Starting from Zero


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If video game currency is to exchange with real life currency, then it must have a powerful economic entity to guarantee the exchange rate. Furthermore this entity is none other than a country’s government. But why would a government guarantee the ability to exchange video game currency with real life currency?

War can also be fought with currency. Winning victory without firing a shot is a way to topple a country. A game where real money can be exchanged, a super money-making machine. Its name is <<Zero>>, and it is a financial explosion from head to tail.

Starting from Zero average rating 3.4/5 - 96 user ratings
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Cóng Líng Kāishǐ
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New dragonmage124 rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: --
...gave it a try but it goes from bad to worst as you read on and frankly many fan-fictions are better than this.

Game mechanics 1/100 star: Leveling up is simple to the point where you can not even bother to look for gears (they are not level locked but base stat locked so most looking for gear is worthless until after level 200 when leveling slows down)... no clear breakdown of the game coins [even a level 200+ can struggle to get some while a level 100+ can be loaded... more>> with coins]... game skills are not mentioned beyond the class basics even it was said he could buy them from shops or they drop from monsters.... no real story quest [or in game quest for that matter]. The list goes on

Romance 0/100 star: He meets a girl more beautiful then himself she gets in danger he helps her she is his plot no work all within a few chapters..

Plot armor(?) I have to question if it is right to say he has plot armor or to just say the story is all plot armor. The game is something made 2/3rds by his parents companies a limited advance car [that even the government can only get a few of] is just given to him for no reason. NPCs give him wealth and do not care when he pays them back..he gets a hidden class just because of his parents when he finds a bug in-game... and I just goes on <<less
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rikuolin623 rated it
February 10, 2016
Status: --
Well the cover is misleading…

Author introduced the MC as a godly trap (somewhere along the lines of Hideyoshi/Totsuka) and now the cover is some buff dood…

Putting that aside, the story is pretty interesting albeit it the MC might just be as OP as the MC from Shura
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jacobpaige rated it
March 15, 2016
Status: --
This is an extremely boring series where the MC spends most of each chapter becoming progressively more OP for no real reason while doing nothing particularly special to acquire his various extremely OP cheats. There's no characters to speak of other than the MC and he's either too bland to pay attention to or thoroughly unlikable depending on how generous the reader is feeling. The series so far (v2c2) has no redeeming qualities and is not worth reading.
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Molenir rated it
April 12, 2017
Status: --
As others said. The story is just bad. Very op mc, playing a game, given unbelievable luck. If that's the only problem, then I wouldn't mind, but it's like the author never considered the ramifications of his choices for the mc.

For example, in the game, if you are over lvl 20 and get killed, you turn into a ghost, and have to make your way back to town, find a special priest, pay him to be brought back. Given that this is... more>> a game, this mechanic makes absolutely no sense. And there are many other bits of stupidity as well. I gave it 2 stars, because despite the stupidity, it's easy to read.. <<less
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Ignus rated it
February 23, 2017
Status: c10
I tired to like this Light Novel.

I typically enjoy reading VRmmorpgs Ding Fest/Japtem novels like LMS (Legendary Moonlight S) It even has an interesting background story about using the game to wage war in the Synopsis. It has a good translator.

BUT.... this story is a whole different level of stupid. Even if the target audience is supposed to be 7 year old children. (If so, bad cover art choice)

Every chapter MC gets a random OP boost without even doing anything. He gets unbalanced game breaking random rewards at character creation,... more>> and wanders around lost for a few chapters running into OP Pets, items, etc...

I read someone else review on another Novel, and he put it really well.... The plot armor is measured in miles, not inches.

This story is actually hard to review because it is so lacking that there is nothing to review about. The bad rating is not even about what is written into the story, but what is not. MC starts game in "starting village". Spends 2 chapters to kill things, and leaves the starting village. No boss fight, no exploration, no special quests he can use his high charm stat to get... Absolutely Nothing...

At best, this story reads like a rough draft. A generic plot, and general direction of story laid out, but without anything else. <<less
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Llamia rated it
May 25, 2016
Status: v2c5
Right now there is a problem with why you would read this. It interests me somewhat, but not greatly. The MC has a more than good background and has a shitton of luck. The "normal setting" isnt gonna change the fact that he's a young rich master with a massive amount of luck. The extreme luck thing barely goes well with an underdog MC, so why would it fair well with a rich one.

I would read this because of the OP character and the fact that I'm curious... more>> about how the author or if the author will make me feel for the MC. What will make this MC flawed aside from his trap looks? <<less
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acoleman2 rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c5
I don't say this lightly, but this novel was actually bad. Just bad. I can handle ridiculous luck in these sorts of novels. Zhan Long and similar novels are full of miracle encounters and BS luck. I enjoy them despite that. This novel seems like the author was too lazy to even come up with those opportunities. Instead of gaining access to some ridiculous quest or creating your own skill, the author gives the MC overpowered power ups right at the start simply because the... more>> MC was one of the first to buy a game helmet.

He got two main professions, 3 side professions, bonus stats, right off the bat for no reason other than he got the first helmet. Something like that would totally unbalance the game

It feels like the author couldn't decide how to make the MC exceptional, so he came up with the ultimate BS reason to make the MC so OP from the very beginning he wouldn't even need to specialize or have lucky opportunities. It's like Shura's Wrath only the MC doesn't even have to go on quests or have miraculous encounters in game to be exceptional. I gave this one star but if I could I'd give it zero (Hah! Puns) <<less
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psychobee rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: v3c8
If you want a novel without serious thinking then you can read this. Each chapter is long and until now there not many exciting battle. But it's quite funny how his interaction with NPC and how super his luck.

This is about a trap (men that looks like a woman) that plays VRMMORPG [ZERO] that his mother make and he wants to play without his mother helps. Thats why its a "start from zero".

He don't have a martial arts knowledge or a smart mind. But he had a super luck.... more>> Like when the game company give a reward by random, he get it. When he search for a magic pet, he get a dragon and phoenix without battle. When he lost in a forest, he find a hidden city. And because the NPC had a different personalities just like a human, he get close with them and get many other benefits from them. <<less
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wolf_Priest13 rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: v4
Give this light novel a chance in volume 3 things pick up and become pretty interesting. Also the other reviewers are bad mouthing a light novel over 23 chapters of story. there is like hundreds of other light novels that take like 50 chapters to even get past the prologue part of the story so in volume 3 it picks up and becomes really interesting. Also the MC is not bland without any charm. he also interacts with a lot of NPC's and some players. and in volume 3 he... more>> starts hanging with another person for the for see able future

a better description would be. MC starts the virtual reality game with a lucky chance at a prize, he also gets a high luck stat which brings him some really lucky chances for things. after a bit the MC meets a girl and they adventure together. <<less
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