Noble Emblem


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This is a story about a “Old Grandpa” teaching many “Main Character” into useful people.
This is a story about a “Old Grandpa” bringing many “Main Character” to take on the world

Noble Emblem average rating 3.7/5 - 24 user ratings
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Lambang Bangsawan
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01/20/17 OOO Translations c10c10
01/17/17 OOO Translations c9c9
01/11/17 OOO Translations c8c8
01/01/17 OOO Translations c7c7
12/22/16 OOO Translations c6c6
12/13/16 OOO Translations c5c5
12/09/16 OOO Translations c4c4
12/07/16 OOO Translations c3c3
12/05/16 OOO Translations c2c2
12/05/16 OOO Translations c1c1
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