Martial God Conqueror


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From a small town at the edge of the mountains, a youth cultivated from the mysterious ancient stone tablet, sweeping the Nine Prefectures where empires are built and mysteries within the desolate lands.

Seizing fortune and going against fate to create his own heaven and earth.

Another Description :

This novel is about the young master of the Du clan, Du Shaofu, who was born with crippled veins and is unable to cultivate martial arts . After finding out about his situation from the clan while returning home he got hit by a lightning and a mysterious ` first scripture` appears and after studying for ten years he was able to mend his crippled veins together and starts his journey to glory.

Martial God Conqueror average rating 4/5 - 161 user ratings
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Martial God Realm
Martial God World
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keklel rated it
November 20, 2016
Status: c40
Random and pointless.

... more>>

From the outset nothing is explained. The MC is some random cultivator who has mysterious things happen to him that are never explained. Some random woman flies in and abducts him, feeds him a poison pill and keeps him around for no apparent reason. Then beasts explode and everyone thinks he's dead so the woman leaves and that's the end of that. She never gives him the antidote so apparently the poison just went away by itself?

Again, no explanation as to who the random woman is or where she came from or why she's targeting him or anything. She comes in, abducts him, then leaves and isn't seen again. The entire time he spends with the woman, they never interact in any significant way (the deepest interaction is: he tries to run away, the woman captures him back and tells him she fed him poison and tells him not to try to run again) and feels completely pointless.

Then the MC coincidentally saves random girls like 5 times just walking around the gorge, always at the last minute when the girl is about to die. And it is just coincidence, not like the MC is waiting for the right time to save the girl or anything, he literally just happens upon them at the exact moment that they're about to get killed by pure chance. And this happens like 5 times in the first 40 chapters. Then afterwards some shallow interaction happens and they part ways and that's the end of that. Random and pointless.


These things happen without rhyme or reason, we're never given more details about the people he interacts with, it's just random encounters where either he saves some girl or some girl saves him and they eat roast meat and that's it. Extremely shallow character interactions and nothing more than that for the first 40 chapters.

I can't stomach any more of this pointless random stuff.

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Fossil rated it
October 5, 2016
Status: c7
TL;DR This is a great novel so far and I would recommend reading at least the first chapter. It also starts off with clichés, but who cares. It's the content that counts!

Now I'll be honest here, I shouldn't be writing a review this early, but I'm going to in case there's people who are indecisive about reading this novel until there are reviews.

First, see that rating? Ignore it, as it won't mean anything in a few days as that's how quickly a novel can change.

Next, there will be... more>> spoilers from here on, but I'm not going to spoil any plot events. Probably. I'm basically spoiling the "features" of the MC and what he acquires in strength in these few chapters. I'll also be spoiling a bit of Against the Gods, Spirit Realm, Thunder Martial, and Stellar Transformations, so turn away now if you plan on reading them already.


ATG: Both MCs start off with crippled profound veins. Or, in this case, martial veins,
SR: Both MCs have a past as a fool.

TM: This one is the closest that I could find in the form of having something teach you martial techniques. Yes, there WDQK and probably MW (I haven't read enough to know.) but they don't seem to fit right. Also, I'm not even sure if the MC even has this. Basically, it's allowing you to comprehend the strength and weaknesses in the martial art or spirit art.

ST: Seems to have the same cultivation rankings.

So what makes this novel different? Well, aside from starting you off thinking that you're MC is going to be black for about half a chapter, this:

ATG: Uses blood to fix profound veins. MGR: Uses a profound art to heal martial veins. (Terminology may be wrong.)
SR: MC was unconsciously being a fool? MGR: MC welcomed being a fool, and was fully conscious during the period.

TM: Similar to WDQK with the sparring partner, but he can (?) find out that there are flaws by seeing a skill. MGR: Sees weakness without relying on an amulet, fortuitous event, etc. And instead uses his profound art.

ST: No difference, they just have the same ranking system. Well, at least they do so far.

Over all, the novel seems to be fairly good so far and keeps me wanting more. Yes, I said "me" and not "you. " Why? Well, maybe it's not going to be like that to you.

Anyway, that's all of the facts that I can give right now, so I'll just say what I hope to not see in this novel:
-s*xual cultivation technique (I see the ecchI and mature tag, and I don't care if there is s*x, I just don't want the novel to only be about that if it does involve it.)
-Rape (Again, I won't mind the s*x, just make sure that it's consensual!)
-ATG Harem Syndrome (No, I don't hate harems. I just don't want to go fifty or more chapters while only hearing about one female lead!)

I probably won't edit this for newer chapter releases unless my view of the novel has changed from good to bad. My reasoning is so that new readers can have the barest of information needed to want to read the novel. So, if this stays here, then I still like it.

And that's all that I have to say!

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MondoX rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: c9
I tried to power through the first ten chapters, but could not because of the MC. The MC is referred to as a fool by mostly everyone, but it is the MC's own fault. Also, the MC does not have any relations with anyone in the clan because he isolated himself away from everyone for ten years. The only reason the clan does not kick the MC out, and treats him with some kind of respect is because of his father's status in the clan. However,... more>> his father is a drunkard, but we can infer that it has to do with the MC's mother absence. The MC does not make a strong effort to support his dad. The MC is unlikable to continue reading further.

Also, a female (probably female lead) saw him once, and she seems to be interested in the MC. The author is not trying at all in MC's love interest.

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rdawv rated it
October 5, 2016
Status: c7
Initial impressions as of ch7. It doesn't offer any thing new as yet, we have a downtrodden guy of a clan being looked on at as a fool who is unable to cultivate.

The start is a little different in the sense that we don't see the bullying or the fortuitous encounter with a treasure. In fact, the story starts with the MC finally achieving a breakthrough after some time comprehending the 'treasure' (it seemed like a one-time use), dispensing the need to show us how crappy his life was.... more>> Right off the bat he is challenged and quickly proved his overwhelming power which is actually a relief to me after reading many stories like this.

From the tone of the story and the associated tags, it does seem all too familiar and similar to other stories in the genre. I'll give this a try and update later, say, after 50 chapters.

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Ignus rated it
March 8, 2017
Status: c85
A really good Light novel. There are lots of elements that make this story refreshing...

It takes many of the common Xuanhua events, and adds more flavor, logical solutions, and MC attitude. I personally appreciate this. It deviates from common outcomes of repeated used story elements. You could almost say the author aimed for this.

Sadly, not everything in this story is perfect.
- There is a sense that the story is a bit rushed... as in the story is a bit simple, and perhaps 10-20% extra... more>> chapters or chapter length could be thrown in to add more details, world building, etc.
- There are a few chapters/sub-plots that make you go why? Namely:

MC bets on a weak person getting into the top 5, protects them until they do, then goes to collect his winning... 2 chapters, and his family takes over the business... but no one bothered to talk about tampering with the bet... Seems like the author just kinda dropped the ball on this idea, and moved to the next

- There seems to be flip flops on a few details. Not sure if I missed something or due to translation:

His Cultivation level seems to flip flop a few times. Also, the items he got from the 3rd floor skills library seems to have changed at one point


Even with these, and a few other negatives, this story is till worth the read, as the good outweighs the bad by far <<less
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Doc Williams
Doc Williams rated it
February 22, 2017
Status: c56
Another rags to riches story. Some take these to seriously. I don't and I find this story to be a nice diversion. The main character tends to use his intelligence with an occasional burst of might when needed. You definitely won't take a loss reading this story.

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llltiagolll rated it
February 22, 2017
Status: c74
It is too early to give this one a definitive review as it isn't past its beginning just yet, all I can say about it is that even with all the clichés its a really good novel even if it isn't the best one, anyway its good enough to keep on the realist to see if it will end up self-destructing as series like ATG that became unbearable after a few hundred chapters or if it will be one more success of the genre. For now I don't have anything... more>> really bad to say about it so a 4. 5 seems good enough for it, though I will keep it at 5 because of the extremely premature bad reviews it got.

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PrIMaL rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: c103
As of chapter 63 I found this story pretty interesting and different from the usual in the sense that MC endured for 10 years and doesn't hide when he gets stronger, without being conceited. His attitude is pretty nice, and he delivers a few golden lines along the way.

Unfortunately, there is one thing that prevents me from rating it 5 stars. I don't know the circumstances of the behind the scene at Liberspark, but this novel has sometimes some real grammar issues, a quick example of what I mean:

I think what Mom was happiest at was to marry you.

(...) As time goes on, it felt that there is something rippling in the air that is invisible to the eye, as if something from this world entered the young man's body as he breathed, making his skin glow with a tinge of pale gold and runes moving on the surface.

EDIT: In the late 100's chapters, the writing quality seemed to have improved a notch.
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