Mr. Nobu’s Otherworld Chronicles


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On the eve of my long vacation, I was summoned to another world, a world where life is valued lightly.

The meddling (former) Demon Lord interfered with the nation’s summoning magic and saved me from a life of war and slavery.

In order to keep the promise of protecting the daughter of the Demon Lord that I will meet three years from now, I will have to make some small changes. Eh? Go big you say? I’m sorry, but I’m just a humble vice-­manager of a convenience store, so I’m going to go slowly and start with the small stuff first.

If I steadily go, I will be able to grow and enter “I’m OP!!!” mode before I am noticed. How far can my magic power grow!?

The adventure of Nobusada will begin right now!

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki
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02/22/17 Sousetsuka c8c8
02/17/17 Sousetsuka c7c7
02/11/17 Sousetsuka c6c6
02/09/17 Sousetsuka c5c5
02/09/17 Sousetsuka c4c4
02/07/17 Sousetsuka c3c3
02/07/17 Xant & Minions c2c2
02/06/17 Sousetsuka c2c2
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09/29/16 Xant & Minions v1c1v1c1
12/25/15 joeglens v1c1v1c1
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