's in the early stages, but I read the current chapters in one sitting and I didn't get fact, it had me craving for more. I find the MC quite likeable actually with his set of worries and circumstances that makes me root for him, but yeah, it's still in the early stages so I can't say much as we have yet to peel the layers of the MC and other characters' personality. All I can say, give it a chance.... more>> It might surprise you. <<less
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hiddendeath388 rated it
June 27, 2017
Status: c25
Rated it 5 stars purely because I've enjoyed it so far.
... more>>

Now the story as everyone else has explained is about how the grimoire 'Gluttony' attached itself to a student named Theodore Miller who has nearly no magic sensitivity but is extremely studious to the point of having as much knowledge as some professors at his school. To learn more about 'Gluttony' I feel "mrttao" explains it best so I won't just re-write what they already stated.

The story so far is enjoyable but don't expect a major enemy right at the start like in other novels. At this point in time there is no clear direction on what the MC's goals are in the future and honestly that's okay in my opinion. As of right now the MC is just taking one step at a time and trying to find a steady way to keep himself alive because 'Gluttony' will consume the MC if it's not fed books.

Overall, I do suggest reading this novel just don't expect fights left and right. It's simply a story about a clever kid, emphasis on the word KID,  trying to be a magician so that he can explore the world of magic.

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Boon rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c43
4/5 @ chapter43. Maybe 4.5/5, but it's a bit early for such a high rating.

A nice gary-stu setup, but with a reasonable and personable MC. He is willing to trust those that he should trust with his secret OP item, and make real friendships, unlike 90% of MC's on novelupdates.  There is decent character development, and an enjoyable cast thus far.  Besides the standard OP cheat item helping the MC to make a comeback, there aren't an overabundant amount of cliche tropes or cringy antagonist moments. Although it's a bit... more>> early, but there isn't any filler, and nothing forcing me to skim. <<less
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HorseHeadGuy rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c26
A pretty good new novel RainbowTurtle has decided to pick up.

The story revolves around a young magician repeating his third year of magic school for the third time. He is the best student in terms of knowledge, but his magic control is really lackluster.

The translation is 4.5/5, with very few minor mistakes, and the story so far has been fresh and a notch above the rest. Also, the characters we have been introduced to thus far are nicely fleshed out.

All in all, the quality of this novel has been top... more>> notch, I am really enjoying it, and I  sincerely hope it stays that way. <<less
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