Realms In The Firmament


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Ye Xiao, was a superior cultivator in his previous life. The three factions of the realm kill millions of people every time they attempt to seize cultivation resources. Wealthy towns turn to wastelands in just a single night. They cover up their crime with assertion that the towns were suffering from pestilence and disasters.

They forcibly hold all the resources for cultivation, monopolize all valuable practice materials, and keep outsiders from cultivating so that only their three factions could cultivate in the realm. Ye Xiao declared war against the three factions in retaliation of their actions. He fought alone and ended up dying in vain. However he is reborn into the mortal body of a 16 year-old boy. He will use the powers he cultivated in his last life and slaughter his way back into the Realm. The story begins!

Realms In The Firmament average rating 4.2/5 - 396 user ratings
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Firmament of the Heaven Domain
Thiên Vực Thương Khung
Tian Yu Cang Qiong
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fallen dust
fallen dust rated it
April 28, 2016
Status: c1431
Fenglin Tianxia and Tang Jia San Shao are my most favorite Chinese author. I just love their works as their novels are not repetitive and they always try to do something new and keep things interesting. The romance in their novels are well thought out but I always keep Fenglin Tianxia above TJSS because FT's novels are a level more interesting than TJSS's novels.

Those who read FT's other novels...

★ Transcending The Nine Heavens
★ Otherworldly Evil Monarch.

Will have to agree that these two novels are absolute masterpieces from FT, specially... more>> TTNH which is my most favorite novel, which I'll very very very very HIGHLY recommend to everybody.

Now... to Realms In The Firmament, judging from the authors other works, my expectations of this novel is really high and until now. The latest translated chapter, FT didn't disappoint me in the slightest. Although, the story seems somewhat similar to FT's previous novels, but what I can understand from the plot of the story. I think that this story too will be equally interesting like the other two novels, as well as it's story line will be vastly different from the previous two novels.

I will update the review, when I find the time to finish reading all the raw chapters.


As I expected FT didn't disappoint my expectations at all! From what I've read until now, the plot of the novel is completely different from TTNH & OEM. Throughout, the first arc of the story the MC uses politics and plotting to survive as he isn't strong enough but the action (fighting/killing) starts as soon as he gains the strength to fight. Like the author other works this novel too has fulfilling romance, the female leads are not two dimensional or pea-brained, they have their own unique personality.

Also, how can we forget the comedy... FT's funny bone at action yet again. This novel is completely different from other reincarnation themed novel. This is the first ever novel where we explore the problems of reincarnation and it's effects on the characters surrounding the MC.
"What will happen if everyone finds out that you are a reincarnated soul in the body of someones loved ones...?" Did anybody explored this topic before? I don't think so...and this very thing makes this novel that much unique and interesting than other reincarnation based novels.

The side characters and villains are as expected. They are not dumb and stupid. The little stupidity they show is to add the element of comedy in the novel that's all. As for the MC's motive for cultivation, I think it's all reasonable... I mean what will you do with power and immortality if you can't be with your loved ones. What use is being powerful if you can't protect your loved ones with it or exact revenge on your enemies?

There is slaughtering but its not mindless killing, it's necessary slaughter. Those who don't like real novel with real plot and only wants stupid, arrogant MC characters with mindless slaughter, I urge you kids to go elsewhere. (Go read PMG or MGA or something)

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archn3m29 rated it
June 20, 2016
Status: c1478
Heyaa, here's a small review for realms in the firmament. I've read over 1400 chapters of ritf and I truly liked it as much as transcending the nine heavens which I have finished a few weeks ago.

Let me start with the cons, since the pros are probably overwhelming
1) Overused reincarnation plot
2) Have almost identical characters with Fenglin's other novels
3) Some 'not-so-clear' explanation about cultivation
4) Godfreakingdamn slow, seriously it's slow, 1st volume ends in about 800 chapters.

1) Reincarnation plot with a big twist and the 'problems... more>> faced by a reincarnated person'. (More at spoilers section)
2) So much plot twist that you would just go 'wow' and you would think that this stuff is truly plausible yet very unpredictable.
3) Lovable and awesome characters, be it the protagonists or the antagonists.
4) Humiliations? As per this novel, the best kind of humiliation is not by making the antagonist look weak and powerless through a fight, but by words. Yes, words. By spouting a lot of bullcrap that seemed logical at the same time, MC had beaten a lot of his foes and gained a lot of allies. He had humiliated almost everyone that faced him to the point of ruining their lives... without even lifting a single finger of his hand.
5) New kinds of opponents, I mean, not just some random arrogant guy from a rich family/powerful sect. Of course there will be someone like that, but some opponents are really fleshed out and innovative that you would think that their actions are very logical, which well then be countered by the MC with another illogical yet logical move. Ex. the current arc, crown prince and YX flaming everyone.
6) Build-up that is so much worth it! Some buildups could be as much as 100, 200, 300 or even 1000 chapters long, however, once the climax of this buildup was reached, that's the point where you'll see how great Fenglin is. He's done it with ttnh, and I think he has done better with ritf in this part.
7) Xiao Monarch! What else should be the best pro of this novel? Of course, it's the somehow narcissistic bastard that seemed to be a Japanese MC (at first, mind you) yet having a brilliant mind that would give the readers a wow each and every time he exposed his cards in hand. MC is just awesome and that's a big part of why I liked ritf as much as ttnh.

Here's some more distinct stuff which contains heavy spoilers:


Here goes~

1) Technically, Ye Xiao's soul was transferred to another body. And this was one of the biggest plot that the author 'spoke of' during the story, Ye Xiao was an orphan in his prior life, and he's now another person but, once his original self was revealed, what about him telling his body's parents that he's not really their son but the Xiao Monarch in the fable? What if his parents from his former life showed up? Put it simply, this is a big plot device that is exciting and I hope the author can pull this off well. Emotions are truly a marvelous topic~
2) Albino (White-clothed man/leader of house of the chaotic storms), one of the best antagonist out there. And would probably even better in the future. (I'm guessing he'll be the end novel main antagonist. Remember Diwu Qingrou from tthn? Just like him but a lot more epic and awesome. Rather than hate him, you would actually love him as a character.

Ok, as for the proper review, this novel is simply amazing. I enjoyed it so much because the plot and the plot twists are just too awesome. One thing is, please be patient with the tl and as soon as we hit the 150s, many people would realize that the epicness of this novel would be almost at the level of transcending the nine heavens. Fenglin is such a good writer and even though ritf have bits that were imitated from his previous works, the way he put in the plot and new unique stuff to entice his readers is truly magnificent. Not to mention his wittiness, a lot of parts are hilarious. A chapter about a cat and eagle meow and chirping to each other? Golden Comedy! :D Read this novel and I'm sure you won't regret it.

Extra spoilers for hype, don't read this if you don't want to be spoiled too much.

Some lovely Spoilers:
Ning Bi-Luo and his principle, "I would not bow down to anyone." If anything, Bi-Luo is not just a simple old guy, and he would have a big part in the future of this story. His principle made Ye Xiao unable to totally make him his minion, and in fact, it somehow made them brothers.
Ye Nan-tian, Best father! "If my son died, I'm going to destroy this kingdom!" He literally rushed out of the war just for Ye Xiao. He's a really great guy, and although his screen time was rather minimal, he still affected a big part of the story with just his name alone.
Song Jue, this guy is awesome too, XD, he pushed the MC to get a concubine which was the best grill of the novel!
Su Ye-Yue, the mo qingwu of this novel, enough said. Well, ttnh plot has definitely been copied here. "taken in as a disciple by an epic/godlike person" But there's a big plot twist about it. And it should be built up... once it's written.
Zuo Wu-Ji, who would've thought? He's this novel's Mo tian Ji! Ye Xiao thought of him as the smartest guy he had seen, and was just pretending to be a 'foppish fool'.
+1 Bonus: Ice (Xuan Bing) we're still 120 or so chapters away from meeting her but she is, and will always be, the best girl of this novel. Well, she's 70% the reason I'm still reading this. She's a peak powerhouse even stronger than previous Xiao Monarch that almost died and got saved by YX with a plot twist

She regressed to a 6-year-old child because of her severe injuries when YX saved her. As days passed she grows up quite fast (not body, but a growth in mind and attitude), from 6-years-old to a shy teenage girl, but her memories has been sealed, she became YX's concubine, and by concubine, yes they did. :P PS: She crawls on YX's bed and is very adorable. Even more so, in the 1.3ks when they meet again with her memories intact.

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Felix3D rated it
June 3, 2016
Status: c1427
First off: The translation is subpar.

If that doesn't bother you, this is a gem of a Xuanhuan. Unlike most exemplars, the MC is flawed, and he (along with the author) acknowledges it in their own ways. Furthermore, there is actual Character Development for near everyone in the series, with the MC's own stance showing the first signs of change/broadening very early on in the series.

But that's not all. This follows ISSTH and not WDKQ or Desolate Era in the good sense: It's not just reskinned conflicts, it's actual plot arcs... more>> and plot points that differ from each other from book to book, with various things reappearing organically.

Mechanically, it's not as gripping or as inherently cathartic as something like DE or WDKQ, where the payoffs are cheap and plenty. You'll have to wait hundreds of chapters for certain "revenges" to happen, and even then it's not for the sake of revenge: it furthers along the plot or becomes connected to something greater along the way.

If you want instant gratification, or for every chapter to have you on edge/throws you a bone, this isn't the novel for you. It's a slow build up, but it's good.

Highly recommended.

Also: the females have actual agency and motivations outside of the MC. My god. In a Chinese Novel? I mean it even passes the Bechdel test!

Edit: Now that I've read "Heavenly Star" I see some similarities between the two, and often mix the Protags up. It's nothing bad, it's just something I've noticed. The progression in this is far more linear and standard, echoing TTNH, and is definitely a "cheap harem". Machismo is far stronger in this one than in Heavenly Star, and there are less struggles and tribulations here.

Basically Heavenly Star and this series exemplify what is the difference between 5 and 4 stars for me, when it comes to similar plots and executions. <<less
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fact12345 rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: v3c315
As always, The author did not fix his/her mistake from previous novel at all.

I always want to ask...did the author want to write *martial arts novel* OR *political novel* ?

What is the purpose of cultivation? From this novel, I don't see any reason for him to cultivate. Want to know why? Because all of his opponent jumping rank more than 3-4 rank so the main character just use political sense to avoid troubles, but? Its terrifyingly exaggerated the political basically from the start of the chapter until the end of... more>> the novel.

If he just focused on political, make as well don't make the main character cultivate. I honestly doubt how this novel can be called *martial arts world*

All element that should be on *martial arts terms* almost doesn't exist... just like :

1. Proper cultivation way
2. Hardcore battle
3. Unique skill
4. Learning skill
5. Battle with equally matched opponent
6. World unique setting
7. Less luck (its really important .. in real life experience ..never put too many exaggerated luck)

I honestly praise the author for the story because its focused on politics but this give another biggest fail in the *martial arts terms* Almost 90% of the story its politic. Meanwhile? martial artist almost less than 10%.

From what i read at this novel, I cannot say this is *martial arts novel* anymore. Its more like drama or romance story novel but not *martial arts GENRE*'

If u read the comment by *deathcoy* on the author novel *transcending the nine heaven* at baka manga update site... He explaining everything better than how i did. Maybe his opinion can expressed how this novel fail in some terms in a better and coordinated language. (*transcending the nine heaven* and this novel *realms in the firmament* almost 90% same)

Note: Sry for my bad English (I already read this novel until chapter 223)

i guess some people misunderstood my review here or maybe THAT PERSON NOT EVEN READ MY REVIEW and JUST SKIPP WHOLE PART OF IT ...... here i will explain some :

u did not see there are 9 true big grade rank here...

Grade of Renyuan, Grade of Diyuan, Grade of Tianyuan, Grade of Lingyuan, Grade of Mengyuan, Grade of Daoyuan, Grade of Xianyuan, Grade of Shenyuan, Grade of Shengyuan.

and each grade divided into 9 again basically 9x9... 81 grade...

while his opponent always leaping 1-2 true bigger grade (NOT SMALL GRADE) , so basically almost like "grade of tianyuan vs grade of lingyuan"..... "true big grade 3 vs true big grade 4" ...or... even "true big grade 3 vs true big grade 5"...

basically main character must be using tactic / strategy to kill it .....thats why i dont see ANY REASON FOR HIM TO CULTIVITATE ....meanwhile after he got stronger true big grade.... then his opponent will be another more powerfull true Big grade (not small grade) and must using strategy or politics again to kill the enemies.... so yeah thats is my point....

and dont get me wrong ..i like this novel for become different but its too exagerated.... where all of the main character use was always strategy / politics

And USING OTHER PEOPLES FOR THE MAIN CHARACTER PURPOSES ITS NOT POLITICS ????... basically THE main character using his friend / enemies or whoever is to control the situation, and that kind of thing happend every single times in this novel,....... BUT some people say that is not politics and just a simple character interactions? .......

how people cannot even distinguish character interaction that will become politics and not a simple character interaction.....

more edit :

oh yeah and from my OPINION because i already read so many novel.... i dont think the story is new anymore... so yeah i personally like the story but not gonna overpraised it..

and i myself honestly dont like novel with too many exageratted strategy and yeah i prefer its can be balanced between strategy and fighting / direct confrontation... , BECAUSE WHAT?

its simple.. CAN ANYONE ENLIGHTEN ME?... IF THE strategy / politics that happend in the novel its TRULLY NATURAL OR JUST LUCK OR simply THe author make the main character successfull .. yeah i'am really sensitive to that..

and now i'am already read it to chapter 315 from chapter around 230.. where my old review based at chapter 230 <<less
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keklel rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: c1474

What is the purpose of cultivation? From this novel, I don't see any reason for him to cultivate. Want to know why? Because all of his opponent jumping rank more than 3-4 rank so the main character just use political sense to avoid troubles, but? Its terrifyingly exaggerated the political basically from the start of the chapter until the end of the novel.

If you've actually read the novel you would know. The reasons are given early on:

1. He needs peak level 3 to enter the "sky city", where his lover and friends are.

2. It's dangerous to stay in the city at a low level, so he needs a higher level (level 6) just for safety.

3. He wants to be reunited with his fiance who was taken to a realm higher than the "sky city", and he needs at least level 9 to get there.

4. He wants revenge on the 3 main factions, i.e he wants to personally slay them. For that he needs at least level 7.

5. He wants to be free from all oppression. For that he needs as high a level as he possibly can get.

Your complaints are completely off point, I'm wondering if you've actually read the novel you're reviewing. Politics make up less than 10% of the content. Most of it is just routine character interactions - fighting, sharing information, exploring etc, as in any normal wuxia or xuanxia novel.

The translation isn't very good. I have much to say about it but mods will just delete whatever I say (as they have done), so I won't say it. But it's not very good. Highly recommend you read the original text if you can.

Similar to OEM in terms of writing, characters and setting. Can't really compare the story since I haven't read OEM much yet. MC is a typical hero, protects the weak, beats the bully, etc. All in all pretty standard fare. The bulk of the text is on character interactions rather than cultivation. A lot of things are over-explained, e.g "X thinks this, but Y knows this" and pointed out over and over. If you are forgetful I guess this is useful, but there aren't many characters in the story.

... more>>Plot specific points:


- There is a harem, and there are sex scenes, though it progresses extremely slowly (think hundreds of chapters between sex scenes). It's there if you look for it, but most of the text is occupied with other things, like fighting and talking. Lots and lots of talking.

- Power progression is slow. It takes over 250 chapters for the MC to enter Sky Realm (level 3) whereas he was at level 6 before he died. Over 400 chapters later, he's still at level 3. It takes over 1000 chapters for him to regain his former power, although he surpasses it quickly once he regains it.

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omarct rated it
September 26, 2016
Status: c160
I have read the author's other novels so I started reading this with high expectations. Unfortunately so far this seems a far cry from the author's other novels. The MC is not as likable, he seems like a Japanese MC at times, he also feels very inconsistent considering that he is 1000+ years old yet acts like a 13 year old from time to time. The story seems even slower than his other novels with a dozen chapters dedicated to the short interaction with one girl, or 1... more>> or 2 chapters spent sitting on his bed breaking through to the next level diyuan 3 to diyuan 4. This is unacceptable specially when you consider the fact that the main character never even uses his cultivation because he never fights anyone around his level. A lot of padding and unnecessary nonsense that seems like poor writing. <<less
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alenotbeer rated it
August 5, 2016
Status: c1460
Extremely disappointed with this series. Compared to OEM or TTNH, this story is an absolute joke.

Ye Xiao is a terrible main character, low in both IQ and EQ. The other characters aren't much better either. Many of them act in a way that I can only describe as dumb. Not only that, it has a lot of filler. Now, I don't mind one or two chapters of filler. I'm talking about six+ of chapters of fillers. Do you know what that much filler does to the pacing of the... more>> story? Have you ever read a fight that lasted sixty or more chapters? Only to have the bloody opponent slip away? Well, just keep reading.

I went into this hoping to like it. God, it almost feels like the author hired someone else to ghostwrite for him. What kept me from reviewing this one star is that there are actually some really good ideas here and there. Also, I still have a little good will for the author because this is the dude who wrote OEM and TTNH! <<less
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alphaGulp rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: --
I rated it OK because it isn't terribly bad, but it is pretty close to being rated a 2. I dropped it after maybe 50 or a 100 chapters for the following reason:

It just does not work to have such a low EQ MC. Sure, he was celibate for centuries, but this shouldn't mean that he never witnessed the types of games men and women play with one another over that time span. In fact, because he was able to observe these things as an outsider for... more>> so long (free of the immediacy of the desire that clouds most people's thinking), he should be FAR more savvy about women than most men, yet instead he is a million times worst than average.

So just based on that, the MC's mental weakness with women doesn't even make sense, but regardless, even if this character flaw had a better supporting reason, it would still be annoying to watch him always flail about like a loser whenever he is with some chick - the MC is more clueless than a teenager, and yet I am reading this novel to see the guy be masterful (or progress towards mastery) and WIN.

Only if you enjoy the idea of a powerful guy being impossibly dense and lame with women can you enjoy this book. <<less
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sleib rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: c133
While this novel is pretty good, it is my least favorite among this author's novels. This one has slowest pace, schemes and trick of MC are not that interesting as in others and talk between characters are so long that sometimes I just skip some chapters.
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Gabby rated it
November 13, 2016
Status: c216
I am personally not a big fan of novels with reincarnated mcs but after reading this, I was blow away. The story line is perfect as it is not rushed. The characters are well developed. Also the power of the mcs is not exaggerated. And all along you kinda get the feeling that he could die at anytime which makes it so thrilling to read. All in all one of my best reads so far and I have read alot if might say so myself. Oh yeah before I... more>> forget, the comedy is to die for. <<less
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adashoflemonwithlove rated it
September 11, 2016
Status: c1509
This is one of the best novels I've read so far!

Well, the plot is not original, and the characters are too similar with the characters in the author's other novels but who cares! It is fun to read and this novel gives you a roller coaster ride of emotions.

I always hear people complain about the plot being too unoriginal, but when you think about it, all of the novels now were just recycled ideas or stories of xianxia/wuxia progenitor.

If you're looking for original stories, then maybe you should look for... more>> novels from like, 20 years ago.

But anyway, I really like Ye Xiao! He's funny, can be scoundrel at times, but a person who treasure his family and friends a lot, and total badass! Just like Jun Mo Ye and Chu Yang! <<less
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ayul rated it
April 15, 2016
Status: --
The first few chapter were bad. I drop it before. But after around 15 chapter. It all get better. The story develop in good ways. MC became more reasonable.
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Pekkie rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
Another reincarnation novel by 风凌天下. It follows the same archetype as his previous novels but the characters as of Chapter 9 seems interesting. Chapter 9 is far too little chapters to make any judgement on the novel’s quality but the author’s writing puts it above all the other Xianxia reincarnation novels out there. However all of this is lost due to the atrocious translation quality. XianXiaWorld forced the other translator to quit but fails to match their translation quality. What remains is a terrible mtl... more>> like script that fails to articulate what 风凌天下 intended. I can not in good conscience recommend this novel to anyone. The story is too generic (as of Chapter 9 and the synopsis) if not for the author’s good writing. <<less
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shuiko rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: c95
A fun enjoyable novel. It takes a while for the novel to really pick up, but after chapter 70, it gets really funny, with lots of awesome and story driving moments that keep you quite interested.

The writing is also very well done, with great dialogue between characters and a lot of characters in the story are multi-dimensional in growth and face.
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rdawv rated it
April 6, 2016
Status: --
As of Ch. 32.

It bears a strong resemblance to the author's other works. In fact, one humorous post-cultivation scene from Otherworldly Evil Monarch (ch8) is duplicated here (also ch8).

Realms in the Firmament tells the story of Ye Xiao, an awe-inspiring and deity-like cultivator who smiled fearlessly as he was driven to his death by hypocritical and selfish clans. He awoke to find himself transmigrated into the body of a person also named Ye Xiao who had died of poisoning. Puzzled at his fate but not wasting this second life,... more>> he decides to cultivate his strength and prepare for the day he returns to his original realm and complete his vengeance...

I advise readers to begin reading Premium Red Tea's translated chapters as they were done with more care and tact before continuing with XianXiaWorld's version. XXW's later translations improved greatly as they recruited more editors, but the early chapters remained unpolished as can be seen from the poem in Chapter 3 which can give readers a headache.

The MC is almost a clone of Jun Xie of Otherworldly Evil Monarch with similar fearlessness, confidence, behavior, language and mannerisms.

A reader of the author's other works as well as similar titles like Sovereign of the Three Realms would find more of the same here: fast-pacing, 'loud' dialogue, vivid characters and poor fools who have no idea they are crossing someone with sharp knives behind his back. <<less
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kskx4 rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
It's a good story and the translation quality is good (i am saying this cause someone below said that it sucked).

... more>>

his friends are totally awesome to read about,one of them is impotent but still goes to brothel and other one has some weird hair problem

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mukkaar rated it
March 12, 2016
Status: --
Author makes mc seem slightly insane, impatient and whiny. He whines about everything! This could be good but characters in this novel have pretty odd personalities.
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wraith rated it
March 12, 2016
Status: --
I am writing this review just because I find the previous review by Pekkie to be highly exaggerated. While i do agree that the translations by Premium Red Tea were better, I did not find any problems with the translations of xianxiaworld (till chapter 15). Maybe they might have updated the earlier chapters after the previous review was posted.

Anyway, there is no mindless fighting till now and the story seems focused around quirky characters and is found to be engaging. As of now, I will keep it in... more>> my reading list. <<less
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marchex rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: c145
Just the right mix of comedy, action, drama and politicking. Never a boring moment. The translation is fantastic, a pleasure to read.
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Animesquad7 rated it
May 16, 2016
Status: c57
I'm enjoying this so far, coming from the author of OEM and TTNH, the author didn't dissapoint. I like the fact that this seems to be more lighthearted and comedic than the previous 2 books and doesn't involve itself too much on politics yet. I like smart protagonist and their plots, buy I don't want it to be the focus of the book, which is why I like the promise of this book more. Not saying it is superior since we're only 50 plus chapters, I'm just saying it has... more>> an enjoyable plot, reminiscent of good old xuanhuan. This is only my rating at the moment, depending on whether it lives up to its potential, the score could drop. Also the Mc reaction to woman is funny, as he's not only dense but super pure. <<less
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