Martial God Asura


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One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him. From there we follow Chu Feng as he crosses the continent, beating up strongest senior brothers, raiding tombs, destroying sects and of course as he conquers beauties.

Martial God Asura average rating 3.7/5 - 1193 user ratings
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Xiuluo Wushen
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antny94 rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --

I’ve read up to chapter 606 before dropping this series. The beginning of it was great; introducing many characters and adding a SLIGHT personality to them. But, the more you read, the more obvious it is to understand that the author has absolutely no idea how to build a semi-interesting story line. Literally, the author follows the same sub-formula EVERY SINGLE ARC. There’s no derivation from it, or any substantial improvement to the formula at all.


Don’t even get me started on the characters past chapter 300. I could go on... more>> a 17 page rant about how crippled the characters appear to be due to the lack of personality and sentience. The author was so lazy to create any interesting characters, so he implemented a simple solution: copy and paste one character onto another and change the name. All females introduced in this book up to chapter 606 are the SAME. But, wait! The author isn’t so crazy as to make it so obvious, right? He slightly change each female’s background story, BUT didn’t bother changing their personality. Most of them will flock to the MC and hope that they’ll let him put his dong into their precious spot. I said most, because a fanboy will go out of his way and correct me by pointing out one, and only one candidate. Who is that candidate? i don’t know; ask the fanboy who is so gun-ho on proving me wrong. And then ask him what it is about the character that makes them so interesting. Here’s the joke: there’s absolutely nothing interesting about THEM. I can’t even remember the names of any female that the author discarded, because there wasn’t any lasting impact.

If you’re still reading this and haven’t figure it out, then let me spill it out for you: DON’T READ THIS BOOK. The characters are mindless idiots who can’t see Mt. Tai. The MC is an idiot, but the author tries so hard to make him seem smart. The mindless females who surround him everyday are idiots with NO LIFE. What do I mean by that? The females are there for the sole reason of taking the MC’s virginity. That’s it! Funny, right? They are two dimensional characters who have no goals in their life or any ambition as an individual. Very flat, and extremely underdeveloped. It also helped that the females who are allowed to be by his side are only peerless beauties. Right? I’m not wrong, am I, author? Please correct me if I am.

Every male enemy he encounters will die, because this author loves killing people. The villains or fodders that impede the MC are absolutely destined to die, because their ability to think is at the level of a dog. Why did I say dog? Because, the author makes EVERY FREAKING MALE act on animal instincts and not their brains. The author made it seem like males can only think with their donger and not with their heads.

Tl;dr: Don’t even touch this book with a 10000km pole. Stay FAR FAR AWAY FROM IT.

I hope I subtly spoil enough of the story, so that you won’t read it. Trust me; I’m doing you a favor.

I rate this book a 1/5


P.S. I have no ill will towards the author. Also, shout out to the translation team for being so awesome and taking the time out of their life to translate an extremely repetitive book.

Edit: I forgot to talk about battle scenes. They were far more enjoyable early on in the novel. It seems that everything related to the novel drastically loses its touch after every arc in this book. Wait... I think I see a pattern here...

Tl;dr part 2: I originally intended to write a few pages about how bad things got with the battle system, but I decided to delete everything. The more I wrote about it, the more I realize I'll be spoiling the story for people. To prove my point I'd have to backtrack to an example, copy it, and explain why it gets worse from there. Doing all of that would take more time out of my life which I am not willing to spend on this book. So, take my word for it or don't.

P.S.S.: My fellow brothers and sisters out there who are still reading this novel, you guys are amazing masochists. I'm sad, but also glad and relieved, to be departing from this novel. I hope the author doesn't disappoint you with whatever crazy plot he contrive in the future.


That was a joke. I don't think this book can handle any other plot besides repeating the same thing over and over with different characters. <<less
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Shikaz rated it
May 20, 2016
Status: c500
This is a very poor novel, it had potential, but while cultivating, it took the wrong step and become a cripple.

That's how I would describe this novel. It started out with an interesting story, but it just kept taking the wrong, most boring steps as it progressed.
It's been quite some time since I dropped this, but I still remember the story clearly, but yet, the characters I don't, which tells you just how memorable they are.

First off, this is a harem, a real harem, as in he actually... more>> fucks them, not just talks with them, but the girls themselves have zero personality, they're simply there to be his sex dolls for whenever he needs to wet his willy.
They have no goals besides following MC around and it's just so sad and boring reading about it all. There's simply no "love" in MCs world, besides "willy-wetting", which is displayed by randomly raping as punishment, yes, that's right a MC that actually rapes, kinda cool, but then again not. It's like he can only think with his dick sometimes.

The MC have no morals of "right or wrong", it's more like whatever he feels like. He has so many inconsistencies because of this and no real personality, since everything goes.

I dropped this mostly because of the tasteless harem which it turned into, since the combat was al right, but predictable and overall generic as it kept the same patterns every battle, but still enjoyable read.

But this novel has too many problems, and MC just adds fuel to the fire; Retarded, hot-blooded, stupid-trying-to-be-smart, twisted morals, ruthless, I mean, you could go on.
Simply put, this story revolves around the MC, glorifying everything he does as right. I'd be O.K, with him raping and killing mindlessly, if there was actually a reason for it, instead of acting like an animal all the time, it's just boring and lazy fetish writing.

Overall this novel has ton of problems, but the harem and the barbaric/Viking MC that pillage, rape and kill everything just comes of as a mindless animal without any sort of control, there's no character to build from that.

2/5, originally I'd say 1/5, but gave it some mercy points, since I did like it somewhat until the harem and the mindless animal MC became. <<less
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DeifiedHope rated it
February 27, 2016
Status: --
So far, my favorite Xianxia.

It revolves around tombs, the dead, spirits and trials, which, for the most part makes this exclusive. Also, I’ve noticed this one just seems a bit more ruthless and just overall ‘darker’ with a hint of horror than the other Xianxia.

The other part is the protagonist. The protagonist is neither one with past lives nor is he a fucking genius, or a 30 year old trapped in the body of a teenager. He is simply one with a strong fate and an unknown background (I’ll... more>> say this, I really love the idea of one climbing the path to godhead). This one here is a normal teenager with the heart to enact juvenile crimes, and what better than a world without rules; the martial world, to indulge in this kind of behavior. The protagonist was never really humble; just secretly vengeful,

do u remember the time in the beginning, he humiliated someone by having him ‘on display’ nude.

Once you read through his ‘adventures’ with various kinds of plot armor (which, I say, I really don’t mind), he grows accustomed to the demeanor of his newfound compatriots, and as a pubescent, adapts. I really don’t find it that astonishing. Also, one more thing I noticed is that the author does not try so hard to make protagonist’s despicable actions reasonable and make him appear like a saint even though it was fucking low-life.

even the rape scene, its ambiguous whether he saved the girl or in the end, was just a spiteful act of a spoiled child. The author just tossed it aside like most massacres/murders, it ends with a simple reason as vengeance.

Although there are some cruel scenes, I can’t say its not for the faint-hearted, you must be some saint to not indulge in this. There are complete massacres, but I’m sure its common in Xianxia. ‘Leave one behind, you are leaving him to take vengeance on yourself.’

In a dog eat dog world, how he gains favor is also something I’d say, normal; a showoff of power. Somehow, I get the dog eat dog thing, in the martial world, similar to politics, if you are going to offend someone of higher status, you should at least be prepared to lose your job.

The fights are sometimes repetitive, but still enjoyable. For the most part, its not the fights themselves that are interesting, its how these people think: ‘killing family members and people you care about will surely make you miserable’, achieving vengeance, saving face, and most importantly, the concupiscent desire to obtain treasures and women. Seriously, they’re all monsters. So, the same as all Xianxia, just enjoy, its a fantasy.

All hail the translators for making it possible to read. <<less
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Yoruno rated it
May 6, 2016
Status: --
This is one messed up novel.

... more>>

first of all, the MC is too proud and arrogant and an idiot who kills anyone that offends him without thinking about the consequences which leads to enemy hurting those people important to him which again leads to him killing more of them. Thus the cycle begins. This is pretty much how the story goes, maybe even till the end.

And second, he rapes women and thinks it’s only reasonable because they tried to kill him and the people close to him. *sigh* maybe the author has a fetish for rape or something. Isn’t it enough that he kill them instead?

*sigh* in short, this novel is about an MC who is pretty much the same as other trash villains in the story, the only difference is he won’t die like the others or get punished for his crimes whatsoever because he’s the f*cking MC and everything he does is justifiable. *cough* *cough* <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
November 17, 2016
Status: c1094
What can I say? This novel is like most actions movies (or superhero movies even). You go into it knowing that the plot will be thin, the side characters will have limited depth, and the MC will be at least 1000 times more OP than the story requires him to be. You just know that it'll be the kind of story you have to leave your brain off for.

I'm going to be perfectly honest; this novel isn't very well written. In that case, why on earth... more>> am I giving it such a high rating?

I. . . almost don't even know. To put it into words, I suppose it's just interesting. Just like those action movies, no matter what the plot is like and how much you laugh or get annoyed when you pick it apart later, in the moment there are still points that manage to capture your attention.

While the writing has problems and there are plenty of questionable moments, at the very least the tone is good (sort of exciting and light-hearted). Chu Feng does kill people and do some other unpleasant things, but the killing specifically doesn't bother me because I was prepared for that when I read the title (the word asura tends to allude to such things I've discovered). I'm a cynical person anyway, so the lack of justice and the questionable morals means nothing to me since it's all fiction. I actually tend prefer my MC's with a dash of evil/crazy.

The author does a good job with drawing people in. Speaking of the author, Kindhearted Bee is the only author of foreign webnovels that I've seen who has been willing/able to interact with the audience of his translations through a few videos posted to the translation site, which doesn't matter much to the story, but was honestly just a really cool thing to see.

Really, the best way I can describe the draw of the novel is to compare it to an action movie. You know there will be flaws, yet even when the flaws are right there in front of you somehow it just doesn't really matter. Every time I see an update I just have to click it- it's addicting.

It's a casual sort of read, so I'd say it's worth giving a shot. If you like it you'll really like it, if you can't get past the flaws you'll probably never pick it up again. The negative reviews capture all of this novel's flaws well, and the positive reviews prove how entertaining this novel can be in spite of them. Both sides are quite valid. Objectively I strongly agree with many points in the negative reviews, and emotionally I appreciate the positive reviews more. Don't let the reviews get to you too much. There are tons of chapters translated, so just go ahead and read a few to make up your own mind about it. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
This novel is the epitome of boring. The author recycles plot over and over, there is an infinite amount of arrogant young geniuses to humilate, there are an infinite amount of peerless beauties to woo and rape, there is always a level stronger, there is always an infinite amount of cultivation resources just waiting for him to use his cheat.

The mc is an massive hypocrite he acts like he is righteous, when he commits mass murder on larges populations for the sins of a couple people, and this is... more>> after he begins this feud by being arrogant or some other slight which is incomparable to genocide. He saves women from being raped which is also a well used reason to begin feud with genius sect of the area, then through out the story he rapes women multiple times ( of course they usually fall in love with him afterwords)

The harem is a number of peerless beauties who are one dimensional and exist to show how amazing the mc is.

1/5 How do people enjoy this crap? <<less
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ElDorado rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: c2200
This was the second xuanhuan I ever read after finishing 斗破苍穹, and it will always hold a special place in my heart despite its very obvious flaws. As with many webnovels of this genre, Martial God Asura indulges in the tropes/cliches that often seem nonsensical or overdone. These tropes include 'arrogant young masters', invincible plot armor, treasure collecting, jade-like beauties, harem, 'relationships started by rape', 'mysterious powerful background that prevents the protagonist from being with parents', 'one against the world', 'the Chosen One' (mc is destined to rise above the... more>> heavens and become godlike).

However, what sets MGA apart from other eastern fantasy webnovels is how it uses those tropes and cliches. They are almost always used at the right moments and provide quick, hot-blooded action, a rapid-fire pace (not much time spent on boring events like training montage or treasure collecting), and high doses of justice porn that just keeps the reader reading. No matter how dull or one-dimensional that young master/sect elder which offended the MC is, the act of getting retribution and its heavy-handedness keeps fight scenes high on octane.

Although in the long term the story seems to be going in circles with each arc just being slightly modified versions of previous arcs just with different characters/antagonists, there is an underlying plot- the protagonist wants to reunite with both of his parents. And doing so requires going through hordes of antagonists. Nothing new about this, most xianxia/xuanhuan are like this. These webnovels aren't meant to be shining examples of high literature, and going by pure entertainment factor, MGA, at least for me, wins over 99% of xuanhuan out there.

Besides, where else would I read about a guy who is lovable to his pals but absolutely genocidal to anyone who crosses him? He never makes excuses for what he does nor justifies his actions, but remains true to his bloodthirsty warrior nature. Unlike other MC's, Chu Feng lives his life with the 'all or nothing' motto of these fantasy worlds where power reigns supreme. Either go balls deep or go home. <<less
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TheDarkness rated it
April 29, 2016
Status: c720
I am going to be blunt, the MC is quite hot blooded. That makes for a high paced, morally greyish plot. The title says it all, martial god asura, key word, asura. Now this novel naturally paints the MC in a slightly better light than he is. And because he is strong and confident, he attracts ladies. Now if you can get past the rather simple plot, completely action based pacing and lack of morals by all characters ( say for a few people, very few) you will have an... more>> alright time. If you can't, don't bother. Some people give a poor review, but that is simply because they could not suspened their disbelief (a key point to fiction) and often let their personal bias effect their reviews. Objectively speaking MGA is alright. It is not spectacular, the writing is alright, the author does occasionally foreshadow, and also slows down the pace for rather important plot points, but other than that it is go go go. Making the plot advancement seem a bit inorganic, and artificial. I would rate this about a 3 or 3.5. 4 is really pushing it, 1 is just really a bias by others. It isn't completely trash, so I don't think a 1 is fair, even if you didn't like it. It goes without saying you shouldn't read any one the 1 reviews as they are incredibly biased, and really paint the novel far worse than it has.

Honestly give it a try, by chapter 100~ you will know if you like or not.

As by then, the MC is pretty set in his ways. <<less
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negritis rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
At chapter ~700

It has some problem with being repetitive but the world is interestingly written, the Chu Feng is fair MC till now and the battle scenes are nice. Also there is the merciless factor and the harem which gives an extra flavor for it
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ScotlandForsythe rated it
January 30, 2016
Status: --
As said in some of the other reviews mga got repetitive and the Mc is the definition of a bipolar serial killer. He needs serious help with his temper issues. I despise the fact that the author makes it seem as if Chu Feng is justified in everything he does. It ticks me off to no end.

I stopped reading ages ago. I read up until the early 100s. Recently I was like I should try reading it again. I go back... then after awhile I start skimming... then I... more>> start skipping... then I quit. It made me want to slap the Mc so hard.

I don't believe his needless killing is justified. I can't stand reading xianxia with jerkish main characters and even jerkier side characters. It sucks and I can't connect with those types of moral standards.

The beginning or first seventy chapters were great. An absolute five. But now the most I am willing to give is a two. At Best. A two. I would give it a one but the beginning was amazing. Those days on FlowerBridgeTwo's website were amazing. Which was like.... a year ago. I think.

I discovered it at like ten-twenty chapters. Began to read. Got addicted. Got slapped in the face. Quit. I know xianxia has some pretty twisted morals, but Chu Feng beats them all. I can not relate with such a horrible mc. He's probably worse than his antagonists. Sometimes I feel their actions are more justified. While the mc's actions are based solely on revenge and greed.

I mean he believes that if someone tries to get revenge on him it's not justified, yet when he tries to get revenge on someone else for something he caused it's justified.

This is probably the worst review I will ever give. I normally only give reviews on novels I really like or I feel I need to put some word into. Mga just crushed me. Literally.

EDIT: mga is now one of my bottom standards for xianxia novels. I applaud all of you who throw away their personal prejudice and connect with mga world's logic.

I understand that this is based on the logic of ancient china, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it. Thank you mga for giving me your wonderful beginning. <<less
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
December 6, 2015
Status: --
Now although I may be quite understanding of the arrogance and killing of Xianxia MCs, MGA has show me that I do in fact have a line. I immediately dropped this after the second rape scene. The first one I was quite irked but he was drugged and she didn’t seem to care much so I left it alone but the next one was a WTF moment for me. The mindless killing of Chu Feng places him as one of those Xianxia MC’s enemies that should be killed off. He... more>> has no restraint. Many Xianxia MC’s kill a lot but he kills for literally no reason. It would be understandable if he was a villian MC but he isn’t. I truly truly hate the protagonist. However this is just my opinion.

If one doesn’t mind rape, mindless killing and would love a super strong MC then this is the one for you. He goes through the typical Xianxia phase of being looked down on but then gains power. I can’t recommend as I do not fancy it but if in doubt just read and decide.
@panda's review, I do love you just for calling a douchebag, which he in fact is. <<less
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NoveLuber rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
A very good story although there are definitely some problems with it. MC is OP and is never the type of evil bastard that bullies the weak or use power to take advantage of them. Like in every ruthless world no one should be kind enough to help every single stranger in trouble but he wants power to protect his loved ones and pretty much does not overlook those who bully the weak.

With 2300+ chapters while still ongoing you can expect a long long journey for this novel.... more>> There is rape in this novel but each time it is either him not at fault or other people wronging him

A bit of a spoiler about the rape

First time some drug pretty much hypnotized him into raping someone but the girl fell in love with him later and he loves her dearly also.

2nd time was his fiancee. The fiancee and him didn't want to marry each other but his fiancee tried to set him up with a sister disciple (although i said set up he was once again drugged but he fought back and defeated the drug this time otherwise that girl wouldve rapped him because of drug + unable to fight back because of drug) so he was also wronged here so he decided to rape the fiancee and pushes away the girl who wanted to have sex with him that the fiancee set him up with as revenge. He feels guilty later and does his best to save her when they meet again but she wont be a part of his harem.


Its a good-hearted MC that strives for power in a world where he is pushed around and even almost killed to protect himself and those around him. <<less
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new-id rated it
March 2, 2016
Status: --
I am up to date for the translated chapters and up to chapter 1050 for the raws

... more>>

I won't praise this novel but will merely answer some reviews:

1. The MC CAN'T cultivate the normal way: the Thunder Gods in his dantian are too greedy and what works for normal cultivators won't work here this is why he was stuck in the second level of the spirit realm for five freaking years and it was explained in the first chapters. So if you people can't remember it how do you expect to understand this novel and if you can't understand it, that is even worse.

2. The power levels are strict here except for special cases that are the divine body holders(Zi Ling and Tantei Snow so far) and special bloodlines(Royal/Emperor,...) and that is the case or the MC so normal people can't fight an enemy stronger than them(for people who know Bleach think of it as the reiatsu pressure that is stronger so the weak opponent can't move)

3. The MC's ruthlessness: In this world the strength is the absolute rule above everything else even morals so it is normal to act as EVERYONE else does. Do you expect him to turn the other cheek around??Personally i think they should accept the consequences of their actions so I am supporting the NO MERCY policy even though it was tuned down

4. The repetition you are talking about is it in the plot or the fights???because as the story goes and the MC develops i can't seem to read the same novel as you guys and if you mean about the way the MC is treated by people stronger than him then what do you expect from people raised in that world where the cultivation is equal to strength and they don't expect such an aberration to appear(unless they have the power to predict the future)

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
StaticHD rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: c792
At first, I was quite hesitant to read this story because of how intense the negative reviews were. Some of the reviews even had a strong sense of righteous insults, as if to mock the intensely gratified readers - claiming them to be addicted masochists - and also claiming them to be readers who love reading stories of no substance.

But I have something to say to those haters - all stories are unique in the eyes of the beholder. A story can be enjoyably addicting & interesting in one's... more>> eyes and terribly horrifying & boring to someone else's eyes. Only smart people can grasp the true essence of this story. And yes, I consider myself not only smart & righteous, but also very intelligent & royal. Because for me, not only do I like this story - I love it allot.

It's a truly interesting story.

The main reason I liked it was the fact that I had the opportunity to keep on reading for almost 3 days straight - none stop. OVER SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINETY CHAPTERS! The amount of chapters I read was like an overload of information. The narration the author relinquishes in this novel is very cunning and humorous. It amazes me that the translators haven't even translated half of the currently recent chapters by the time I am writing this review, and I finally caught up at the moment. I can tell that Martial God Asura has even more surprises on its way.

I, simply, can't wait.

I would only suggest to first time readers to not read this if you have a time consuming project to do or taking an extremely difficult course. Better have your priorities straight because - you will get addicted. <<less
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LombokHot rated it
May 16, 2016
Status: --
Boring, totally boring. Repetitive AF, survie a predicament depending on dumb luck and asspulls.

MC is literally Mr.Always Right, killing all of his enemies without mercy, without sparing even chicken or dogs in the entire clan. Its true that the enemies only reap what they sow, but didnt the MC have some guilty conscience? Or at least act like Yun Che, he massacre but he admit that he is a Devil. But this shitty MC massacre, commit a genocide and walk away like a damn saint.
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clowred rated it
March 8, 2017
Status: c722
The curses of every long novel are: first the pace, second the characters and third the conclusion. No matter how much you want to see a long and good novel, expect a higher disappointment once it surpasses 1000 chapters. If the author makes the mistakes of using cliches or reusing one formula known as 'there is always a bigger stage' since before he arrives at the 1000th mark, then you can expect some incredible trash. And once you see how such a novel surpasses 2000 chapters, you can be... more>> sure that the author already lost his touch and his desire to write anything new, and he will continue until he finally gives up completely on all characters wrapping everything up in maxim 10 or maybe 20 chapters.

In my case I sincerely detest the protagonist with all my heart. His personality and actions are just annoying, especially his righteous mindset which for some reason can create a good excuse when it comes to rape, murder, slaughter, stealing, lying, destroying, and so on. This novel is not about a martial god, its about a dangerous psychopath that obtained enough power to act against everyone. The side characters, especially the female ones are lame excuses of damsels in distress from the first one to the last. The enemies are dumb enough to remind me of Wile E. Coyote. Most of them manage to self destruct while the rest allow the protagonist to grow enough to become a threat.

I will sincerely advise everyone to skip reading this novel. It might be attractive because its a long read and can alleviate your boredom for a longer time. But this is just an illusion. This story is already rotten to the core. <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
June 27, 2016
Status: c792
Average xianxia story. Nothing new.

Average plot, average fight, average antagonists, average dialogue, average protagonists.

Nothing above average, C grade, xianxia. C+ may be a bit too much.

... more>> I may give this title C+ if the author decided that after the MC raped two female antagonists, he raped the male too. But, as the average author, he couldn't. Now this novel is passing those average arcs, he can't change anything. So, stick to this average label.

Well, all average readers, please don't be disappointed by this review. At least, with such average novel like this, we can skip reading and won't miss anything.

Oh, BTW, if author had chance to be around here, please don't take all stars. One is for the translator. Your is only the remain one. <<less
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mrezman rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
I really dislike this novel.

At first, it seemed okay, but after a while, the mc becomes a total prick and arrogant asshole, as well as an idiot. He basically becomes a classic young master xianxia villain, but he's the protagonist, so he gets his way.

The story can be summarized as this: he goes somewhere, everyone is stronger than him and all that, he meets a hot girl, gets with the girl/rapes her, meets a bunch of assholes, stupidly picks a fight with them, gets saved by a mysterious old elder,... more>> then becomes an arrogant prick himself and gets stronger kills the asshole guys. Then, all the characters are forgotten about, he goes to a new place, rinse and repeat.


Don't even get me started about the rape. Holy fuck. He's an actual goddamn rapist. (Spoiler alert) Because her friend tried to rape him earlier, he decides it's okay to revenge rape and rapes her. Great. Just great.


This novel is also terribly written. It's fairly evident that the author didn't put too much thought or editing into it.

I really don't recommend this novel at all. <<less
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sadmanex rated it
January 13, 2016
Status: --
i give 2/5 because the beginning is good. If you are masochist, you will love this novel. The MC very hypocrite, rapist, murderer for no reason but even with reason, it should not resulting murder and rape. He want people to respect him but he show no respect to other. The author try to make the MC good/kind and all his action justified, but it's fail. The story repetitive, I rate this worse or on par to PMG

10/10 I would recommend to all masochist
and 10/10 non masochist should stay... more>> away from this. <<less
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Magnas rated it
August 24, 2016
Status: c985
Very rarely does CF do something that makes me think it was a poor decision. Like most stories, he finds good fortune under every rock and many characters are forgotten or lose so much relevance they become a joke. I always read quite a few reviews to remind myself of both good and bad points. The issue of rape: the 3 times it happens to my knowledge, was not a big deal to me as I've never been affected by it personally. Realistically if people had supreme power compared to... more>> others around them, rape would be happening millions of times more often than depicted in these stories, but that would be a huge put off to the readers, so in a sense it is unrealistic how often it doesn't happen. While there is a harem, his actions, words, and feelings seem to indicate that he genuinely cares for them all. Several Xuanhuan that are higher rated have writing, character, or plot flaws that bug me to a higher degree and more frequently; I should objectively give it a 4 stars, but I want to differentiate it from others stories I've rated as such, and I do enjoy this one more than most. Not quite a ISSTH but better than most others. <<less
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