Library of Heaven’s Path


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Zhang Xuan traverses into a foreign world and becomes an honorable teacher. A mysterious library appears in his mind. As long as it is something he has seen, regardless of whether it is a human or an object, a book on its weakness would be automatically compiled. Thus, he became formidable.

“Emperor Haotian, why don’t you like to wear underwear? To think that you’re still an emperor, can you pay more attention to your image?”

“Fairy Linglong, if you continue to suffer from insomnia, you can always look for me. I have a way with lullabies!”

“You as well, Qiankun Demon Lord, can you cut down on the garlic? Do you want to stink me to death?”

This is an incredible story about the heritage between teacher and students, cultivating and guiding the world’s strongest experts.

Library of Heaven’s Path average rating 4.7/5 - 109 user ratings
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Tian Dao Tu Shu Guan
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Rangle rated it
January 14, 2017
Status: c24
When you read this story, you have to keep in mind that this is not a serious story. I won't be surprised that there will be no real plot development beside face smacking people over and over. It's quite funny for what it is but don't expect too much from it.
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Rreelentless rated it
January 13, 2017
Status: c22
I wanted to like this novel.

I mean I really did and I do kind of like it. the concept is solid enough. but the elephant in the room with this series is how the cheat in this world basically kills anything the MC achieves as null and void. he basically got a library that if he sees someone do a single martial art. it complies a complete history of the person alongside what they practise. what level they are at and all of their flaws. so ANYtime the MC is... more>> being a teacher he's just reading what's in this Deus ex machina library said about the person. that and this suffers from standard set up of, HEY YOU I BET YOU CAN'T DO THE THING. *2 minutes later*

HOW DID HE DO THE THING TWICE AS WELL AS ME. HE's CHEATING. this happens 3 times by the way.

To conclude: this is about a guy pretending to be a wise sage of a teacher that just has a cheat sheet <<less
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vladimir935 rated it
December 24, 2016
Status: v1c6
Very funny so far, and if you like History's Number 1 Founder you will probably like this. The MC is a guy that is reincarnated into a body of a worst teacher in some academy for cultivation and gets some kind of heavenly ability in his mind that allows him to see any and all weaknesses one has in their cultivation technique or body etc. So far (ch.6) the story is focused on him recruiting student in a very funny manner so it's entertaining and if you like that kind... more>> of stuff I recommend this novel. <<less
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archigoel rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c132
I have read ahead till c132.

It's very entertaining till now, and there are awesome "Face slapping" scenes. But, I don't like the direction book is going:

1. Whole story is "modelled" around Face-slapping, which though may feel good initially, really makes the story very silly. Till now I just see events to show how great "MC" is. These kind of stories dont hold my interest very long.

2. MC can learn anything at click of button (like NEO did in Matrix). My favourite part in Xianxia is where MC spends countless efforts... more>> to learn and achieve a skill. Here power and skill is gained like in western novels - u gain power immediately, without any effort.

Author seems to be writing for the subscriptions and I don't see long term coherent plot here. Also, MC has started getting "Super arrogant", which I absolutely despise. <<less
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Ruyi rated it
December 26, 2016
Status: c80
Only read up to c8 so far and I'm already addicted! The story is fresh and fun, taking the perspective of a teacher rather than a typical MC transmigration. A character like this would be the side character in most stories, but here he takes center stage! I'm already interested in seeing his interactions with his fledging crop of students and how they'll progress the plot. The best part is how chill he is while his students do all the heavy lifting/training. Looking forward to more chapters soon!

EDIT: Read up... more>> to c80 in the raws and I am in love with this story. None of the people on the summary have shown up yet, but I think it's going to be epic when they do. :) <<less
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Iris Lazuli
Iris Lazuli rated it
January 9, 2017
Status: c17
As of now I'm really hooked up with this novel. This novel just show that shamelessness is really a good spice for a comedy novel. Although the number of chapters are still few you can already see the ability of the author here 'cause he already have the element to make you interested on reading his works.
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redbat5649 rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c13
Although the chapters are very few, it has gotten me hooked with it's first 13 chapters. The problem is, we'll never know if it'll stop becoming interesting as the chapters goes on, as it's still too early to judge if it the novel is a good read or not. He still hasn't started teaching his students yet.
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xzpwnz rated it
December 25, 2016
Status: c139
Pretty hilarious. The main character is extremely shameless and uses misunderstandings to his advantage. A downside is that the plot moves slowly, going over details that may seem redundant, and the chapters become a bit shorter later on which makes it all the worse.

By the end of volume 1, you will see:
... more>>

An elder accusing him for the previous owner of his body's mistakes and track record, but the main character will sway the crowd against the elder by appearing magnanimous and indifferent to worldly ridicule, while making the elder seem narrow-minded and leading the crowd to believe that the elder had falsified his test scores by making them 0 (while in fact the previous owner of his body was an idiot and actually did score the 0)

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December 24, 2016
Status: c6
The MC is totally thick skinned and acts aloof as he was not the original owner of the body he's in. Really love the novel and interested in how it will proceed.

... more>>

The MC transmigrates into the body of someone who scored a Zero in Teacher Qualification Exam and almost drove a student to madness due to his instructions in Cultivation. He gets a Library of sorts which is basically a cheat that allows him to learn the weaknesses of the people he observes.

He needs to recruit a student lest he be expelled and gets one by cheating her. Due to a challenge with another teacher , he is able to improve the strength of another student's attack using his ability getting him as student as well. He also gets another student who gets horny as she cultivates whose faults he identifies using the ability.(She came to find a cure for the condition).

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Tusker rated it
December 31, 2016
Status: c15
So far so good. The translation is good and the novel itself is awesome. This novel is a light read. I like it that way because i don't have to think about the injustice in the world, any moral issues or deep philosophy. I just have a pleasant time reading it. The comedic scenes are well written. MC's shamelessness has the potential to be one of the top. The downside is that I wish I had waited for more chapters before reading it.
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December 29, 2016
Status: c11
It's only up to the chapter 11 for now, and it's taking its time to start up, so I can't really assess it as a novel.

But for what is there, it's entertaining, and it has potential. So far, it seem to aim to be a different xianxia, a bit similar to the founder one, and the setting has enough grounding to keep the story interesting.

The writing seems to be fairly good, and the translation is at a level where you can read without being bothered by typos every line. Also... more>> to be noted is that most of the Chinese terms seem to be translated too, you won't be seeing all kind of words that are not English all over the place, like you tend to see in quite a few translated novels. Of course, it loses a bit of its meaning along the way (how a character says "I" or how they refer to each others can give a lot of context to the character's sentences and standing), but it makes it easier to get into for those not used to those terms.

Overall, what is there was a nice read, but it's usually the case for most unusual novels, so I'm reserving my judgement for when it will have more content to judge it on.

On the plus side though, the translation seems to be daily chapters, so if the translator doesn't disappear mid January (December and June are months where a lot of translator pop out, most sadly disappear fairly rapidly without warnings), it might become one of the novels I check daily when I have the time. <<less
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clowred rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c23
I'm still not sure what to expect from this story. It feels a little bland, and it seems to reuse quite a lot of ideas from other novels. His skill which should have been just a mediocre one, evolved to the rank of deus ex machina in just two chapters

... more>>

he advances two realms in a few hours


The protagonist is created by the author following the hidden lazy genius matrix. He is capable to stand in the center of attention thanks to his wits, and attracts enemies faster than a dump attracts flies. The fact that he comes from another world is completely ignored as he is suddenly capable in chapter 23 to


catch a blade using two fingers


I understand that this type of protagonist has become attractive because it give some sort of fulfillment to the reader seeing how the protagonist is capable instead of being dense. But creating one without using a backstory is .. boring. Its hard to believe that a former high school student that was a librarian is capable of adapting to a world where killing someone is acceptable as long as you have status. For now, I hope that by some miracle his students will not become the generic 'power rangers'. <<less
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ValriaIness rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c200
Rating: 4.7/5

It's very funny. Like seriously (especially if you understand Mandarin because of the words used). Not to say you can't enjoy this novel without knowing Mandarin, it's just I feel some jokes are difficult to translate (since I'm far with the RAWS). I'm a difficult reader as I am the type to stop half way if it no longer peaks my interest, but I doubt I will be bored with novel anytime soon.

Now about the MC, he is the knowledge OP type, shameless and slightly arrogant. He will do... more>> anything to obtain his goals. There are a lot of face slapping scene like in most Xianxia and is very entertaining to read. He always uses the weirdest way (According to the book's common sense) to do most of the stuff and the reaction from the other characters are also very entertaining.

As far as I can tell, the story evolves with jokes and face slapping scenes but, the main plot has yet to be shown. Only clues and such with 200c so far. I can say it's still early to tell if this is a good novel but I have it 5 stars because it really entertained me as I was reading it. <<less
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