Seirei Tsukai to Shinjuu Tsukai no Shounen


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The world where an existence called spirit supports the life of living beings around the world.

A boy lives there. Hiiragi Akito, a 2nd year student in Element Academy, a school which train spirit users. However, He is a spirit user who can’t make a contract with spirits. Like his father, He hopes that he can join the order of spirit knight, as he is frustrated with his situation that can be said as a lower rank student in the school. However, is there a reason why he can’t make a contract with spirits?

This is a high tension battle fantasy of the boy who contracted an existence called divine beast and the girls who use spirit!

Seirei Tsukai to Shinjuu Tsukai no Shounen average rating 3.8/5 - 46 user ratings
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10/10/16 segmeton translation v1c1v1c1
10/03/16 segmeton translation v1 prologuev1 prologue
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