Pivot of the Sky


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It’s a story happened long, long ago, in a continent far, far away, about gods and mortals, sword and magic, war and peace, and of course love and hatred.

Amon was a poor miner’s son in a remote town in the kingdom of Hittite. Along with the discovery of a marvelous gem, his fate was changed. People in this continent called it Gods’ Tear. But wait, what were the gods? It was said that the gods created the world. Then who created the gods?

Forced by tantalizing fate, Amon had to struggle to find out the truth behind this world of magic and gods……

Pivot of the Sky average rating 4.4/5 - 97 user ratings
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Celestial Pivot
Tiān Shū
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Gregor1422 rated it
January 30, 2017
Status: c20
Honestly, this right here is the quality we expect to see as being listed at the top of the most popular novels list. This is surprisingly a very well put together story, that really gives off that coiling dragon vibe based on what we know of the cultivation system of the world so far. But just the awesome world building the author does in this novel is more than enough to give it a chance and read it.

Like you rarely find Chinese novels that are this well fleshed out,... more>> the last I read was Legend of the Cultivation God, Star Rank Hunter and Tales of the reincarnated Lord.

Seriously, you are missing out on a lot if you don't even give this story a try, it has the fan favourite cultivation pathway that everyone loves from Chinese novels, and the feel and mind of a Jap/Korean author behind it instead of Chinese. When in fact, everything is pure 100% chinese, but its like the author up and decided to pick up the good parts he can see from different cultures and writing styles and implement it in his own work to better himself.

Also, if you are a well read person, and have an idea of exactly who the Egyptian gods were, you would enjoy it even more, as the current backbone of the whole story is based on Egyptian gods and its lore.

My personal favourite is in the naming of the characters that the author does. On its own, without knowing the names from history, you would be prone to read them as just names for the characters, but if you think on it for a moment to catch that ticklish memory at the back of your mind, you will be hit with recollection of who the person was in real life or history. And no its not Captain Jack Sparrow like Law of the devil lol. An apt Example would be Schrodinger (a cat in the novel, but the pun is heavily intended as the cat is named Schrodinger (Google Schrodinger's cat if you don't know, highly doubtful that you don't though.))

Another example would be CrazyOle's name, or one particular name that is quite popular in certain academic circles for his philosophical (ramblings) rhetoric. Friedrich Nietzsche, that is CrazyOle's name. The characters' individual traits and how they are portrayed show that in some manner of speaking they are like a distorted image of the characters we know from history, or at least I felt as such. But distorted would be an incorrect word to describe it, perhaps an echo would be more apt.

It just shows that the author is not only a well educated person who knows a bit about the characters, but regardless of what we see in the future, the fact that he author has put in such a good effort so far has won me over. I do not know if this will turn into a cultivation trope in the end with too many young masters trying to do the MC in or not, but from what I have seen so far, the author seems too responsible to wreck his work in that particular manner.

Last I would like to thank the Translator for picking this phenomenal novel up. We need more brave translators such as this person to pick up projects such as this one that are so different and out of the norm (norm of chinese novels we have seen on NUF at least.) If the translator is reading this, you sir have done an excellent job, with not only picking the right novel but translating it in such a beautiful manner. Your work is highly appreciated sir, I thank you very much for it.

All in all, a must read and should not miss it at any rate. Need to read at least 10 chapters to be able to judge this novel though, as there are a lot of details initially, any review written here where they indicate that they have read below 10 chapters, they can more or less be ignored as you cannot gnaw on the bone while ignoring the meat and then curse it for lack of meat.

Thank you once again, and keep up the great work.

Cheers! <<less
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Pandamonic rated it
January 31, 2017
Status: --
If you dont like cliché stuff like a treasure that changed the destiny of the mc then. this is your cup of tea. The mc only has its talent and someone just guided him. He only have a high starting point. And definitely good read with a relatable and stable world building. Tho the info dumb maybe be uncomfortable at the start but thats how nice novel are created so read it and enjoy.
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Baddermawan rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c11
Epic in the making. I wouldn't have guessed this is a chinese-made novel. Impeccable story line and great potent characters so far. For comparison, it has both the 'tales of reincarnated lord's and 'rakuen no moshou's feel and writing styles which is nothing short of brilliance. Not your typical wuxia/xianxia story, but very close to hearts on the topics of divinity and immortality. Must applaud that the translantor(s) for doing such a great job.

Status in coo was also completed so it's very assuring to give this gem much love... more>> and supports. Two thumbs up! <<less
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OmegaDion rated it
January 8, 2017
Status: c10
Has potential but a bit lenghty and full of unnecessary stuffs. And also if you're a diehard egyptian fan/historian/etc you'll get mad with this. Many stuffs has been rewritten regarding how egypt works and such.
The story is a bit confusing because it always focus on the side characters for now. Like how Chapter 1 started with a worshipper. But it was a nice start 'cause you can atleast picture out the world the MC lives in.
Can't say much about how the story will later on go because we... more>> only get to see 3-5 chapters of MC interacting with the prospect romantic partner. There's not that much conflict.
I'm guessing this story may focus more on political issues just like the grandmaster strategist but with magic, gods, and worships.

Story: 3/5 [May change as more chapters are read]
Characters: 3.5/5
Writing: 2.5/5 [Too lenghty and full of unnecessary stuffs inserted] <<less
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marichel rated it
March 27, 2017
Status: c33
One of my well-loved novels. For me, It has a vibe like Legend of Cultivation God and Ze Tian Ji. It incorporated Egypitan gods in the story, which is a first for me while reading a Chinese translated novel. It is somehow different from your typical Chinese webnovel but the cultivation and magic are still there.
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cantera rated it
April 12, 2017
Status: c36
This is one of the best novels that I've come across on this community and I have read a lot. The world building and story and style of writing is top-notch.I can't find a single thing to complain. The author is very very famous on Qidian and this is his one of his best works.Sad that none of the other works are being translated.

Strongly recommend anyone who is looking for new novel to read this.
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