Paradise of Demons and Gods


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“Obtaining the topmost degree of talent in sword arts in the world requires giving up 72 years of lifespan, which leaves you with only five more years of your life. At the same time, you will never be able to feel love, kinship, and friendship, and you’ll end up leading a lonely life until your death, unable to procreate, or to have any descendants.

“From now onwards, everything related to happiness in the human world shall no longer be of your concern. Are you willing to accept this?”

“Hahahaha, I’m already alone bereft of all support, my hopes dashed to pieces, shouldering only absolutely irreconcilable grudge and hatred, why would I disagree? Why would I not want it? I couldn’t ask for anything better!!”

His sword sweeps across the Divine Continent for seven days and nights, moving 90,000 miles through the starry skies, unhindered.

He slays saints and buddhas in Heaven, slaughters demons and devils in Hell, sweeping away all the grievances in his heart.

Paradise of Demons and Gods average rating 4.1/5 - 256 user ratings
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Ma Thần Nhạc Viên
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New Trent rated it
March 8, 2017
Status: c150
Honestly? Though it had potential, it's not very good, and it gets worse over time.

What's cool:
MC runs around at supersonic speeds kicking butt.

Major problems:
It's fun to see stats, and to be able to compare levels and measure growth, but they're poorly incorporated. The author has trouble making the system work sensibly, leading to a series of inconsistencies that are difficult to ignore. The stats aren't reliable, and they may douse realism and adrenaline when mentioned during a fight.

What starts out as an interesting revenge story of an antihero... more>> becomes an absurd, overly violent Good vs. Evil story for toddlers. The MC gets slapped with the decision to be righteous and mete out justice to all the evil he sees, and the author fails at balancing that with the MC's coldness and desire for power, turning MC and story into one big mess. The MC has no realistic personality to speak of, only an omnipresent mash of impulses: to act and snort coldly while showing off while cutting down his enemies while being full of himself while having either a measure of precognition or whatever esoteric insight the situation demands.

Meanwhile, to make it clear that the MC's actually, truly a good guy, the author makes each enemy out to be unreasonably jealous of the MC and/or all "Truth? Justice? Friendship? They're ruining our empire!" and "Muwahaha! I love selling kids into slavery!" Every enemy is either an aristocrat who invariably thinks that commoners shouldn't dare to stand on their level, etc. etc., or has been employed or threatened by such an aristocrat to do his bidding. It's quite painful to read.

The MC's buddies are all kind and patient, the MC's enemies are all rabid, selfish, and shortsighted, making one wonder how the world made it to the MC's generation without getting torn apart. The author will, however, periodically make a character switch sides at the drop of a hat, which will cause the character to jump from one end of the personality/intelligence spectrum to the other, with little in-between, time, or rationale needed. I think the author got a kick out of doing it once, and developed something of a fetish for it. <<less
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Skoll028 rated it
September 19, 2016
Status: c40
So. This is a rather interesting mix of reality blended with VR games, where reality has essentially connected with the game world. And, we have an MC that has been
... more>>



It's hard to say anything definitive about this, but it seems interesting. I'll edit this as more chapters are released (probably after the initial promised 30 chapters). Not much has happened so far, but the writing is certainly of high quality, and the characters are at least believable.

Okay, now around 40 chapters in. It's kind of nice to have a main character that isn't always trying to keep their abilities under total wraps, and also to have someone who doesn't just kill with impunity. All in all, the MC has become rather matured. I am starting to become rather curious though as to how his revenge will finish. I just hope the author doesn't suddenly give him a

(This isn't an actual spoiler, it's just discussing something that DID happen in the book, and something I hope WON'T happen in the book.) Life extensions, since the MC is only supposed to have a few years to live, and that would take away the pressure from the story.

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MondoX rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c64

The story started with tension and a decent pace, but now it has slowed down. The MC's mom is dead, and he does not know who is his father. His family/clan treats him life crap, especially his grandmother. The grandmother decides to make him a slave for his more talented cousin. Yet, the MC wants to be strong to be part of the clan that treats him like crap.

The MC did not run into a fortuitous encounter, the fortuitous encounter ran into him (unless it turns out to be his dad, the encounter does not make sense). The MC gives up 72 years of his life for a skill, but compared to 72 years of his life, the skill is not great. I am sure in the future the MC will probably extend his life, but at the moment he has about five years to live. With the speed the MC is going, he will probably die before he accomplishes his revenge. The MC is training and attending a martial arts school.

When the MC gave up 72 years of his life, he also give up his positive emotions, like kinship and friendship. However, he still feels like he is part of his clan, which makes no sense if he lost kinship. He wants revenge:

He was caught by a girl and her clan, he was tortured and left for dead. One of the guys asked the girl if she wanted him to cut the MC's head to ensure he dies, guess what she says? The MC wants to pay her back, but it seems that he forgot who was the one that had him in that situation. His so-called friend sold him out, and up to chapter 64, he has not mentioned her once. He was captured because his friend took money from the girls' clan to give them information regarding the MC.

... more>>It is not a horrible novel, but it is too boring for me to continue reading. <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: c40

MC was the usual "thrash" at the start, but was hated by his grandmother because of some reason with his parents (maybe he was a bastard?) and she decides to enslave him to his genius cousin. MC tries to escape and in the end gets tortured by another group (after being betrayed by a friend) and left for dead. He sacrifices his lifespan to becomes able to train sword skills super fast.

... more>>I usually like game like settings + revenge and so far, I am enjoying this. The world building seems to be good, too early to talk about characters. Waiting for more chapters to update rating. My only concern is that he might end up forgiving his asshole grandma due to "filial piety" Confucius ideas almost every Chinese story has, and if that happens, I will be super pissed. <<less
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Nmaan rated it
September 26, 2016
Status: c30
It's a decent novel, well written and it's good to finally see an MC paying a price for his talent, unlike Yun Che/Linley or pretty much any MC you can think of. The stats screen and job transition talk don't really pull you out of the story so that's good. Not sure how long it'll stay interesting as often promising novels revert to type but so far so good.

I've given 5 stars mainly because of how refreshing it is to see the price paid, otherwise it's probably a 4-4.5
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strixflash rated it
September 19, 2016
Status: c46
Synopsis sounds rather generic but I'm having high hopes as Chinese readers have praised it for being epic and different.

The novel is a modern xuanhuan with game elements. Earth and another world are joined through a city on Earth.

MC gets a flame tattoo which can give him anything he wants provided he has item of equal value. As he is rather poor he gives away most of his lifespan for sword talent.

The writing is good and so far the story hasn't been disappointing.
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camelCase rated it
November 8, 2016
Status: c70
One thing I appreciate about this novel is the focus and the time-restriction. The MC is out to gain power for revenge against specific people for specific actions, and he has five years to accomplish it. He makes a Faustian bargain (or what seems like one) in order to gain the talent it will take to accomplish that revenge, but still has to gain the knowledge and skill required to take his revenge within the five year period of the bargain. The MC has a cold personality, is completely focused... more>> on sword mastery, and is on a time limit, so his actions are all focused entirely on his goal of achieving the power necessary to take his revenge. There are no friends, no romantic interests, and no cute comedic moments. Just grueling training and fighting his enemies all while under a constant sense of running out of time.

In terms of cultivation, there seems to be a dual system of magic and sword mastery. So far, magic hasn't played a role, but it may in the future. The MC's chosen path is sword mastery, and so far he has demonstrated a heaven-defying amount of talent in this area (this talent is due to the deal he made). Of course, this has led to enemies who are jealous and disbelieving of his talent and worth; other than the enemies who led to him making the bargain, who it seems are out of the picture until at least after his training arc, these jealous people are his main enemies.

I'm interested to see how long the author sticks to the current framework: will the MC suddenly no longer have to worry about accomplishing everything in the 5 year deadline? Will he start making friends and exploring romance? I'm really hoping the answer to these questions are no... <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c69
A really enjoyable, straight-forward kind of novel.

Cultivation makes sense, the MC is true to character, the MC is driven, focused and hard-working, and power-ups come with a price (the most refreshing thing I've seen in a while). I like the MC's personality and motivation, and I'm a big fan of his master, too.

In terms of my hopes for the future:
... more>>

I'm hoping the MC doesn't forgive his Grandmother. So far this is a solid revenge story, so if the ending to all of this turns out to be half-hearted I'd be dissapointed. That aside, I'm also hoping the MC's time remains limited for the sake of tension, and that at the end he asks himself if trading his life and half his emotions for talent was worth it. That would just add some nice depth to his character for me.


There isn't that much in terms of romance, and the comedy isn't exaggerated either, but the action is pretty good and you can really feel the desire for revenge that drives the story. If I have to give a flaw, I'd say the tone can be slightly dry? Something like that. Considering the emotional state of the MC, and the relatively shorter (or shorter feeling) chapters, I'm willing to let that one slide for now.

All in all, it's a story I can't put down, and I'm really looking forward to more chapters. I HIGHLY recommend this novel. Although I don't have many complaints right now, since the story is still in the early stages I'll go ahead and put this as a 4.5/5 stars, rather than giving it an outright 5/5. <<less
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craBebe rated it
September 26, 2016
Status: c32
Really enjoying this so far. Very excited to see what happens to the MC in the future after he made his deal, and whether or not it will become as crippling as it seems on the surface. A true revenge novel with an ironwilled MC, there are questions of conspiracy in the background as he pursues the pinnacle of power.

So far it's been a very good read, and the translation is done very well. Hoping the translation frequency continues at this extremely satisfying pace!
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MothEmperor07 rated it
December 28, 2016
Status: c118
Cool story with a generic plot with a race against time trope added in.The MC gets op real quick after getting his cheat .What's different about this novel is,I guess,the MC himself.In a world governed by power,he,being devoid of emotions,is realistic and in some ways materialistic,with only one set goal in mind and with a limited amount of time to do it.He doesnt totally hide his powers,showing a good amount of his powers(except his sword talent) to get things moving quickly and gain fame and favour.

Will be interesting to... more>> see how the tale progresses.For now,its a solid 5/5 for me. <<less
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Redmi rated it
November 6, 2016
Status: c69
What appeals to me about this novel is the MC's character set up where he has his lifespan reduced and all sentiments not related to revenge were stripped away. This means that the readers all know how this novel will end:- At the end of the 5-year period, the MC will channel Chu Feng as he sweeps his sword across the Divine Continent for seven days and nights, moving 90,000 miles through the starry skies, unhindered. He will slay saints and buddhas in Heaven, slaughters demons and devils in Hell,... more>> sweeping away all the grievances in his heart, before fading away like a firefly.

Therefore what is left in this novel is MC's journey to that end, and from what I have seen so far, the author have not screwed up yet. I don't care really what path the author will take to the ending, it should be OK. What the author must do is to resist the urge to modify the MC's current character setup. No lifespan extension, no restoration of feelings of love, kinship, and friendship; even the ability to procreate.

With the perfect MC's character setup, which results in a small world to work with, all the author need to do is to write a moderate-quality storyline to fill them up and it will keep my 5-star rating. <<less
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aattss rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: c129
Interesting. A protagonist who doesn't give a shit about immortality and won't be stumbling into a harem.

As a side thing, one thing I find interesting is that you don't know which characters are going to grow to respect the MC, and which are going to go drop him like a hot potato when trouble comes.

Edit: Also, I guess I like how, even though he is incapable of feeling love, he's developed a sense of morality beyond "Geez, the world's a shitty place, with all this strong people oppressing the weak... more>> thing. What, why are you looking at me like that? It's not like I can help people with my Super Emperor level 9 cultivation level. You know what they say about rape and murder. Out of sight, out of mind." <<less
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grandplex rated it
January 30, 2017
Status: c138
Quite good. The author's starts it out with an explanation for why this MC will be the typical fanatically training MC that ignores all romance like the plague. And that is fine, as long as the author doesn't build a garbage repetitive story like occurs in so many webnovels. From the looks of it, the author will not go in that direction. The story has good pacing, continuously progresses, at least some of the characters are well developed besides the MC, the story is not overly... more>> sexist/racist, and the MC is not an incredibly annoying self-righteous psychopath despite having his emotions neutered. It is a good read so far. <<less
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NaM rated it
September 23, 2016
Status: c42
(Will be subjected to changes as the novel tl goes on)

So-so, neither good nor bad, boring nor fun. Quite suitable for those bored pass-time readers.

The story is set in a modern world in near future. Where a phenomenon occur and people started to have a game-like system which estimate their strength/ability in life which also represent their status in the society (like those cultivators in xianxia).

Premise is quite good unfortunately writing style is quite flat (own opinion) its neither poorly written nor thrilling, story is so-so executed. Mc's quite nice.... more>> mistreated by family then later betrayed by a friend, gain an Op Sword Comprehension/potential ability then *poof* we got an mc waiting to showcase his ability. A dedicated swordsman that apperantly so dedicated that he has no spare time to take a bath. Honestly if he had that Do-or-Die determination when he has that silent attitude in the past. Although he may not be as good as he is now but i bet he will not be as trashy as he used to be. Unfortunately now that he only have a short 5 yrs to live + Op Cheat, only now did his do-or-die determination and hardwork manifest plus he became quite arrogant and snubbish that i believe he in the near future will be subjected to a lot of mistreatment and will turn into another Lin Feng (PMG MC).

Anyway with all that reason summed up my initial rating shall be 3.something rounded Up turned into 4. i might rate 5 if its my first time reading CN unfortunately No, so hey enjoy the read.. <<less
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yijunding rated it
September 19, 2016
Status: c7
The introduction is one of the worst cliched intros so far, but the story premise itself has promise. The entire family hates/wants MC dead for *insert mysterious past of MCs parents* - which has nothing to do with the MC himself. Will rewrite this as I read more.
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iseenicolascageinthecornerofmyeye rated it
November 3, 2016
Status: c64
It's alright. The story feeds you cliches like it was life support, but once you can put those in the back of your mind it'll be alright. I especially like the protagonist, he has a clear goal and knows he doesn't have much time to achieve it so he works hard. If you like a protagonist who is bad-ass, calm and overpowered, this is for you. However, if you like a story with ambiance, romance, etc. you won't find it here. Not yet at least.

Oh, and also, the antagonists... more>> are the most brainless idiots on the planet, literally everyone who hates the protagonist are literal idiots. The reasons they hate him are dumb and they don't learn anything after having their teeth kicked in. They're so numerous and every single one of them is brain-dead and it always ends the same way. The women especially, Jesus Christ why are the women so idiotic? So far, the only purpose they've served is show more bias than any of the men have and then be amazed or, in most cases, act irrational after finding out what an amazing person our protagonist is. <<less
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rdawv rated it
October 15, 2016
Status: c65
Above average. Due to the time limit imposed by the plot line, there is a sense of urgency in the story. It tells of an unwanted kid who tried to escape a bleak future, only to be left for dead after his ill-fated attempt. A mysterious voice offered him a deal: explosive growth in return for a much shortened lifespan. With nothing left to lose, he accepted.

The stat screens seem superfluous and unnecessary, since the text itself tells of the problems and advantages of the MC quite well on its... more>> own. Usually, stories that use such stat windows do so to tell points quickly and focus their writing elsewhere, which is why I find it strange being used here since the descriptive narration is already quite detailed. Imagine, say, Undefeated God of War with its paragraphs of training and combat. It does not need stat windows. Somehow, I get the feeling that the author's direction changed in mid-composition.

As to the story itself, it seems decently written with a long-term goal of revenge.

To read after chapter stockpiling. <<less
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