Surviving a Harsh Fantasy with Cheat Items


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This is the story about a bashful and inconspicuous high schooler surviving a harsh fantasy world with valor and a minimal amount of wisdom.

The person himself apparently aims to become a hero, however, unfortunately for him, he possesses no swordsmanship or talent for magic.

The only thing he can count on is his half-hearted knowledge he acquired previously from modern Japan. Now, in order to survive, he’s forced to convert that knowledge of his into money.

While doing so, the main protagonist will rise into becoming a secretary assistant, trade company owner who manages slave girls, knight, and a hero.

Surviving a Harsh Fantasy with Cheat Items average rating 3.8/5 - 166 user ratings
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Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku
Surviving a Harsh Fantasy with Cheat Items
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New pomoli rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: c10
Meh, too much plot holes, too much nonsense. It could have been awesome, instead it's just below average.



  • The idea of a transported story without an overpowered hero is good. At least that way modern knowledge is used, instead of being forgotten after one chapter like I see in most stories.
  • Pretty illustrations.
  • Long chapters.
  • Pretty ladies but not a ton of ecchI content ruining the plot. At least not in the beginning.
  • Not a fan of slightly pervert MC, but he's not a huge one, so it's still bearable.
  • Translation is OK. No Japanese words kept because they are "cool" like I see sometimes, making it a cringe fest to read. Only honorific titles are left, and that is acceptable.

  • The MC is WAY too carefree: he's transported to another world, nearly dies because of his stupidity, but no anxiety, everything is alright...
  • Side characters are too open about him not being from there. They accept it just like that. No one is bothered that a totally literate stranger appears like this in a random village? Come on...
  • Side characters lack personality and revolve too quickly around the MC. It's like they were waiting for him or something.
  • Business and people reaction are weird.

    For example, Lyle helped the MC to make bombs without asking for anything in return, and after that always being with him in his business. Or the MC negotiation skills being non-existant. Or the Earl they see in Est being super polite with someone who is basically a nobody.

  • Huge plot holes, especially in how he creates his inventions. I mean,

    there are bombs, and he is able to create them just like that. No explanations. Last time I checked, even an engineer would find that super difficult without any prior base industry to lean on. And also, NO ONE thinks this is great for wars? And outside of that: gunpowder is invented, but no one cares until he does something with it???

  • The exchange rate between Japanese yen and this world currency is dumb. No exchange of goods, no exchange rate, economy 101.
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Felix3D rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: c21
The premise is very interesting. It's a slower-developing "build items" kind of story, like Ascendence of Bookworm, and so on. However, it is marred by illogical developments and a forced sense of "Maturity" and "Darkness" that are neither justified nor earned, leading to mood whiplash. Truly, as an earlier reviewer noted, "Too Convenient" can be applied to the novel as a whole. But more accurately "Societal Idiot Ball" - somehow prerequisite tech has been ignored for centuries when analogous developments have flourished. The characters are two-dimensional, and the situations come... more>> off as extremely contrived.

Nobody really has agency, not even the MC, as the Author excessively railroads things in order to get things done. Very little character development happens at all, and even "Situation development", (i. e. like the reaction shots in I Am a Superstar or the "effects on the surroundings summaries" that we get in other novels, like DeathMarch's interludes/intermissions/sidestories) tend to not happen at all.

The premise is still interesting, and the protag isn't some sort of giant d*ck and is inherently portrayed as fallible.

It is a refreshing take that is not that ecchI or gore-focused, but unfortunately the author's naivete, ignorance, and general lack of experience shine through...

It's not good. The idea behind it is though. And maybe it'll get stronger as we go on... but at the same time, the inherent japanese-ness of the writing is getting in the way of a good story.

No longer relevant -

And this is all before we get to the Translator, ukel2x - DO NOT READ THIS ON HIS SITE. He has clearly decided to milk his translations with malware installing ads! Multiple PAGELOADS with multiple ads, including 3 phishing style ones, 1 drive by download, and a few pop ups (in window pop ups too) to top it all off.

Oh yeah he also as "Block Adblock" on, so you'll have to slug through this hazardous mire.

DO NOT VISIT ON MOBILE. Your browser may crash and it is very likely that things will be downloaded without your permission, leading to serious problems if your phone is Rooted or flashed with custom ROMS.

Edit: He has removed "block adblock" and has dialed back on the redirects and ads, though bad ones are still there. I no longer consider it hazardous to normal browsing

Edit (referring to Ukel2x) : This series has been dropped, because, "I just saw in Novelupdate that RE:trans are translating this series and they already posted the prolouge. Since they are more accurate in translation I think I have to give up this one and also there are 6 people working on that project, so maybe they can update faster.

So to show respect to their Work I decided dropping Kokugensou. below is the link to their TL-site. " (sic)

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Weedisdaboss rated it
April 18, 2016
Status: --
He got powned for thinking he was a hero, so that was fun, give it a try, he is even changing the world, so mutch better than other MC`s that only do adventure jobs and all that... btw this story is filled with PLOT :)
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Chourou rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: --
This is an ok novel. Not amazing. It is enjoyable to read. But I feel like... Some stuffs are lacking. Some scenary are lacking. I can't really put my word to it.

The main character... He is either a lolicon or weak to assertive women. Or perhaps he is a flatchest fetish.

The translaton is ok I guess, though it is a bit weird here and there. Missing words, wrong grammatics.

Edit: Chapter 36+37 Made me thinking even more of "somethings are missing" Or is it the way the chapter... more>> were structured in writing that made it all weird? Hmmm. I also went from 3 stars to 2 stars. Chapter 38 dropped in translation quality. Unless its the translators fault but I also feel the writer suddenly lost his own context. If english is not your native language or your first language, go google context definition. And then a second thought occur to me, did they copy paste from machine translation?

For example: here is a text line from chapter 38 "With a thud, I heard a dull sound. I receive an intense shock from a chest and vanish behind. " Eh???

Another: "The Magical bullet of rebellion was not able to stop by the black dragon wyvern scale armor. " A bit wrong structured text line! <<less
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hellogarry rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c16
The story's plot is promising but sadly there was way too much plot holes. I love how he is a powerless MC instead he use his brain and created a company but sadly that was the flaw. For example creating the gun and cannon have gone way too smooth.

... more>>

Create Blueprint > Send to Blacksmith > Get Guns and Cannon > Kill enemies.


The author didn't even tried to make it difficult. He was an ordinary high school otaku, even with knowledge from his excessive research, and skilled blacksmith helping him, it's impossible for a gun and cannon to be created in merely few days without any problems. And he even used it already on actual combat. You do realize that guns and cannons can explode in your face if there is even a small defect.

Duke Daughter was the same BUT it took her half a year and more of research (base from the timeline of the story) before releasing her products and she have teams of researcher perfect it.

It would be more realistic if the author made a more "realistic" timeline for creating his products. I can let the harem being way too convenient aside since most story nowadays are like that anyway.


Losgow to Est is 9 days and Losgow to the Capital is 4 days. What the heck? It might be TL problems or maybe the source I got was old but if this way real then it's really stupid. I mean it takes few days from Est to Losgow but Lyle got the guns way too quickly. The travel back and forth would take 18 days in total and with those number of days the monster army of 200 can already move out.

Plus Lyle alone traveled from Est to Losgow and back to Est with all those monsters rampaging. Plain stupid to be honest.


The antagonist are way too stupid.


Aside from the brainless monsters.

The noble knights are prideful but seriously the author made them way too stupid just to glorify the MC. It was done way too openly so there was no thrill to it.


Finally the MC is getting in my nerve.


For some reasons he is getting in my nerve. Who the heck call themselves 'kind'.


This fantasy world is not at all HARSH to him. It is way too KIND to him to be honest. The only hardship he got is getting bitten by dogs so far.

I'm still in the beginning of the story so it might get better hopefully though.

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September 6, 2017
Status: c42
I read to here... I like the ideal the MC not great. The plot holes are large. Things go way to smoothly.

I cought up to 42 awhile back... and never even thought about checking up on new chapters. I had forgotten I had this story in my read file. So when I looked up the title I was like... ah kinda remember it but not really so I had to re read chp 40, 41 and 42 before I was saying mehhh there more chapters to read but im... more>> not even interested that much.

Its an barely okay story. there are worse out there. And there are some that are much better. <<less
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elhessan rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c51
Good premise, don't know what they mean by cheat items though, average of everything, inconsistent MC growth (when you thought the MC has grown, you will find yourself disappointed) three stars because of average.

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Zeikfried rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c31
Like others have stated, the story started off strong with a great premise. It was nice to begin in an idyllic setting without the inherent McGuffins to drive the plot along. It was nice to see a protagonist trundle along, hefting his britches, and working his ass off like anyone of us normal plebs.

However, this story falls back onto track of light novel tropes very quickly. You'll see 2 dimensional villains, cavalcades of lolis, hot spring gags, and easy answers to hard questions. I imagine... more>> anyone interested in technology/industrialization, genuine romance, or even action will be disappointed in the long run.

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