Return of the Net Gaming Monarch


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Violence, Rogue, two names that had long since faded away from the limelight. In a new game, The Strange World, they appear once again. The two former legends, once more rise to glory.

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch average rating 4.2/5 - 24 user ratings
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Date Group Release
05/23/17 Shiroyukineko... c8c8
05/21/17 Shiroyukineko... c7c7
05/21/17 Shiroyukineko... c6c6
05/19/17 Shiroyukineko... c5c5
05/18/17 Shiroyukineko... c4c4
05/17/17 Shiroyukineko... c3c3
05/16/17 Shiroyukineko... c2c2
05/07/17 Read Me Translations c1-2c1-2
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