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In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

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Wuji Tianxia
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New MondoX
March 19, 2017
Status: c770
It was a good novel for most of the time, but sometimes arcs stalled because of mini-arcs. Several characters are introduced at begging of arcs, but to be completely forgotten after the completion of the arc. So, whenever new characters were introduced, allies or enemies, I started to skim throught their dialogue, because they will become irrelevant after the arc finishes. The main character ends up with a non-human companion later in the story, but sometimes I forget about the comapnion because the author rarely mentions... more>> him until plot armor.

Now that the mc concluded his biggest arc, and a big reason why he wanted to become strong quickly. What else, besides traveling to the next big kingdom with temporary companions? Enter another realm, rinse and repeat. <<less
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New BhozzAoI rated it
February 24, 2017
Status: c636
I would like to rate it 4 star but after Arc 4 I find it really boring suddenly and it really changes characters too fast that it didn't give any development like seriously. It will only tell that person about this and that then they will fight the MC then after that its finish, there is nothing more about it. They will only be seen in the late chapters but they are just there for just the background of the story without them doing anything at all. And also,... more>> I could say the MC is great at the start and he is very interesting but after some time he just begun to be stupid and in the novel it always say that the MC is being calculative but from my perspective it isn't calculative at all but just being ignorant and a fool and here is an example


in the chapter 636 and the reason i put this review is because i really can't take the stupidity of the MC anymore is because who the hell will try to breakthrough in a den of monsters that he will know will attract them and attack him and oh I know what the others will think that because this is an opportunity to be grasp something like that so he should do it but shit for goodness sake didn't he even think that he might die in there and sure he wouldn't die because he is the MC,THE MC so sure he won't but that really is truly stupidity to the extreme. And all of that is just to show off of just how strong the body of the MC was with a battle spirit,so isn't just plain stupidity to just show off?


Also the writing is so much, so much repeating like it always repeat every single thing every single time like "A path of a martial artist is a very lonely rode" "If you find a lucky chance you must grab it so you won't be mediocre" but those are just useless sentences that is always being repeat every single chapter that it always took so much in the story because of that useless repeated sentences. REEEAAALLLYYY.

Also the girls in the story is also quite useless and all are just the same without even anything that differentiate them in personality. It is just that they differ in strength and background but in personality and what they do, they are all the same.

Even though i give a kind of harsh evaluation, it is still a good read for past time when waiting for other novels and I hope it will become an interesting story once again. I really hope so. <<less
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TheDarkness rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: c238
A lot of these reviews seem to think that MW and TMW (the hugely popular sequel to MW) are the same. Very similar MC's, similar plot, and it is by the same author so naturally it has the same writing style too. And they are right, at the surface level they are the same. However they are important differences that one might not notice at a first glance.

Let's start with MC's, btw this will contain minor spoilers for the 2 chapters of TMW ( True Martial World) so if you... more>> haven't read TMW I don't know why you would read this review, but you have been warned. Yi Yun, the MC ends up stuck in a cave and finds this purple crystal card and it transmigrates his soul into the body of a boy in another world thus beginning the story of true martial world. Now this is important, because it is why Yi Yun and Lin Ming are fundamentally different characters. Yi Yun being thrown into this new world with no memories ( a twist to the new world trope) is forced to figure things out as he goes along and ultimately develops the mentality of a wanderer, and you can see that completely in the way he acts in the current arc of TMW. Where as Lin Ming is born and raised in his world, and thus shaped by it. This creates a rather unique contrast between the two. While Lin Ming is not the same as the cookie cutter young masters be offends or fights, he still allows himself to be pulled into their pace and play their games. Although he beats them at their game, he is still drawn in. Yi Yun is quite different, he is trickster. He never plays a full hand, he is a true wolf in sheep's clothing. It is quite fun to watch, he purposely baits people into ridiculous circumstances only for him to come out on top with only gains. He is cunning and manipulative. Lin Ming is much more straight forward and to the point. Not to say that he is less intelligent, it is just not his nature. Another difference is how they approach and view martial arts, the martial way, wudao, etc.

Lin Ming only sees the martial way, while he seeks strength, strength comes with his progress and thus it is just a secondary to him. Yi Yun pursues strength, he wants to see the pinnacle of strength and thus goes about this using martial arts. Now keep in mind there is no right answer in how you go about this, but they are not the same. What Yi Yun is doing is comparable to mountian climbing, while what Lin Ming is doing is akin to hiking. While a mountain climber enjoys the whole climb, they ultimately have the end goal of reaching the summit. And that is the most important part. While hiking is different. While the route has a end, the goal is not to reach the end but rather to enjoy the hike along the way. That is the difference here, and it manifests itself in these characters. And don't get me wrong, I am not saying Lin Ming doesn't want to be strong, nor am I saying Yi Yun doesn't value martial arts. But just take a look at how these two characters deal with their adversaries. And you will see the difference. Now I could go on and on, but I have stated my opinion. Whether you want to take at face value or not is your choice.

Also I forgot to mention, this author really has issues with pacing, where he is either on point, or completely fucking with the reader. So at times in either story, things drag-on for a bit. I noticed this less in MW, simply because we get more chapters daily. But once you are caught up with either of them, you might not enjoy where you are left off. Other than that, MW is really soild.

As the story progresses, I will make edits as I see fit. But other than that if you see this review is unchanged, it is completely intentional.

And if you have made it this far and have no clue what I am referring to that probably means you haven't read TMW. In that case I suggest you not only read this, but you read TMW as well. <<less
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CKtalon_TMW rated it
March 4, 2016
Status: c2253
The story proceeds relatively fast as Lin Ming overcomes all sorts of difficulties on his route to the peak of martial arts with the Demon Cube in hand. There are some slowdowns in the plot throughout this massive piece of work, but the overall structure is amazing. The trouble Lin Ming encounters due to his enemies is filled with adrenaline as he tries to evade capture, and eventually be able to turn the tables.

The author’s plot creation is excellent and hard to guess until it is eventually revealed. The major... more>> mysteries in the story only begins after chapter 500. Throughout the story, there are touching moments and good romance. All characters and items are accounted for by the end of the story, which makes the story feel very well-balanced. <<less
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Mibuokami rated it
April 30, 2016
Status: --
The MC is one of those very rare level headed person that appear once in every then thousand Xianxia, while he isn't a wimp, he definitely separate himself from the more idiotic of his kind who thinks a regional genocide in the morning goes well with his OJ.

The side characters so far aren't very well developed but it is still early given that there is thousands of chapter to this story and we're barely 1/10th of the way into it.

Promising and updated very regularly. I like it even better than... more>> the more popular sequel: TMW. <<less
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Amiraute rated it
May 29, 2016
Status: c241
I read it after "True Martial World". And it's worth it. Very enjoyable Xianxia. Once you begin to read you become addicted.

It's one of my favorite author admist (I eat tomatoes, Tang Jia San Shao,...)
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alexelielchain rated it
July 26, 2016
Status: c356
Too many beauties who take interest in MC. Beauties that brings problem and opportunity just to have a plot .Other than various annoying schemes, unending competitions and uplifting MC's awesomeness there is no deep plot in this novel.
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kad rated it
April 29, 2016
Status: --
So i have successfully completed in reading this novel. I try not to spoil the story just basic aspects of my views on it.

... more>>

Basically the story was never boring for me when I read it, I say this because, I read quite few novels in which I need to take a break like couple of weeks to complete 50 chapters or so and few novels in which at first even though interesting but later feel boring in which MC kills every one relentlessly. This one even though it has killings but with a meaning in which there wont be many guys who purposefully provokes MC or such. There is a lot of character development for MC but regarding female characters once their story finishes later they were just mentioned along the line (out of 4 mainly 1 is important along with MC and the 2nd is in hand with MC up to some point but still not much as the previous girl.

The later 2 wifes no need to bother). Story construction is good the author writes it up skillfully even though the ending fight was a bit rushed and was kinda like unfinished since not a proper ending were MC still need to get stronger even though he defeats the enemy so that he could fulfill his two goals/wishes. I think he would definitely make a appearance in TMW but in later parts of the story I guess, from what I have seen mc in MW progression in strength is a bit faster than the MC of TMW (even though he has purple card).

Please read this story to the end may not be a epic one for all but a good read .In this novel things about those three artifacts are explained well where as in TMW they didn't explain it at all.In MW the demon bead and magical cube had great importance but no appearance of purple card to MC ,but in TMW only purple card is focused.

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bkwusa rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: c238
This story has some major flaws. It starts with the fact that the author needed to add words into the story so you will have repetition of the same things over and over and over again. There are whole chapters that any decent writer would just drop. Sometimes I would skip 2-3 chapters and not miss a single thing. The next issue is that the MC just stumbles from one lucky encounter to the next. It's a typical wish fulfillment novel. The MC is a marry sue type character... more>> that is all powerful with no flaws. This tends to make the story predictable and boring. The last issue I will mention is how poorly written the antagonists are. It has the typical problem with Xianxia stories that the MC will have issues with one person, that person then looks down on the MC gets beaten, but to make it alright to beat him up to the degree the MC does, he of course has moral problems, like being a super rapist, wanting to kill his family, and so on and so forth. They are all 2 dimensional characters with no depth. <<less
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krakers rated it
May 20, 2016
Status: c220
This one is a well balanced story. Although the mc himself has a fortunate encounter, his strength doesn't just rely on it.. He is very matured and hard working,his heart towards the dao of martial arts is powerful which make him deserving of the cube he has acquired. The path where the story travels is gradual and interesting. He creates opportunity for himself unlike other mc's which was given everything the world has to offer.

The female leads are decent too. His relationships has no negative effects towards his goal... more>> unlike other novels where pretty ladies are scattered everywhere just to say there's a romance or harem. There is no waste of characters everyone has their own role in the story unlike other novels where the author put an almost non existing side characters just to make the novel longer or what. So if are finding a novel to enjoy, this is one of those few. <<less
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omarct rated it
May 16, 2016
Status: c212
One of my favorites right now. In fact I like it so much that it actually rekindled my drive to read new novels after spending months only keeping up with 3 or 4 without reading anything new. I love that its fast paced yet still remains slow and detailed without too much skipping around. Its nice seeing him slowly getting stronger although in the most recent chapters the pace has changed to a large degree and he skipped some levels completely which I dont like since it made certain things... more>> like the fight with the strongest disciple kinda pointless, but its not a big deal and hopefully it was a one time thing from the author. <<less
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Kirihito rated it
April 24, 2016
Status: --
I liked it at first, the story was interesting, the power built up and such are nice. The most annoying thing here though is the antagonists. He offends one guy, this guy asks for help because he can't beat the MC, the MC fights the helper and then if the helper can't win. this helper gets another helper to help him. so the MC fights the helper's helper. But this helper's helper can't win. So the helper's helper gets another helper to help him. This just continues as he... more>> lvls up. <<less
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hero rated it
April 17, 2016
Status: --
From 3.5 to 3 (scroll down in order to read my earlier review which explained why my very first rating or 3.75 dropped down to 3.5)

There's not much to say. Ever since the announcement of how the mc could become a core-disciple, the quality of the novel has dropped even more. It was already repetitive before but it has become much worse recently. Old details which have been explained before are explained again, simple things which don't need any explaining are explained using as many words as possible. The experience... more>> of reading this novel has really dropped because of how the author tries to lengthen chapters as much as possible. If it the information is new or, interesting, or important then it wouldn't matter but it simple isn't. I'm just forcing myself to read all the words but it's honestly getting harder to harder. If this keeps up I'll honestly just end up skimming through the chapters like I do for some other novels which I'm dangerously close to dropping.

Also, the antagonists being introduced are just getting more and more demonized and cliche. A woman-raping cultivator who's cultivation requires having sex all day long with different people and who's cultivation technique leads him to become savage. And not just 1 of that kind of antagonist but 2 are introduced.

Sad to say but this novel is inching closer and closer to being included my the "Dropped" list and that I may just stop recommending it to people soon. <<less
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Lolita rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: c478

Hmm, where to start. This series is so far very much an endless cycle of rinse and repeat. Imagine a common battle manga, where the mc endlessly train, fight, level up to beat opponent, just meet new more powerful opponent, train in order to beat him/her, then rinse and repeat this formula in absurdum. Imagine this and you have Martial World! The world building, and writing isn't bad though, the cultivation methods are both well done and interesting and mc is not bad at all, even if he is OP... more>> as fuck.

This novel started out fairly interesting, but after 100's of chapters of endless training, leveling up, beating powerful opponents just to find a new and even more powerful one around the corner, the plot starting from chapter 300 or so, became quite dull and frankly boring. The lack of any sort of proper antagonist is a huge minus, as is the mc's enemies, of whom most of them devolves into psychopathic sexual predators, rapists and murderers, who lusts after the mc's harem of extremely one dimensional women instead of thinking clearly. Also, I dislike series with retarded factions, where people strive for personal power without caring about anything else, where the leaders of said factions just don't give a damn or are to moronic and short sighted to see or even care if their whole family/sect/kingdom/faction crumbles around them in their own personal quest for more power.

Still, it's an addictive read and better than average. I would give this a way better rating if the the endless cycle of training/fighting/powering up stopped, if the mc's harem of dull and generic women actually got interesting, and if at some point, the plot actually took of and an interesting villain finally appeared. Instead of the author just keeps introducing just another and more powerful clone of the previous villain the mc beat, which the MC easily defeats after gaining a cheat like power-up/skill in the nick of time. <<less
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Maou-Sama rated it
July 27, 2016
Status: c386
This is a masterpiece, at least till where I've read. The characters are well developed and the storytelling is at a good pace. The author doesn't neglect past side characters and they appear in the future chapters but aren't that important due to their power level and current arc.

This story has all the good parts of many of my favourite xianxia like coiling dragon, Against the Gods, Warlock of Magnus World, Battle through the Heavens and I Shall Seal the Heavens. The MC is strong, and kind, his policy... more>> is of 'give respect and take respect' which makes me respect him over others. He is a level headed character but is compassionate towards those with no or less power than him.

The Harem in this story is phenomenal till now 2 candidates have come up who are waifu material. Both of them are awesome and are quite strong.

All in all this is a awesome story, the villains are not exactly villains in the true sense due to their upbringings, I kind of understand why they try to kill MC, and are not the generic 'bad' guys. <<less
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hero.storm rated it
March 19, 2016
Status: --
From 3.75 to 3.5 (Reasoning for the lower rating written below)

One of the few novels I’m currently following intently which is a sign of how good I find the novel to be considering the amount of novels I’ve dropped / usually just skim.

One thing to note though is that the author tends to be repetative. In the most recent chapters you can’t help but notice how many times the author mentions “his strength is only the result of consuming 2 pills at the same time” and “the skills he chose... more>> are the worst and it’s because he knows he’s trash.” This is common in most webnovels but the problem here is that these aren’t mentioned in passing. Most of the time entire paragraphs are used just to repeat / rephrase previously stated information… to the point that some chapters feel like they are simply recap chapters.

Still, the interesting world + MC’s character + writing style (despite the pace being slow) + the speed at which the translator pumps out chapters will certainly keep me reading this novel for quite some time unless something changed

• Update 1 (3/24/2016 1:26 AM)•

Lowered my rating from 3.75 to 3.5.

This is due to the writing becoming more and more repetative. Ideas stated using long paragraphs are rephrased in the very next / closely suceeding chapters. Desriptions and expositions are also being forcefully extended in order to increase the word count. It would be fine if additional information is given using those extending words or if the desciptions are written artfully but that is rarely the case. Hopefully this trend changes otherwise this will become a part of my dropped list. <<less
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DeDraNix rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c582
I have been reading Light Novels for a some time and is currently read over 40 light novels and I have to say, this is one of my favorite light novels. I have also read True Martial World but after chapter 508, I couldn't move on, same with Martial God Asura and Wu Dong Qian Kun. This is the only light novel that even after 550 chapter in, I still enjoy it greatly. If you enjoy Wuxia novels or action, this is for you.
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riida rated it
April 5, 2016
Status: c952
This novel here was a pretty decent and enjoyable read for a while.

It’s what you get when you take lots of building blocks from ATG and a few from ST, shuffle them and remove some of the unnecessary conflicts.

The first problem is that it has fairly short chapters, even though they’re not. What do I mean by that?

Every sentence that adds new information is immediately followed by two unnecessary paragraphs of the author debating what it means or what it implies, either stating the obvious or repeating already known background... more>> information. You could basically reduce the number of chapters to half their number if you were to remove those obvious fillers… It just doesn’t pack as strong a punch if it’s diluted.

Unfortunately it turned progressively monotonous and unimaginative and I dropped it after he ascended to divine realm after becoming the strongest in the mortal world (ch 952).

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chekanalia rated it
June 20, 2016
Status: c291
Ok...this is a pretty straight up xianxia. It has good progression and the characters so far are okay....the cliffies though ?! The MC is pretty good seeing as he is not transmigrated or reincarnated ...I should warn you though, the plot armour is strong in this one. All in all, this is a pretty decent read and it updates on a regular basis...yeeaaahh!!
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OTMAN rated it
April 29, 2016
Status: --
Simply the best! I love the MC. He is one of the few who acts his age which is rare and extremely refreshing. He isn't overly arrogant while pretending like he isn't which tends to be the norm in these types of novels. His pure love for Martial Ways and his simple desire to grow stronger come across beautifully, and the novels power system having it that so simply by having a strong martial heart makes you grow stronger is an interesting and unique twist I haven't seen before which... more>> I thoroughly enjoy. The world and the cultivation//magic are also extremely interesting to learn about. From the inscription to the types of arrays they all have my wanting to learn more as the MC learns more.

Only real problems I have with it are that the side characters aren't that interesting. Currently we have one that I can see still being around 100 chapters from now and she hasn't been fleshed out that much. Last real problem is of a somewhat similar vein, the villains. I prefer more sympathetic or complex bag guys or at least not just a bunch of rape machines and cannibals. I know under 200 chapters of a 2000+ chapter series probably hasn't had time to show us any real side characters or villains but with what we currently have it seems lacking.

Regardless of all that this is very much my favorite of the dozen or so of these types of novels I am currently reading. <<less
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SeraphGate rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c684
Despite it being the basic formula for Xianxia, it does actually have an appeal seperate from the normal face slapping and blood spitting we see in stuff like this. While it never strays too far from the proven steps, it also doesn't go out of it's way to fit any of the character stereotypes or any character anything for that matter.

The main character, Lin Ming, is clearly a bland doll for the author and audience to thrust themselves onto, but he does begin to develop character later on in the... more>> story.

As for the supporting characters, it's best to call them non-existent at best. The author seems to have some fucking commitment problem because every five seconds were replacing characters who couldn't have been said to have had any personality to begin with, and exchanging them for other worthless characters who also have nothing to contribute to the story.

That's also just a symptom of a much bigger problem for the series. The author keeps increasing Lon Kong's strength so quickly, even in terms of the story, that characters that I might've liked or grown attachment to or shoved out of the way for even more extraordinary genius' who Lang Bin will just roll over again.

Not just other characters either, Lappy Manny is also speeding past interesting settings, plot points, etc. If I had a buck for each gun Chekhov had in this story that was never fired, I might've been able to get Bernie Sanders elected.

That being said, the story does have the strangely addictive(yet repetitive) cycle that all Xianxia suffer, and reap the benefits from. The "such trash, die!" cycle, as I've come to refer to it. So, if you're here for that, then look no further.

If there are any here for anything resembling a comprehensive story, enthralling characters, or extravagant setting, then there are much better places for one to look. <<less
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Sae rated it
November 10, 2016
Status: c511
As of c511, rate 4.3/5

One of the better novels here. OP MC thanks to OP starting treasure, we can easily see from the foreshadowing that he treads on the destiny of endless luck and opportunities that come with great risks. That's why it doesn't feel fast and overwhelming, the risks are... definitely very risky.

Also thanks to the writing that elevates the situations and makes you impatient to know how he's gonna overcome the situation, while it may feel dragged out for some, this is what makes the novel a... more>> good read. Rinse and repeat? Yes but done very well in different places thanks to good world building. It's not your fast paced level up and beating dumpstard enemies every 3 chapters. Fillers? Yeaah but if you actually read through them all they are much more better than just obvious facts. There are some things repeated that if you see you should just skip.

MC is a sensible, adapting and rational kid. Good cultivation technique and techniques overall, every knowledge he obtains will be put to good use. Fights are of above average quality.

I normally dislike harem coz they're usually nonsensical like the stupid villain hoard in the same novel, but this harem don't at all annoy me. Not saying that the romance is exceptionally good, but it's more decent than many out there with okay interactions. Over 500 chap and only 2 women, so it's not a stupid harem to show MC's might.

Now to villains, they actually fell short for this novel. They are just bad, stupid or unreasonable. They are jealous of MC, then drag in more bad and powerful villains to deal with MC, meh.

All in all, a good read unless you prefer fast/no brainers. <<less
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